Poems by Saktheee S Ravichandran

Who is He

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

Is He a male
Or is He a female
Is He from others
Who is that

If He is a male
Is He a Black or
Is He a White
May I Know, which is His race

If He is White
Is He an American or
Is He an English
Which country He belongs, let me know

What will He speak and
Which language he prefers
Which media will He choose
Please let me know

Vedas have failed and
Upanishads have failed
Manthras have failed
To locate the His place

Temples and towers have lost His grace
They have turned as parks
He hides somewhere
If you see Him, please let me know

Little Rani wants to play

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

I want to play
Like the children in nearby huts
My toys and friends are calling me
To talk and play with them

My eyes are searching stars and moon
To have my dinner from your hands
I want to sleep in my mom’s laps and
Want to travel on my father’s back

Listen Mom, I want to play
Don’t send me to schools and creche
I hate to cry and weep in there
Let me stay at home and
Allow me to enjoy my childhood days

Last straw on the camel’s back

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

We are all camels carrying too much of load
Our eyes are shedding tears due to pain
There few seconds our wisdom will rise
From it’s sleep
Give some cautious to know the sorrows of life
She will smile and give a little pleasure
Your wisdom will be buried in to your desire
Again your eyes will shed tears
To get a little bit of relief from your heavy task
Again a straw will be removed from your back and
It will be thrown before your eyes
You will feel a complete relief
From all your burden
She won’t allow you to go out from her hands
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
Her task is to keep you in her circle forever
Though a holy way is very clear and visible to you
You can’t be allowed to go in that way
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
She will remove a straw not of all and
You won’t be let free from Her clutches

The Rise of New Bharath

a poem by Saktheee S Ravichandran

In a dawn of my nation
You came to take her burden
You walked and moved in this land
To Hist Her flag in the peak of fame

Your smile remembers Her purity
Your talks and roars resembles
Her courage and boldness

Your dress write a new chapter of this land
Your birth place may be a small piece in Gujarath
Your energetic hands adopt the prosperity of the entire nation

Modiji Your name is the Inspiration our youth and
It is a powerful weapon of us
We will win in the war against corruption
Oh Bharath Matha bless him
To hold your flag in his hands forever

A tribute and expectation of the last citizen