Poems by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Respect Women

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

This world has become so heartless
People have become really fearless
Emotions are being useless
For power and pleasure, people are becoming senseless

Rapes have become so common
Victims are always the women
Inch by inch death should be the punishment for those men
Hope our new govt acts and reacts… God knows when

Save women should be the slogan I say
Tigers can be saved some other day
Those inhuman beasts worse than those tigers should be spared… no way

Wherever I look
Whether newspaper, magazines or any book
Headlines would be molest, rape or kidnap
How long would Indian females fall in these trap
Is there no end to this shitty crap

Is being born in India as a female a curse or a crime
Its really become high time
To man handle those culprits
We have all become silent viewers and observers and all we do is discuss and sit

Action has to be taken by the officials
Teach those beasts how it feels to be in hell
Its high time to switch on the high alert bell
Ignoring these plightful sights and walking away saying all is well

Next victims could be your sister, mother or wife
Women are the ones who give us precious life
Kill those ruthless criminals with a gun, bomb or knife

Spare them, they would have the courage to repeat it again
They are not bothered of feelings, emotions or pain
All they want is pleasure whether its on the road, bus or train
Its high time to act against these kind insane
When will women be able to walk on the streets tension free without any stress or strain

When will women be able to travel on a bus, auto or train without fear
These wild beasts are out there to disrespect and tear
When will women be able to walk freely on the roads like a man
Is India capable of protecting them… just say cannot or can

Will India hear their cries
Can India bid these criminal acts permanantly a Good bye

Let women live
Love and care is what they deserve and what we should give

Respect and value them
They are the life’s root and stem

Life – The Suspense Novel

a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Life is a movie based on a suspense novel
Which reveals untold histories and mysteries
Everyday is a chapter, revealing new characters
From rich to poor, innocent to cheaters, healthy to sick
Passing us like a fading shadow

Every line we read
Is like the moments we pass through
Carrying along a mixture of emotions
From happiness to sadness, success to failure, love to hatred
Which fades with time

Every novel has a beginning and an end
The writter of this novel is God
We are the characters that he has calculated in his mind and sent
He is the script writer, the producer and the director

We are mere actors
Knowing not what is the next scene…
Whether its a comedy, tragedy or a disaster
We have to act till it becomes perfect

At the end of the day all we need to hear is pack up and cut
Launch of the novel, could either be a hit or a flop
All depends on the way we carry the story and the way we perform
All we can do is wait patiently and sit with our hands on top of our head


a poem by Nitin Aniyan Thomas

Are we machines or human?

Rest, I don’t know when
Our only break is with the book
Not even time to eat or cook
Engaged all the time with a bunch of patients to look

Our life revolves around books, patient and hospital
We are always on the toe waiting for the next bell
What is sleep, I forgot
Calls in the middle of the night
When we just begin to roll our eyes and sleep tight

Home and entertainment seems alien
Hospital is our main home and den
Is our life meant to be sacrificed this way
Will there be some happiness and entertainment some day
After all these hard work… our salary is not even upto an engineers pay

Doctor profession was once called noble
But now I would rather modify it and call horrible
Slog and work is not the only motive and aim

God gave us life not to just take care of lives but also for ourselves to live too

We are also humans
Not any machines or god
We too need a normal life… Oh Lord!