Poems by Abhishek Srivastava

Beautiful Eyes

a poem by Abhishek Srivastava

Hey, what is that your cold piercing gaze is searching for?
After breaking my heart into pieces, what you sailed away for

I hope I will find you someday, somewhere at some someplace
But love is what you are, you don’t stay at any place

You are like the shadow of the candle, sometimes here and sometimes there
And in the dark, your sorcery increases more than ever

Hiding and shying from my glances, what kind of behavior is that of yours?
There is altogether different radiance of yours

One stare of yours has changed my life for ever
Your modesty is breadth taking and your charm I will remember forever

Please stop and tell me your name
But I believe just walking away, leaving the heart fluttering is one of your game

Killing people, without telling your name, this unfaithfulness makes you pleasing
Oh innocent lady, this grace of yours is heartbreaking

You are an angel with whom I shared a moment, that will last till the end of my life
It must have been the will of God, that we will be together forever

But like James blunt said it’s time to face the truth
And I will never be with you

Shrewd Time

a poem by Abhishek Srivastava

Of all the entities, I have ever seen
Time is the most heartless
It moves slow when you are sweating in the bright sun in hot desert
And searching for water
It moves slower when you are in excruciating pain due to bite of a snake
And waiting for anti-venom to work
It moves slowest when you are about to be hanged at 6:00 in the morning
And waiting for hangman to pull the lever at 5:55
But the time is the shrewdest of all.
It runs fast, when you don’t want to leave the place which you called home
And the train is ready to take you hundred miles away
It runs faster, when you are staring the person you love with tears in your eyes
And you don’t want this moment ever to seize
It runs fastest, when you are in the arms of your most beloved person
And you know you won’t be able to feel the same heartbeat ever
Time is indeed a sea which is immeasurable and endless
But its water has become black with tears of yours and mine

Lost Happiness

a poem by Abhishek Srivastava

I came to this place to make my life better than others
But at the destination the happiness is passing by
Its age is countable, it is short of breath and its steps are already unsteady
Spring was supposed to be on its way but it seems like it’s already over
May Queen was supposed to smile but its seems like she already smiled
And Among other things, happiness should be on its way but it seems like it already passed
Too much has happened that was not supposed to happen
Anxiety and pain was supposed to leave the valleys and so is my heart
Happiness was supposed to finish before sadness
Now, about to enter the world where there will be no laugh for stupidity
No irk for sarcasm
No coax for sulking
And no sensation for silent love
God was supposed to fulfill my dreams but its seems like it’s already fulfilled
And biggest thing that I regret is that I didn’t even realize it.