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Weaving Waves

a poem by

Sun watches with a smile
Amused Diana too observes
Waves keep rolling to reach the shore

Divers plunge into depths unknown
Some for pearls, some for fish
Forlorn shingles strewn on sea bed
Indifferent wind, winds his way…

Endeavour endless, exhilarating…
Whether the shore welcomes or not
Breakers briskly roll, poetry too!

The Ultimate One – II

a poem by

So long knowing little the secret of the beginning and the end we live in suspense
Awfully wondering at the supremacy of the absolute power of the Almighty;
Otherwise man would have already excelled God long ago!
Yet, with the infinite power it’s proper for man only to pursue higher
In Science, Philosophy, Art, Literature and Religion,
Which is the way perhaps to work and fulfill the will of god!

The spirit, old wine in a new bottle God (Death) allows,
A change God (Time) does without letting it known
To anyone before hand so far and so forth in the world
So that man cannot overcome work and stop working!
So, we work for redemption, work higher for real satisfaction and salvation.

Space, when compressed to a speck, is nothing but a Spirit,
The yet unconceivable Black Hole of the Universe to the scientists;
The beginning and the end are nothing, if immaterial to the atheists;
But this apparent nothing is the actual Spirit behind everything
That activates the Whole Universe, Nature, World and Man.

Only this ultimate one could be the be all and the end all,
Which is the immanent, the transcendental and unknowable Truth-Spirit,
Before which our material and intellectual powers are matchless and meaningless;
But through our intuitional and spiritual powers alone could we unravel and realise it.

It’s foolish not to take efforts to know this unknowable;
The success or the failure of this competitive world makes sick and fool of us;
But only the intuitional and spiritual pursuits towards this ultimate truth make one wise.

Perhaps this world is there for the materialistic
And that world is there for the spiritualistic;
But no world is there for the intuitionally non-intellectualistic.

My Guardian Angel

a poem by

In a room of holy peace,
There sat a girl with golden keys.
Her cheeks were bright,
She was dressed in white.

She sat on a rock,
In her little white frock.
She sang as she plucked her harp,
She sang beautifully, clear and sharp.

She floated swiftly around the room,
Put her harp down and held a broom,
Swishing the brush.
Came a beaming blue light and she was in a rush.

She placed the broom down,
Waving with a little smile.
She left the room,
And said she’d be back in a while!

My Guardian Angel

a poem by

In a room of holy peace,
There sat a girl with golden keys.
Her cheeks were bright,
She was dressed in white.

She sat on a rock,
In her little white frock.
She sang as she plucked her harp,
She sang beautifully, clear and sharp.

She floated swiftly around the room,
Put her harp down and held a broom,
Swishing the brush.
Came a beaming blue light and she was in a rush.

She placed the broom down,
Waving with a little smile.
She left the room,
And said she’d be back in a while!

Liberty, the great

a poem by

Oh my great virtues of liberty where do you stand now?
I’m unable to hear the sweet songs rendered even at the saddest times in row
In the annals of history your valours are recorded as magnificent
You unshackled many fighting patriots despite the wields of threat

As a child I was faltering to grasp your revered greatness
When am young, I missed every occasion to clasp your brightness
At the middle age blues, I readied most but lost you in grips
Why? How? When? Where? Are all at present unanswered flips

Now I crossed the first part of deserving but disturbed century
The life has now been experiencing a journey of callous and topsy-turvy
Once the path a very straight to reach you now became swirl and too curly
Am I loosing your precious sight though nearer but alas! Very Very dearly

After so many years of undestined and tiresome sagas
I start once again don’t be a static statue but try to be a dynamic deity devout in megas


a poem by

Why do you look at me
And smile incessantly
My lord!

Am I innocent of traditions?
Am I inconsistent of the prospects?
Am I ignorant of the customs?
Am I incoherent of the procedures?

Let me learn more from your heart
Let me follow better lines from your footsteps
Let me accustom to your absolutes
Let me draw inferences to accommodate your comforts

Then I wait and watch
For your august arrivals my lord!
With contentions and conclusiveness
Writ large on my face

I welcome you now to my dearest heart
Spare at least a few seconds for me in silence
Silence not sounds will relieve us
From inconclusive tensions my lord!

