Poems by Pankaj Kumar

Just like that

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I am writing
Just like that
I was living
Just like that
With all the time
I have became
A useless person
Just like that

When I found them

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I was an introvert, as I always was
But some things changed the law
Now when I am introduced to the world
And is not reduced to only my self
I realize that
It was me who was mad
Thought that it is only my self
But with these introductions help
Have found the world is great
Just I am late
To understand what world is

I am on it again

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I was in the past
At the level zero

I am in the present
At the level zero

No matter how far I go
And how fast I am progressing
I will always remain
On level zero

I am on it again

When I met my faults

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I believed in my own feelings
And in all that I thought
And for all of them not matching
A neglected view I brought

But when I found the world
Is really big to be in one’s sight
The soul begin to clean
And the thoughts bright

So, when I met my faults
I begin to conquer my odds

Let me be

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

Let me be
Like I am
I can’t be
Like them
They can’t
Be like me
This is the truth
And can’t be
Denied at all
So don’t break the wall
And let me be
Like me

I am sick

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I am sick
Not with a proper disease
But the life, I live

Am obsessed with my senses
Rebelling with my stances
Doing nothing but roaming
In search of something within

Can’t go out of it
I am sick

Teacher and Life

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I am very astonished
By the way life came in
Taking the test of my patience
Then providing the lesson

And I have come to Know
That how merciful were my teacher
Punishing only when I fail
A lesson given much before

Inspite of getting life pressure
It’s better to obey teacher.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

So long
It takes to create a home

First of all
So much of materials
And labour to make
A house

And then when
You live
Your emotions
Have to stick

Then a home it will be.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

It is alike that
I was late for school
And was scolded
So rude.

But where was my mistake
If I was late
It is difficult to wake up
Early, when it is winter.

So the climate
Made me late
Now can someone scold it
Then would it fit.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

You write a poem
Not by your hand
Or the pen
But with your feelings

Then you post it
Not for money
Or agony
But to be read

And people read it
And admire
Then the feeling
You get
Is Awesome.

Good Morning

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

6 am
In the morning
when you wake-up,
why am I forced to wake early
is what you think first

But as the day goes on
all the routine works
similar as were always
but not like other days

Fresher and better it was
as the day close
we realise
that parents were right.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

No matter how long
it takes for a bird
to built his nest,
it would make its best.

Their patience is inspiration.

God to Man

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

Oh my dear,
how heartbreaking it is
father and son have to separate
what a destiny this is

But do remember
a day will come
when we meet again
then it will be done

I would ask you
for all your memories
from universe
that you will bring
and these would be present
from you to me
I hope very beautiful
they would be.