Poems by
Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

… please try again

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Everyday I wake up from my bed,
the first thing I see
is my damp phone;
sighing heavily,
I look at your number
which I can’t see
calling me anymore.

While brushing my yellow teeth,
I try to smile wide
at myself in the dusty mirror;
whenever I attempt,
I fail each time,
fallen in a thousand tears.

Fastening quickly
the nasty buttons of my stiff sleeves,
I hurry outside;
have had a plenty breakfast,
this morning
though, I feel quite empty inside.

Working out
on a daily basis
is no more fun to me;
I search for
the beautiful, charming girl
whose shadows come to life,
everywhere I see.

Missing you a lot
from my broken heart,
but just don’t know
how to express;
being blocked lately
away from your influence,
I’m living the worst nightmare.

Even though when I’m
with my dearest,
closest friends,
who’re jolly and cheerful always
I keep experiencing
an strange loneliness,
I wish you return
some day to me
and bring back my lost happiness.