From Look

a poem by

Activity starts from Look!
The sight of vast Sky!
The golden Sun at the horizon!
The late rising Sun at the top of the Mountain!
Eyes reflect the thought Bundles
Charged from the Sun – the storehouse of energy!
Radiate the same through the possessor
Hence I go to Seashore for SANDHYAVANDHAN!
To Bring back my Ancestors back to be born on HEAVENLY-SOIL OF THE UNIVERSE!
Is it R Phase or Y Phase or B Phase?
I am face to face with my monitor the miniature Sky!

The Wrong Act

a poem by

The most stupid thing, I regret to have done in my life,
It pains me to the core, injured as if with a sharp knife.
Shouldn’t have met her, lost all my magnetism and power,
For the things I’ve done, I can’t look for any cover.

Not to be blamed, I still believe she is innocent,
Everything wrong with me, I was very ignorant;
But don’t blame me for everything, blame my youth and its terrible impact,
But still I accept there are these young men, who are goal oriented and keep their heads intact.

I was going alone steadfast focused on my goals and my kith and kin,
Then there was that deviation causing a detachment, that was really a sin,
The love or lust for her that’s how I would put it,
Has made me to lose myself, I have been badly hit.

I remember her more times, than my effort to forget,
Still lingers deep in my memory, the first time we met.
At times I eat with a lot of fuss, though I am not on a diet,
One thing to acknowledge, she transformed me into a poet.

She was a great friend, don’t know whether she will continue to be,
I slowly understood life is not bound to these, there are a lot of other things to see,
Refresh, though haunted by old memories and I continue to weed my way out,
Any more fatal attraction, infatuation, I do really doubt.

For you my friend

a poem by

Hey my friend
I will be yours till the end
forget the hurts
and remember the fruits
in the midst of your sorrows
I will cover your spaces and hollows
we share our joys
together we rejoice
life is short
but you are in my heart
let me be the one
who will not be gone
open up your shell
and everything will end well.

PCO Booth

a poem by

Is it eight now? Man I have to make a call!
Why won’t you wait for nine-thirty?
My dear the days have gone!
It’s PCO time, dear its PCO time.

Long distance calls are made in the yellow-red color,
With every pulse counting after 16 seconds.
‘Hello!’ it starts at six in the sun
Continues up to eleven in the dark.

People seem to make calls with ease,
Not forgetting their bill to pay,
The PCO owners get commission in scores,
So the telephone department takes revenge.

They have now taken steps to curb bills,
Why I don’t know, god knows.
PCO is great, but let’s make it proper
Speaking in it and not chatting with it.

Off to go, for have to make a call,
Why don’t I make now a two-rupee call?

Ode to a Teacher

a poem by

Teacher, adorable and affable architect of nation
Torchbearer of society, that spreads illumination,
Exponent of scholastic and pedantic information
Unique and serene person, of firm determination,
Minds not he privileges, of ephemeral reputation
Stands as replica of sacred and simple habitation.

Mediocre teacher mechanically tells his students
Sincere teacher effectively illustrates his taughts,
Great teacher patiently explains, able his trainees
Genius teacher spiritually educates his educatees,
Superior teacher touches, the hearts his inceptors
Supreme teacher inspires spry souls, his scholars.

Good teacher to his sane wards instantly teaches
Never his calibre straight, student minds reaches,
Better teacher! with valour to his end holds reins
To barren arid and parched fields he brings rains,
Best teacher pats pupils to puts on the right track
Through his placid erudition, sets spiritual spark.

Teacher folds students as genial citizens of nation
Moulds, future epoch within the walls by caution,
Prompts good conduct among pupils by devotion
Sows seeds secular upon teens minds of emotion,
Guides statesmen! through action and perception
Inspires patriotic, fervour the national integration.

Teacher imparts erudition for constructive deeds
Adds, wisdom to knowledge to cuts social needs,
Creates, academic sprit that lets out latent talents
Incites, ideas of fraternity, among those students,
Plays, crucial role to treads them on path dignity
Edifice qualities, cut his lore philanthropic entity.

