Poems by
Amshudharsai K

Deprived to Passionate

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Was a militant towards my motives
Made the days mine
Convincing myself that I’m good
Walking in the room.

Rythm made me to learn
How to persuade and perform
My friend simulator
Of me feel me depressed

Known an answer to my
Inability its my initiation
Towards positive
Or negative

Words can’t influence us
When we won’t allow
And look right
Than wrong

Learning the theories in cuccoon
But not applying to be out of it
The unbreakable past is only a
Fog in the morning

Persuading and applying is only a way
To be out of hesitation
And a Calibre to mean
My life

Eventually you don’t stop
Just your presence start to be absent

Just hoping for the best
And turning to right.