Poems by Nikki


a poem by Nikki

Falling from the sky carelessly,
teasing me of the infinite freedom they have,
Falling into my cage onto my stiff skin
Leaving promises of freedom that I do not have,
Behaving like a secret potion.
Compelling me to drink it to be free!
Making me feel how infinite they feel.

But then a Loud lightening struck.
Awakening me!
I looked down and realised that their fate is no better,
that everything in this world comes with a price!
That these silver droplets are now mixed into mud,
going down the drain.
And so, I slowly went to sleep again,
with hope on my mind,
cause only after a dark, cold night do you see a beautiful, warm sunrise.

Memory Lane

a poem by Nikki

My mind is running down the memory lane
Down an alive ambience of a few close to heart memories
Because it is not always when you feel alive,
or have the feeling of living in the moment,
or have the opportunity of sucking the jazz of life out of your life!

I feel so young at heart, just these memories make me feel young
like I was a kid all over again like I was living a second childhood.

Don’t we all wish that we could just live the good parts of our lives
the peppy, jazzy, happy, carefree ones!
The ones where you laughed your ass of with your friends,
the one where you and your sibling had your own small secrets,
the one where your crush asked you on a date,
the long road trips, the carefree vacations with family!

But we all know that only after a heavy rain comes the rainbow,
And only if we know what something bad feels like will we value something good…
and at times these bad things teach us, and make us stronger.
And so, we will have to accept the way our life is!
With its good and bad and so I’m now down a gloomy memory lane
with a proud smile on my face.