Poems by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

Feathers in the sky

a poem by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

I dream about the dreams that never come true
Isolated thoughts queue up inside
The moment, I close my eyes
Dark it turns, like a light at the end of a tunnel
Opens the gate to enter my dreamland

I wander on the empty streets
I float along the clouds
I sleep on the moon
I walk through the woods

Nightmares and Fairytales
Where, I am the hero, Dreams are you
Dreams are what you want to be
Dreams are those little things you come across
Dreams are the things you leave un-accomplished
Dreams have meaning, Dreams are me

Questing on myself! The day I stop dreaming
My dreams will be fulfilled
I still dream about that day
The feathers on my arms, up above the clouds
Accomplishments of countless desires

This is what I am made of
This is for what I am born for
To live my Dreams!
To live my Dreams!

Fishes can’t fly

a poem by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

We all try to live a life so perfect
That we don’t want others to complain about.
We all started to have an opinion on what this society around will think,
If I think or act like.

We aren’t doing things we really want to.
We take care of the fact that we should not be filled with any mistakes
That nobody will question it or talk about it.
We invest a lot of time thinking on what the world outside will react to our actions.
We carry a pinch of embarrassment within us
Comparing ourselves with the world outside.

An urge to be perfect to show them who we really are!
We made rules for ourselves.
We created God’s for ourselves.
We drew a line in front making ourselves to not cross it.

We set limitations for ourselves and started judging based on them.
Why do we do that?
Everyone are different.

Why do we try to make them follow us?
Why do we want them to be like us?
Why do we push our opinions on a stronger side making them feel weak?
Why do we do that?

This Life is my gift.
We have to stand up bit higher from this deluded crowd to see what things really are.
We aren’t born here to follow some set of man-made rules and die!
Live like the way you want.
You be a sinister in their eyes!

You aren’t perfect to them?
You aren’t what they expect?
You earn their hate?
Remember, you will still breathe the same air as they do.

If everyone’s paper is white and pure
That doesn’t make any difference to your life trying to keep yours white and pure.
Make some black dots, Make some memories.
The day your soul leaves you
Don’t regret seeing that blank pure white paper that unfolds throughout your life.
Be that black dot that you are.
You aren’t born to be the same.

The time we spend on knowing what others are and what they think
Spend it on you.
Close your eyes and listen to the voice that speaks to you.
The time we invest on people is just a day-dream for a lazy mind.

Stand up on the stool in front and see the world different.
No matter how this world of delusions and chaos put you in.
No matter how bad you are judged for.
No matter the words that are raised against you.
No matter the portrayal they do on you.

You are still breathing the same air as they do…