Poems by Deepshikha Keot

RAINFALL, a pleasant view

a poem by Deepshikha Keot

The shower that strikes the earth
With full of enthusiasm,
Enlightens the fellow countrymen
To nurture their dreams.

Wow! mesmerizing rainfall,
a loud voice from far;
Oh God! so horrible,
would shout, one at near.

The tiny drops boost up all
The little brains set for work,
Poets compose short poems
Singers perform on those for all.

“Raining cats and dogs”,(oops),
the phrase is apt. for spring;
the small little shower of winter
so wonderful to peep.

Enjoying rain might be a hobby
But some are very irked by it,
Countrymen are much more cheered up
Than those of the metropolis.

Warmth of Chasm

a poem by Deepshikha Keot

The sound sleep days of life
Over the round pan cake couch,
The area so smooth and peaceful
With very little disturbance
Through the skinny wall of placental womb;

Money, enemy or more
Is of no importance to the mulberry that grow,
The knocking of each palm, some while
Is the only call to be heard
During those crawling days of life.

The radar is the only cord
Signals captured are quite strong,
Promising not to disturb any more,
Except during moments of boredom
The kick is only a sign to glow;

Those were really days of fun
No tension or any load,
The warmth of care and love,
Hope all man crams those
To do their best, for the rest of life that flows.