Poems by Bolloju Baba


a poem by Bolloju Baba

Do you agree for it?
The sentence being written
on uterine walls
was broken in middle.

Do you agree for it?
she lowered her head
The rain waters washed
the colours of incomplete
wall painting to the ground.

Why didn’t you bring her?
The abortion pill that entered
the blood vessels like a thief
crushed the Chrysanthemum bud.

“You are lucky to have a male child
who keep on your lineage
and a place in heaven” every one told
the murdered three incomplete foetuses
swung their heads in dissent.


a poem by Bolloju Baba

“Teacher! Can I give the bouquet to the Chief Guest?”
“No. You can’t. We have already selected someone else.”
and soon she realized the difference between
her and that ‘someone else’… her tan.

Emptying tears and blood into the gorges of history
It plays chiaroscuro on the path of life…
She wanted to cry hoarse
that soul is superior to the shuck.

With reddened eyes and swollen face
she silently departed
collecting all her prizes.

Ten years later…
nobody understood why
the Chief Guest
after finishing her speech
walked down to a student
with reddened eyes and swollen face
placed the bouquet in her hand
and patted her on shoulder before leaving.

They will never understand for another ten years to come.

(Bolloju Baba – Original in Telugu, translated by Mr. N.S. Murthy)

The Sublimity of Life

a poem by Bolloju Baba

The first cloud that skims along
The last whiff of summer breeze
Leaves an impression of verdurous kiss
On earth’s parching lips.

The cold wind that comes riding
Over the last drop of rain
Passes off… blessing each body
With an encounter of warmth.

The Summer born
In the ultimate moments of Winter
Recedes throwing a fistful of jasmines on adults
And a chestful of memories to children.

Novelty of life and the tapering of death
Shall always fine tune
The music of Life.

Love always
Enlivens the passages of Life
With its fragrances.

What a sublime life it is
When we humbly subject to Time or Love
And surrender our Being and our Existence!!!

(Bolloju Baba – Translated from Telugu by Sri. N.S. Murthy)


a poem by Bolloju Baba

Birds share the morning
in bits and pieces equally

Trees share the Sun rays
in packets of leaves without trouble

Flowers share the rainbow
by pealing off layer by layer

Flowers too are shared by
bumblebees with hand-fulls of pollen

When will man learn to share?

(Bolloju Baba – Translated from Telugu)