Poems by Krishnakumar Pradhan

No bird is lame

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

Advice for those who consider themselves weak
No bird is lame for his life
No child is crippled throughout his life
Just wait for an opportune moment
And hope for the sun to rise
And throw a ray of hope in your life
When you will rise
And stand on your legs again
And you yourself will shine
And be a lighthouse
To guide those whose boats
Are going astray for a while

Just a little boy…

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

When I was only a little boy,
I asked my father, who was to me like God,
To bring me a toy,
And this is what he said to me, “O boy,
Man himself, in th hands of God,
Is just a toy”

And although it was not proper to retort,
This is what I said,”O Dad,
What I need is just a toy,
Keep your philosophy away,
Because I am just a little boy.

ke siad I said i

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

When I was a little girl,
I asked my mother,
“Why should I go to school?”
and this is what she said “Oh kid,
you have to learn,
so that when you come of age
You will earn,
And let us our butter churn”
Thus I learnt the first lesson of my life
Even before I completed my schooling,
that love is not free in this world.
Mother earth is much more kind,
For her you have only to till,
And sow some seed,
And she makes your belly fill.
One thing one must bear in mind,
that you must not pollute the air
by cutting the hair of Mother earth
that are green in colour
otherwise to eat the fruit of your labour
You will not be there