Teacher yore epoch encyclopaedia of knowledge
Played best role over all uplift, with loud pledge,
Shouldered duty of sincere shepherd just wizard
As placid surveyor averted people sordid hazard,
Healed psycho and physical wounds akin doctor
Men of varied treated him the destined protector.

Teacher ancient glanced in hand with bent cane
What though intention holding stave really sane,
All trades tardily taught that the genius versatile
Took up, entire burden in gaiety mood of gentle,
Spent dawn to dusk, thriving disciple prosperity
Always viewed, as stubborn soldier of solidarity.

Teacher, in olden days toiled unmindful of pains
For bright future stayed with pupils better gains,
Verdict of teacher was, just that merit certificate
By core contentment completed course intricate,
Ardent harbinger, showered the sober behaviour
To such bards society extended love of souvenir.

Teacher of recent era scans lore decent intricate
Budges with taughts, to avert riddles of delicate,
Peruses, the pulse and imparts right information
Comes down students level fix prudent direction,
Explains His’ insatiable astute thirst of longing
Splendid pursuits he holds! burning for learning.

Teacher! implants habits polite in tainted hearts
Valiantly he sets, colossal calamities alike traits,
Sets the students aloof from those sordid trends
Rejects futile acts akin of that ingratitude minds,
Holds touch with federations feeding modernity
Translates, his apt thoughts with touch of parity.

Teacher stream of curves for the creative realms
And succeeds installing all novel renewed thrills,
Takes, cute pains for absolute control on subject
High order on new trends makes dynamic object,
As the knight, asserts discipline through cajoling
Showers mercy just, mother by his tender lulling.

Teacher venerated rarely taunts his good students
He feigns as though he is a furious lion of haunts,
Scolding his psycho mould binds that betterment
Blessing in disguise helps secure sane attainment,
Admonition forms, on his part bonds with taught
Such teacher fair, folds perennial passion fraught.

A dullard teacher, all times accounts just dastard
A wise teacher tends offer lore message standard,
A serene teacher takes wards into world of trance
A noble teacher paves, pat way free from menace,
A lazy teacher enters, the class with out rehearsal
A committed teacher finds blithe for deep perusal.

Teacher seldom tends, physical help good indeed
Consistent incredible intellectual help better feed
Contextual spiritual help, the best eternal attitude,
Teachers chisel moulding student a fine rectitude
Strains of teacher end in carving candid structure
That teacher! emits fragrance, blends with nature.

Teachers kinship, with students primly academic
The end ironically results in sane bond scholastic,
Time! the real vital force and altars their position
Fortune of student! may push to place reputation,
Even then, the teacher stands supreme to student
Then! teachers heart gratifies a dream of prudent.

Student hides events with teacher dainty treasure
Such memories remain ardent perpetual pleasure,
Noble love of student upon teacher not be hidden
Loyal self-revelation touch teachers feet sudden,
Able not digest students love tears of joy roll out
That student in teachers mind dwell through out.

Teacher – taught bondage remain, the everlasting
Lays mutual indelible impression on the longing,
Yearns for progress of the student really credible
Reposes faith in teacher as father, highly reliable,
Non-attachment true love blabs, their association
Affection attains steep through deep consultation.

Teacher’s meditation, for healthy society obvious
Innocent punishes by lawyer’s argument dubious,
Edifices collapse, at selfish service of an engineer
Breathing of infelicitous stops, if doctor fails seer,
Trivial follies of teacher! spoil future generations
Similar phenomenal features exist among nations.

Teacher! holds no concern student’s background
Through passion all his students entwine around,
Holds not narrow notions caste, creed and region
But tunes integration by harmony of all religions,
As almighty the teacher preaches adage precepts
Enchant able axioms of universal peace concepts.

Teacher’s credit of noble teaching attains divinity
Student grows as the dynamic posture of nobility,
All realise significance of the teacher’s company
If not whole society cuts itself into deity of puny,
Thus teacher beholds symbol of light and delight
Scans as elite pedant, amidst elated stars twilight.