Poems by Devika Toprani


a poem by Devika Toprani

Never forget, that we were best friends,
But presently, we cannot even stand each other,
At opposite ends.

It’s been years since I’ve heard your voice,
Maybe just maybe,
You kept away, because of choice.

I don’t know, what to say to you now,
But I just want to sort out this mistake, anyhow.

It’s been more than a year,
But still, I feel,
You’re somehow going to, magically reappear!

So, sorry is one word I’d like to say,
But still, it’s your mistake too, in a way!


a poem by Devika Toprani

Just the way, uncooked food
Can turn into a bite
Just the way, politeness
Can turn into a fight
Just the way, anger
Can turn into insight
Just the way, day
Can turn into night
What once went wrong
Can surely turn into right