Poems by Anjali Yadav

Be One with Nature

a poem by Anjali Yadav

Nature does not take selfies
Nature’s not made up
Nature knows no worries
Nature’s not hurried up…

Nature needs no money
Nature is sweet as honey
Nature is colorblind
Blue is cool and green is fine…

Nature is always high
Nature thrives in the wild
Nature is as wise
Nature is life…

Nature just is
Nature is all that is
Nurture your nature
Be one with nature.

I want to bloom

a poem by Anjali Yadav

Wiry, dark, a clouded figure,
Battered hard by the brutal fate,
A wretched creature on whom passers snigger,
Dismal countenance and a soul frustrate…

His bulging eyes, his shrunken face,
Made me shiver like a blade,
When the heavens cried,
Like an ugly worm he wriggled by,
Under the a blazing, thundering, whining sky…

His heart longed for a cozy home or a loving heart,
I know not what…
But it was true, his eyes suffused with gloom,
Cried mutely, I want to Bloom, I want to Bloom…