Poems by Edna Rachelyn

London Rhymes

a poem by Edna Rachelyn

When you’re bored you want an Adventure;
Then you think about Aquaventure.

It’s better you go on vacation;
Instead of studying stupid dictation.

Now let’s discuss about the place;
It’s kind of a hard case.

The price was too much in Trivago;
So I decided to hide in London Cargo.

I visited Big-Ben Clock;
It sounded like Tick a lock.


a poem by Edna Rachelyn

Christmas, Christmas time is Here;
Time for Joy and time for Cheer.
Oh! Christmas Christmas I can’t Wait;
So please don’t be late.

All the presents and all the Glee;
Goes under the Christmas Tree.
Mother Mary please give Birth;
To your precious son who will rule the Earth.

So all the happiness and all the Joy;
Goes in your heart whether you are girl or Boy.
It mostly happens on christmas day;
You can spend it in any way.