Poems by Gitanjali Mitra

A small mischief

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

In a lonely Villa
On one darksome night
There was darkness everywhere
There were thunder bolts
Rain was pouring everywhere
It wasn’t important
What I felt
What I did
But what I experienced was morbid
I tried to avert the gloominess
By lighting a candle
But to my astonishment
There was someone else in my Villa
It’s shadow began to dwindle
I tried to figure
Who it was
In that darkest hour
But to my surprise
I saw a purring kitten
In the night
I dread it when I was unaware
But I had a sigh of relief
The mischief that a small kitten played
That I couldn’t forget but still gave me respite

Nature is our Future

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

Nature is a beautiful endowment
It beckons, it’s an enticement
One can find here flora and fauna
It’s full of greenery
It projects a beautiful imagery
Ever visited a park before
Ever spent time ashore
If you haven’t tried to be a part of it
Don’t miss, and try to gain it
Each season has its own beauty
To protect nature is our duty
It is an unending bounty, yet
Many of the species are endangered
It’ high time that it is preserved
Cause exhaustion of resources has no end
Even a little generous planting of a sapling will do
Feeding birds and caring for animals
Let’s start a new Green Trend
Let’s turn over a new leaf
Let’s make an effort to conserve nature at our own end

The Joyous River

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

I saw a river flowing through,
It flowed with great excitement,
It followed a curvy and strange route as to my astonishment,
I tried to walk with its swirling flow,
It twirled and gushed with merriment at morning glow,
I still feel its waters
Whenever I think of it,
That’s not all there’s more to this,
Experience of the River that taught me humor and wit,
It moved ahead in a joyous mood
Like a Human personified in it,
It now had become rapid with a waterfall ahead
And now my lines will be over read
As the turning point now comes,
For this swirling, twirling river,
To join the mighty sea
It’s a great view
To watch you O River, that flows without barriers,
To part with your waters
Gives me great sorrow and tears.

The Spiritual Path

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

Life is a Pilgrimage
Each passing day a prayer
God cares for us
He is always there
It’s time to become selfless
To serve humanity
To care for nature
To follow the spiritual Path


a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

Nothing happens until you take a courageous decision
Courage is the key to success
It’s the will that will take you to greater heights
To do the impossible
And not dreams or stress
Take an initiative
Take the right decision
And you will become what you want to be
To achieve greater goals
To do something for the world
To become a good human being
That’s what one should be

The Green Breeze

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

The Green Breeze blows gently on the mountains
The cool water comes out of the fountains

The Green Field is covered with fruits and flowers
The farmer waits for the monsoon showers

The rain comes down with shiny droplets
The poet in me wants to write a few couplets

If this isn’t heaven
Where else can it be
When God wants something so shall it be