Poems by Rajneesh Yadav

Love at School

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

It was the first day of my new school
That day I was looking so stupid

As I was alone and strange
She came to me and sat on my bench

Then she introduced herself and asked my name
But that moment I was feeling ashamed

It was the first time when I sat with a girl
And her beauty made my mind whirl

Such a beauty I hadn’t ever seen
She looked just like a queen

I kept staring at her
Listening all her talks
How cute she looked while cracking jokes

Her smile was a God’s boon
Her face glowed just like moon

No one can explain her beauty in words
Her voice seemed to me like chirping of birds

Everyday I noticed each of her reaction
From her smile to cry
And the things which made her shy

Soon I became a diehard fan of her
My heart started to love everything about her

Then a day came when I fell in love with her
I started to dream day and night of only her

To sit with her
I knowingly used to forget all my books
To impress her, I started to better my looks

As she looked just like a princess
So to look like a prince, I used to wear a nice dress

In her love I was falling and falling day by day
To see her once, I didn’t miss the school, a single day

Whenever I missed her, I used to close my eyes
Then she would come in my dreams and kiss me twice

Her beauty made me intoxicated
Whenever I saw her
My heart started to beat at the speed of a rocket

My love for her was touching the sky
After school, I always followed her just like a spy

Now a single minute was not spent without her
My eyes always remained curious to see her

Every minute seemed to be a day in her absence
How happy I felt in her presence

It was becoming difficult to survive without her
Then the day came when in front of all
I finally purposed to her
Down on my knees and with a rose in my hand
I said “I love you so much. Will you be my girlfriend.”

Then she came in the pose as I was
Smiled and took that rose

Suddenly she hugged me and started to weep loud
Then she said “I love you too.” in front of the crowd

Love at First Sight

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

When I met you for the first time I got goosebumps
That moment I found myself dumb
My eyes were amazed and my heart was beating fast
Your beauty made my mind blast
Your blue eyes hypnotised me
Your blond hair mesmerised me
I lost my balance after watching your beautiful face
I became a fan of your grace
You are an angel who is heaven sent
Whenever I see you, your beauty makes me faint
Whether it is day or night, I see you in my dreams
Now only your name flows in my blood streams
I have fallen in love with you
Everywhere I see image of you
It seems that you are down to the earth only for me
Therefore I thank God for sending such a gift for me
It has been a knack of you
My day doesn’t start until I see you
My each second is spent thinking about you
Whole time, my eyes are curious to see you
My nights are spent in desolation
I feel tense due to our seperation
But whenever I miss you I just close my eyes
And memorise your cute face
Me and my heart are waiting for your embrace
Now there is only one dream that you become all mine
My heart is just waiting for your sign

She is forever in my heart

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

I used to sit in my room alone listening to songs we liked most
I used to sit in the corner of my room thinking when we met first
I used to lock myself in the dark room thinking how much I really miss her
I keep staring her photo, with tear in my eyes
I weep all day thinking how happy we were together
Whole night, I think of those promises which we made together
She can’t feel that how much I miss her
Her eyes, her voice, her dance and her touch
I tried to forget but my heart misses her too much
I miss that rainy day when we were struck in the thunder
I miss that place where we both used to wander
What can I say about that night
With her hands in my hands and we stared at the moon
Now I really miss that boon
My heart feels good whenever I see her in my way
My hearts still feels that she will retun in my life one day

Living in your Memory

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

All night I keep staring at the ceiling alone
How can I explain, what I am feeling, since you have gone
Your memories are always in my mind
Which let me to live a life like blind
My mind tried to forget you
But my heart never dared to do so
I miss those moments we spent together
I miss that place we roamed together
I miss that day when for the first time you kissed me
I miss that moment when you gave your first hug to me
On bed, I dream only about you
I cuddle my pillow as if it is you
I always keep your photo with me
So that I can ask “what was my fault?”
It brings tears in my eyes
When I remember the moment you left me giving a taunt
Days are spent in your memories
But the nights are sleepless
My love for you has became endless
Living in your memories give me a lot of sorrow
But these are the only things which carries me to another tomorrow
My heart loved you and will always love you
He doesn’t want anyone in my life except you

She is My Love

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

On the paper of love
With the pen of heart
I wrote a thousand times that she is my love

She is just like the shining moon
Perhaps she is the only God’s great boon

Her face glows like a beautiful lotus
When she sits near me, her eyes my focus

How beautiful are her two little eyes
They make her more pretty whenever she eyes

Her glossy lips make me crazy
Her cheeks are beautiful just like daisy

She looks gorgeous when she blush
She is my first and final crush

She is one of the world’s great wonders
Without her I am just like rain without thunders

She has become my life and my breath
My love will never end until my death

My eyes are always curious to meet her
My day doesn’t start until I see her

All the day I weep in front of her pic
Day I don’t see her, I feel sick

Just looking into her eyes
I promise again and again

“I will be your umbrella
whether it is Sun or rain”

Dreaming of You

a poem by Rajneesh Yadav

I used to sit on top of the roof
Looking up at the sky full of stars
I used to stand in my balcony
Staring at the beautiful moon
I used to lose myself in dreams of you
And wish if you were with me
Sitting just by my side with your arms around me
Your smile, your talk and your soft touch
Really I miss all very much
I close my eyes
Picturing our first meet
The moment that stopped my heartbeat
A smile appears on my face
When I remember your embrace
I use to cuddle my pillow
Acting as if it is you
My nights are spent in your memories
You come in my dreams just like fairies
Now I can’t wait anymore for you
I want to spend my whole life with you
I want my day to start with your kiss and end with your hug
I wish my nights are spent in your arms under a single rug