Poems by Priyal Narang

Happiness galore!

a poem by Priyal Narang

When we get something unexpected
Or when we accomplish our goal
Or when we spend time with someone near
We experience a sudden feeling of joy
Which can’t be expressed
It can only be felt
That is that moment of a day
When we say that I am in seventh heaven
And no one can stop us
From enjoying this pleasure
And we keep savoring this hidden treasure!

What we experience is happiness galore,
But where does this feeling go when situations are sore?
Why do we need a reason for happiness?
We should be happy even in times of distress.
We should convince our heart,
That life is God’s art.
Along with water, there will also be drought,
Never give in easily,
Remember, your situation is not worst,
Be happy and hope for the best.
Find joy in little things.
Try to be ecstatic,
And you will never be pessimistic!

Happiness is like a tiny ball of light
Which comes from within
True happiness doesn’t come from achieving acquisitive things
It is beyond that
It is searching for contentment
And not always achievement.
Try to be glad
Because there is no rewind and forward button in life
So enjoy each moment
And make your life worthwhile!

Woman and her struggles

a poem by Priyal Narang

Women are born with great powers,
She is a life giver and a miracle creator.
Women are very beautiful.
They are worshiped as goddesses.
They are as precious as pearls.
Yet in the end it is she who suffers all twists and turns.

A woman has the power to heal,
But all she gets for herself is so many ordeals.
Not a single day passes,
When women are not dealt with abuses.
They are molested or beaten every day,
Which breaks them from inside.
God, keep me safe today is all that they pray.
So tough is their life!

Every year we celebrate Women’s day,
But do we have the guts to say?
That there exists a small place,
In this big world,
Where women can be safe.
Where there is someone whom they can trust,
Who is not craving for lust.

All women need to be strong,
You need to overcome all fright.
Remember that you were born with might,
And you have to win this fight!

Because men will be men.
Their nature will not change.
It’s their mentality.
It’s you who need to be firm.
And show them the reality!

Passion – A big driving factor in life!

a poem by Priyal Narang

Passion is something which drives you,
To the sky on high.
“Follow your passion” this is really true,
Because it forces you to try and try!

Your passion is a giver of many things,
It gives you peace, joy and contentment.
It is like a heavenly brink,
Which gives you eternal fulfillment.

People are passionate about different things,
It could be small or big,
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Just follow your heart and desires,
Internally it will take you higher and higher!!

People who are passionate are generally enthusiastic,
They don’t find life monotonous.
Cause they know how to make it fantastic,
Because for them their passion is very precious!!

It motivates them to work hard,
And do something worthwhile in life.
Passion gives them a great start,
Thus their mind is free of any conflict or strife.

So all I am saying is this,
It’s your life.
Make it large.
Don’t let that tiny ball of light die.
Listen to your heart and follow it,
And stay inspired.
Cause if you make your passion your profession,
Then you will find a lot of happiness!