Poems by Avijeet Das

A Tribute to the Greatest Dreamer of Our Generation – APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

a poem by Avijeet Das

Infinite dreams of those sublime moments
When you surreptitiously read about stars and galaxies
And you helped your father ferry the villagers across the river
Priceless thoughts that you comprehended in your cerebrum
Precarious to imagine, dangling onto a thin gossamer
Desperate to break-in with that brilliant discovery!

You would stay awake when everybody else slept to read and study from borrowed textbooks Of helping friends and thoughtful elders, you would then dream-on those illuminating yet Elusive rays in your mind’s canvas and paint with the multitudinous colors of the rainbow, you Never thought the mind had any limits
For your dreams encompassed the Universe of Universes!

As you woke up before dawn while everybody else slept and only dreamt, you toiled hard and Delivered newspapers to sleepy homes and to give shape to your dreams that would await your Paint-brush and colors to arrange from the disarray!
And as the dawn slowly took shape so did the pied blooming of a desert rose !

~ Forever you will be remembered A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Sir, you taught us to dream big!

You and I

a poem by Avijeet Das

Brown wooden table
The hunchback of Notre Dame
Sun rays entered the glass window
Brightly shining and then blistering,
Angry with a turbulence unknown before
We fought, you and I,
And then, after we threw our phones
In our minds imagination
We reasoned we patched up
You and I
Green wooden table
Sun rays gliding through the glass window
Resplendently shining
Now with a subtle calm
With a serenity unknown
You and I

Silent Night

a poem by Avijeet Das

The night was silent
A rare ambiance
Of an unknown fragrance
The breeze glided a while
Amidst the starry night sky
The moon was in hiding
My love
I searched for the moon
Almost like a lunatic man
To carry my message
To you
That I miss you…

Your Feminity

a poem by Avijeet Das

Feminity for me
Was discovering you
When I took you for a ride
On my Bajaj Discover

Charming for me
Was talking to you
When you would call me
And I would call you
And we would talk
Till 3:00 am in the morning

Love for me is you
When I get blazingly angry
Almost raging like a mad bull
And you calm me down
With your patience and grace