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All about her

She didn’t care much about dressing up,
She didn’t care much about how she looked,
She didn’t care whether anyone noticed her,
All she cared about was her comfort,
And all she did was be herself.
Maybe that’s what made her “stand-out”.

Yes and No

Yes, I am 27.
No, I am not afraid to admit it.
Yes, I am still single.
No, I do not regret it.
Yes, I am getting old.
No, it doesn’t scare me.
Yes, I am still immature.
No, I don’t intend on changing it.
Yes, I am unsure of some things.
No, I don’t mind it.
Yes, I value my life, career and independence.
No, I won’t live it on anyone else’s terms.
Yes, I do worry about my future.
No, that doesn’t make me any less strong.
Yes, I will get married soon.
No, you’re not allowed to ask me when.
Yes, I am sad about some things.
No, that doesn’t mean I am not happy with my life.
Coz I have people I care about and they care back for me!
Today, I thank all those people.
Call, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other way. Your one effort makes my day.

What is freedom?

What is freedom?
Not only being able to talk as you want,
Wear what you like and flaunt,
Walk in pride and be daunt
Dare and be blunt.
Its also about freedom of the mind,
Not being so blind,
Learning to be kind,
And ability to happiness in everything find!
Being what you like,
Helping others in plight,
Broadening our minds and sight,
Making a difference slight.
Let’s make a promise to self,
To use our knowledge and wealth,
Leading to progress of thought and health,
Of not just one but the entire Nation itself.