Poems by Samiksha

Break Oh!

a poem by Samiksha

Intoxicated with madness
I’m in love with my sadness.
I can’t tell anyone
they are so lost in their happiness.

But my existence is so worthless
and my life so priceless
that my tears won’t bother anyone
yet again I’m ending up hopeless.

Now I’m lost, don’t find me,
let me drown in your memory.
My smiles were not forever
so how can I be?

Turning down with my last breath
are all those pieces of my heartbreak
going into a deep sleep
to dream about a better death.

Bedtime Story

a poem by Samiksha

Read me a story
Grasp me in tight
Recall your bedtime luxuries
That befall be a Goodnight.
I’m still waiting…
Tell me a bedtime story.

Once upon a time
After every appetizing dine
Was rather really absurd
Though a worthy comfort.
Fairies, monsters, laugh and disasters
Ceasing tales at happily ever after.
Horror, comic, some science fiction,
Still bliss was defended in every section.
Quality moment with mother
Pretending to make a toast together.
Widely optimistic father, Oh father!!!
His opinions, my denial, my screams and laughter.

Can someone hear my voice?
Older days, neoteric rejoice.
Apprise me again of delight and bright
Just call upon that sterling Goodnight.
I’m still waiting…
Tell me a bedtime story.