Cancer Crusaders Combine

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Compassion to companionship,
Asked in pain and agony,
Never received the same wanted the most,
Cared all to spill around me the pills to swallow,
Enabling the manufacturers and traders of pills,
Raise their income at the cost of their hapless victim.

Cradle to courts I crawled,
Rowing boats and riding cars,
Under the sky, over the surface and water,
Seeking compassion and companionship,
Always I longed for but eluded so far,
Drowning even my dreams,
Engaged in consoling me the pain and agony,
Rarely getting sleep I sat day dreaming,
Saving the companionship of my own pain and agony.

Christened me as cancer,
Oh! I am blessed to live in this paradise,
Mother earth provided enough to satisfy man’s need,
But the greed of a few deprived others of their basic needs,
In my death-bed while I breath the last,
New light beams showing me cure that is air, water and earth,
Environment that I hitherto destroyed is a panacea to prevent cancer.