Become great, easy way!

a poem by Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand

Want to be great,
high, tall, big,
famous, conspicuous,
extra ordinary,
large and wide,
deep and profound,
on top and sound,
in view around,
like a satan
or god on ground.

Then read this
and accomplish.
Easy to start
hard to finish
at your risk,
at your cost.

Begin with home.
Stand at the door,
wear unusual,
shout at your top;

roar the engine,
take longer time,
check alarm go,
start with kick.

Enter workplace
and do not work,
pace the place,
speak with none.

If boss asks you,
reply him not;
if he insists,
remove tie knot,
undo the coat,
stretch the hand,
circle the head,
you are now great.

Isn’t it easy
to start with?
For harder path,
wait some time.