Poems by Vijaynath


a poem by Vijaynath

Nothing stays with me, except
My woes and worries,
Nowhere to go other than
The dark labyrinth or my own mind.

Alone and aloof, only the
Pitch black of darkness with me
No one to look for and
Nobody to remember me

Where I am, I have no idea
How long also have no answer
If this place do have a name
What difference it makes

There is no day or night here, only
Emptiness enveloped in darkness
No date or name for the day, only
The crushing bang of solitude

I will be here

a poem by Vijaynath

You should have bid Goodbye while leaving,
the sudden void draining the breath out of me;
You should have shown a sign of your plan, but
your unexpected departure crushed me out

We were together all the way till now, but
you never, even a hint, told me that you want
to move ahead, on your own, that too alone
but I would never, ever, have been a hurdle to you

You showed the dreams and you made me laugh
and you promised to be with me always and
guided, corrected and scolded me when I err
and I felt a new life and renewed vigour to move ahead

Your leftover memories, like fallen dry leaves
will be scattered around by the wind of time,
and the deep cuts and wounds you left
may also get healed in time

Let me wish you peace and happiness and
let me hope you keep smiling, lest you always
bear in mind that whenever you feel alone or down
I will be here, always, waiting for you.

Curse in disguise

a poem by Vijaynath

The fierce fury of rain and unleashed
anger of the wind erased everything
around me like a black canvas sans the picture

The structure which was my home
is nowhere to be seen and a pile of
bricks and broken branches made
it looks like an isolated tomb

The garden, when it was there, resembles
a pond of mud with multi colored dead fish
after mutilation by a pack of predators
who had a field day of genocide

The trees who cared with their shades
and fed me with their sumptuous offerings
stands naked like monuments of a war
reluctant and ashamed to look down

It all began with a soothing breeze
along with a cooling drizzle
which felt heavenly in the summer rage
but turned out to be a Curse in Disguise

The Battlefield

a poem by Vijaynath

The incessant rain all through the night,
the intimidating thunders, like a mammoth
metal sheet scrolled again and again on a rock,
its echo reverberating on the horizon and
the carnival continued all night long

The band of night singers and their accompaniment
simply vanished before the rain started spoiling
their show; the rhythm of the fall and blast
of the thunder synchronising the tune
of nature’s symphony of fury

The charade ceased before dawn, leaving
the shivering and weeping trees for their loss,
the separated limbs lying down there and looking
up in surrender like fallen soldiers on the ground

Bushes and their clans, drenched, dripping,
shocked and shivering, looking for the sun
for help to be up and the submerged grass
struggling to breath and rise

Channels like slithering snakes leading
the water away and all around lay broken
branches and fallen leaves and the scenario
looks like a battlefield after a night long fierce war

Remember to forget

a poem by Vijaynath

Remember to forget
Those piercing words and
Shuddering scenes, deafening
Shouts and shattering cries

Remember to forget
The burning days and shivering
Nights, blinding darkness and
Shocking silence

Remember to forget
The perpetual pain and
Suppressed screams, oppressed
Dignity and vanished sentiments

Remember to forget
Those days with no mornings,
Noon and evenings but only dark
Filled frightening nights.

A Chest in the Heart

a poem by Vijaynath

A Chest in the Heart
bits and cons from the past
Faces, memories, scenes and sequences
never shown or known to anyone

Everyone have such a niche inside
unknown and untold to anyone
These are the pages from the past
always kept under the wrap

In the moments of solitude and sorrow
some pages sneak out and light up on
the walls of mind for few seconds
to be put back in the chest again

It may be silly or serious matters
but it is a part of the persona and no
one, howsoever near or dear will
know about it ever

The truth, proof and dreams

a poem by Vijaynath

We live in the present
Neither we can rewind nor
fast forward the past or present
We simply live in the present

Present become past and future
change into present to be past
and the past is the truth and present the proof
We just live in the present

Hopes, expectations and plans
ambitions, dreams and imaginations
and anticipation are surreal
We plainly live in the present

