Poems by Deepak Banjare


a poem by Deepak Banjare

Dreaming of light like, illustrating yours crystal eyes;
Like never I have done, under the bed-sheets of curtain side;
Hiding my self, when I hear your sound at my doom side;
Coming too my home I’m sleeping on that time;
Wake me up from dreams, where we travel all the sides;

Morning at the road walking along besides;
End at the mall party with you late night;
A chain bangle on right, bluish watch at left side;
Holding your hand sometimes like “always said, be my side”;
I remember only this, seen only at your eyes;
At the mid of day I have only yours crazy smiles;

Sparkling my night, car ones-headlight doesn’t work that time;
Some selfies, coming at the driving side;
So so so so… closer;
I can’t focus at your lips white strips;
I wanna kisss, like I have a pervert side;

Wake me up;
Same day, Same time;
Lets do it all again;
Like it always start with yours crazy smile…

Smug smile

a poem by Deepak Banjare

First day of collage, its raining at canteen side,
I am under tree when first time seen you free,
I love that thing you made your self even you know, what you need,
Looking silly, confused as all be;

Touching the side of your nose with a forefinger free,
then seeing on my eyes makes me hide,
but I am frozen like a shell at sea side;

And scenary changes orange juice too violent blue sky,
I don’t even ask your name because of shy,
different route, different side now its class time…

Its like they are drop of someone eyes,
Again the drop of rain on my eyes seeing you coming
next my desk with a rainbow at the sky;

I got a blank, at last a smile, you gone, kill me on your eyes,
I haven’t told you my name, only a Sumg smile…