Poems by Deepa Dash

Beside the Lake

a poem by Deepa Dash

Walking across the frozen lake,
In the mid of night,
I had a couple at my sight,
Enjoying every fall of snow.

They meant to have immense pleasure,
In chanting and romping with the snow.
It was our memories I could treasure,
As we promised to meet but I was alone.

I had my eyes hunting for you,
And my heart sobbing without you,
Many times looking at the ring in my finger,
Dreadfully I missed you!

A sound, tapping of boots,
I was nervous as it approached me.
I felt unsafe and thought to turn,
But soon I had my eyes smother.

I felt the warmth of the hand,
The feelings I had had before,
Surely it was you my love,
Having the same sweetest band.

I was very happy and my fright disappeared,
It was like darkness vanished and light again appeared.
Me lost in the world of pleasure as you hugged me tight,
Our eyes became one and I saw myself in your sight.
Holding hand in hand, we moved beside the lake,
I swear, it was purest and rest all are fake!

Just a fan!

a poem by Deepa Dash

She loved him a lot,
without his knowledge.
She many times tried,
but never had courage.

She attended all his concerts,
and even left comments sureshot.
But neither a like not a reply,
to console her heart she got.

It was her love without hope,
Thinking him as a star
And her as a common poet,
She had no scope.

Still loving him till infinity,
She thinks she can.
But for him she is none,
But just an ordinary fan!!

(This poem is written exclusively for Darshan Raval.)

The Sweetest You

a poem by Deepa Dash

I don’t want you to be a doctor,
I don’t want you to be a engineer,
No need of being a scientist,
Neither a lecturer not an artist.

I don’t want you to exert,
For in your field, You are an expert.
As so easily you stole my heart,
I don’t know when did it start.

I like you, what you are,
So, no need to go so far.
Just make a promise far future,
To trap me forever in the enclosed.

Your encloser means in your arms,
I swear I can never forget it’s charm.
In you heart, I wanna be caught,
For which I wanna be in your dreams and swim in your thoughts.

We are, were and always be friends,
Till in the earth life sustains.
May God almighty shower his blessings,
For us to be together forever and ever…


a poem by Deepa Dash

Everyone was at a stir,
awaiting to receive your first roar
A prince-sweetest smile and cutest fingers
Was about to descend on the floor.

May be she was taken utmost care,
Like a queen in her empire.
which did give the best outbring,
As none about you were her offspring.

You are sweeter than rose and brighter than the sun,
A guy who can do everything for his fun.
Always a charming smile added to his look,
Attracts everyone towards him like a hook.

Today why remembering all these?
None but the auspicious day is this,
The day that comes once a year
To make us smile and fade our fear.

Proud to get a chance like this,
Just to open my mouth piece,
And for you utter a few words

My Sweet Brother

a poem by Deepa Dash

I hold a person but as my brother
Who is much greater than all other,
Both in fashion and by nature
Definitely exceeds all other creatures.

I doubt of what is he made,
More than platinum and richly laid.
He is a blue eyed guy and
Fascinates everyone who pass by.

It must have taken hours together for God
To think and make this guy special of all,
Just for a particular work to be done,
May be made this one-piece in the world.

Such great is God almighty who made him,
As a saviour of the world.
To help people in need and deed
And become a powerful person.

He’s powerful for his pride,
He’s praiseworthy and must be given a prize.
If he loves me as his sis truly,
This is the prize, I can give him heartly…

(This poem is dedicated to my sweet brother.)