Poems by Annapurna Krishjeev

I don’t want to be Holy

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

I am not hurt when people killed me to eat me
For I am always known to have offered myself
For the sake of the one who loves me.
For the sake of the one who needs me.

Didn’t you hear that story well known?
When I and my child offered ourselves as feast
To the mighty tiger, who let us both be on our own.
For, we could even melt the heart of that beast.

I am not meek. I am very strong.
If you think you are protecting me, you are wrong.
How else did I go back to the tiger to keep my promise?
How else did my child came after me to prove suffice?

My milk is for my child, but you drink it all.
I never complained, but always heed tall
To the needs of your children who are like my calf.
I am an animal and not human, not even a half.

When I die of hunger and thirst
To save me you are not keen
When I eat garbage and dirt
You are nowhere to be seen

But now, you are killing someone in my name.
You are murdering someone for your fame.
If I were ever holy, my holiness is stained.
Today I am not only hurt, but also ashamed.

If I am causing the death of so many innocents
If I am inspiring you to murder your fellow beings
How can I still remain holy?
How are you still my devotee?

Don’t make me a pawn of the games of politics.
Don’t parade with my head in public
Don’t put me on your profile pics.
Don’t exhibit my meat, have a sense of civic

I still have my animal instincts.
And an animal heart that I never forget.
The innocents, the ignorants,
And the wretched make my eyes wet.

Just leave me alone.
Let me remain what I am.
I don’t want to be holy
I don’t want any devotee.

Unheard Feelings

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

When people said, it’s raining
I wondered if it was raining
When people said, it’s sunny
I wondered if it was sunny

When people said, it’s cold
I wondered if it was cold
From my memory I unfold
The story that I never told

Through the window I see
The little boy play with glee
With his arms spread apart
Hugging father sky’s heart

And each drop, when it fell
His cheeks, they both swell
His lips wore a tender smile
His happiness spread a mile

Staring the fields it was a fun
All crops swung along the sun
They turned from east to west
As if groping for mama’s breast

At night, I heard birds cuddle
Sharing their wings and huddle
All the siblings slept together
Promising to separate never

These gentle family knots
And their lovely thoughts
To understand them, I fail
In this lonely juvenile jail

Inner Voice

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

Which way shall I roll the dice?
The inner voice or the outer choice
Both are nice; but only one is wise
For both together I am not suffice

The inner is the ‘TRUTH’, they say
Through the heart it makes its way
Where the soul cherishes to stay
And God resides to hear me pray

While the outer is the mystic wonder
To which my bodies simply surrender
To please people and make self fool
And of world pleasures become a tool

I know, I have but only one choice
To shun the world and feel suffice
But I alone cannot defy the whole
The world in which I play no role

This is how I struggle and bother
To end strife amidst me and other
I cannot however, betray my heart
And set my conscience to thwart

It’s decided, this is not a place for me
It’s not distress but the voice of glee
This world, I cannot change but laugh
So into my head, I set the trigger off

(I am talking of ending the strife and not life)

My Dream

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

She came to me, toddling her feet,
I could not recognize her, but, meet,
She resembled some one I knew,
Her glowing eyes gave the clue.

Yes, her eyes filled with hope,
Give me the spirits to cope,
With all the troubles and strife,
With all the rubbles of life

Indeed! She is my dream,
Whom I cherished in my heart,
Whom I nurtured in my thought,
But, through the life stream,

I forgot her, I abandoned her,
And buried her miles farther,
With all the pains, but, in vain,
For, she has come back again,

To enliven me from the death-bed,
To strengthen me for life ahead,
From despair, to make me relieve,
In my destiny, to make me believe,

She says, “She is with me”,
To support and stand by me,
And promises affectionately,
To become one day, “a Reality”

There Shall Come A Day

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

There shall come a day for India,
When a techno sits with a mason,
And a thinker talks with a layman,
And a Landlord walks with a Tiller,
To make lives in India better.

There shall come a day for India,
When Gandhi will not only be remembered,
But also be seen and honoured,
Not in the form of his Statues or Photos
But in the form of his ideals and mottos
Fostering in the leaders of the nation
And not of political party or faction

There shall come a day for India,
When people stand in queue to vote
With the wisdom of duty to devote
And the results will not worry them
For all contestants will be noble wo(men)

There shall come a day for India,
When people will go to sleep
With a smile and not a weep
For there will be many to care
And nurture the lives of their

There shall come a day for India,
When corruption will be known,
As a forgotten practice, now thrown
And future generations will question
If it ever existed in the Indian version

There shall come a day for India,
When judges and lawyers sit in vain
And the policemen with no complain
As there will be peace and prosperity
For India will be the land of eternity

There shall come a day for India,
When places of worship and prayer hall
Will be liberated and opened to all
And the words caste and religion will
Scarcely appear in the forms to fill.

There shall come a day for India,
When all the children go to school
With brilliant ideas and dreams to pool
When all their despair thwarts
As success reigns in their hearts.