The future is a dream and beyond
our control, yet we believe it
to be true and real
We really live in the present


a poem by Vijaynath

A fallen leaf in a flowing stream
How far and how long, have no answer
It is not moving ahead but being
carried away by the current

It have no control over its pace or
position and it cannot make any change
in its course or destination, just laying
there and being carried away

Few moments back, it was the part of
the canopy where there is no individuality,
name or identity, but it was
part of the green crown

No one grieve for its fall and
no one care for its loss and
no one knew that it is missing
That is the way of their life


a poem by Vijaynath

I am an Alien
I cannot recognize the faces around me
And I cannot decipher their dialect
I am unable to see the logic in their
Illogical reasoning and shocked to
Watch the mask of protest change
Into ugly violence

I am an Alien
This was the land, I, born, grown and learned
Now this land and faces look different
The pulsating hatred and fuming vengeance
Were not there when I learned my first lessons
The water around was clean and pure
Without the contaminating colors

I am an Alien
The cry for vengeance was never heard
And the streets were never turned into battlefield
There were no emotional walls to separate and
Segregate people and there was the fragrance of peace

Where is my land and where are my people?


a poem by Vijaynath

In the depth of the night
the time stands still for a moment
Nothing moves, even the
breeze holds its breath

Absolute silence and calm prevails
as if the time is taking a break.
The bragging birds have gone
and the band of crickets have vanished.

This animated suspension lasts
only for a few seconds where there
is no past, present or future
and this infinity moment has no name.

Oh Mother…

a poem by Vijaynath

Oh Mother,
The avalanche of your memories
flood my mind again carrying me
away into the fog laden valley
of the past

Oh Mother,
Hanging on your finger like a
doll, struggling to make the first
step into life and the trillions of
steps thereafter have never been so sweet

Oh Mother,
When the leaves of time fell from the
tree altering and advancing my mind and body
yet, you were there without
any shade of change

Oh Mother,
When you went away like snapping of
a flame my treasure of happiness
too went with you to the unknown
other side of life

Oh Mother,
How I wish never to leave
the hold of your finger and how I hope
never to grow up ever and how I long
to become that toddler again.

Love to hate

a poem by Vijaynath

The sharp needles of hatred
concealed in your smile
pierce through my conscience
and bled my heart profusely

The contempt concealed in your
soft words shatter my mind
into a million pieces

Your innocence of ignorance is
loud and clear which serve the
purpose of enhancing my
apathy into many folds

Your silence towards my desperation
is inflaming the agony and strain and
how long I can bear this pain, but
I know there is no other way around.


a poem by Vijaynath

feel and endure

visualise and experience

spread around and support

realize and stimulate

discover and understand

appreciate and approve

elaborate and ensure

resolve and restore

rejuvenate and reform

show the path and be with

how to learn and instill

rescue and be alert

behold and bestow


a poem by Vijaynath

All around me are distorted faces
In flaming red color,
Every line, curve and contours are
in shocking red

All around me are pandemonium
and commotion,
shouting, pleading, crying and
wailing resembles a battlefield

All around me are torn clothes
with traces of blood,
shattered bangles sparking like
broken stars and crushed lifeless dolls

All around me is darkness in shade
of red, suppressed voices and ignored
pleas for justice and shocking scenes
of trespassed minds and violated bodies

I am speechless, shocked and pathetically helpless
I hang my head in shame when I realize my limitations
to stop this madness around me

Let the flames of shame be spread around
and start a wild fire!


a poem by Vijaynath

Why the sun rises from the east
and the night comes after the day?

Why the sky so high and stars so
shy and beyond our reach?

Why the wind cannot be seen and
light cannot be touched?

Why the smell has no colour and
sound have no shape?

Why the mind is so vast and
thinking so narrow?

Why the love is so sweet and
hate too dry?

Why the trees are tall and
leaves fall down?

Why the flowers bloom only
for a while and gloom?

Why happiness is short and
sorrow linger on?