Poems by Amshudharsai K

Sorry dear

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hi I am starting with a line
Look my dear
I liked your presence and you
But that can’t mean that’s a lust

Look my dear
You didn’t seduce me
I gathered that threads of attractions
You gave me
But that can’t hit our esteem

Look my dear
I just thought to deepen the spirit
Of our relation
But that small weird rituals
Can’t lead to ignorance

Look my dear
I am all yours
And every hello, hi is for you
But that can’t mean a burden

Look my dear
As we do looking our words
Saying ourself okay
But that can’t mean being yourself
It only says to clear all not near newness.

Labelling Culture

a poem by Amshudharsai K

As, I come out
You hit me lord
My both hands raise to respect
Because you’re labelled as god

Thanks for your beauty
Its pleasant, pure and perking
I enjoy it
And I discover the unknown

But see my story lord
She was a badass
Not by her nature
Only by nearing labels

My foot moved as a biological machine
He waved from upstairs
And said I love my car
Don’t make it down

It was an effect of my view
The day back

Whoa, this is great
Human respond his earnings and material
But not his fellow livimgs

It’s only a freedom of expression
Not a freedom to label

Hangover in early morning

a poem by Amshudharsai K

I met you unfortunately
Your talk feel me like fog
Inconvenience was my sayings
It was before
Now my glimses of my past
hit me when I fail to match your arm
Babe just hug my looks by your
Turns of walks
Don’t turn this hard
Just drop out of my glimses
I can’t handle this hangover
And moreover you’re my angel

Wishing You

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hello, my sweet and cute being
I am your friend
How you consider?
I be the same

Your frenzy emotions sound good
And your caring heart just melts me
As I say, you assemble as divinity source
When I am stuck

My heart gets warm, happy
When your cheeks look like glaciers
And your smile just be the childish
Be the person you are

May be principled, weird, crazy, cool
Everything goes when it poisons
I know Sweety you know the act of society
Make your opportunities good

Happy birthday to the dearest friend
And a consern to the society in front
May God give all the happiness
And wish you a bright future

Live, smile, love, LOL
And make your day
As you have to live in present
Wishing you a happy being for your prospects

Unusual space

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Pretty good is your flavoured talk
Breathing the compassion besides you
And making the trust mercy us
Heart burn’s can’t be like to your likes

Not a stand to your negatives
But for the start to let you real
Waiting for your essense of smile
Which make my heart to share your pain

Stubborn to succeed
Like to bear
Which jealous your against
To be the minimum bearer by your honesty

I may not be with
But be in you for you
For your smile, and for
Support to my heart’s light

I am only social
When your wordy
But not by your cute aggressive
Fill the space and be the whole

Funniest is confidence

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Struggled for the name
It’s my pen name in life
Buzz words can’t turn me
Byword I am the unknown to you

Measuring tortured me
Then closed world never opened
Ignition was “I aspire”
Commitment was “I am bound”

Every filter managed me
Funniest was my innocent confidence
Fluctuates as the wire
Behaves as the air

Beings say you can it pleasures
Beings say you may it “feels important”
Beings say you can’t it “drops the face”
Realisation called me to ignore

Situational commitment visioned me
And buzz beats never declined me
The only difference was my feeling
Not the societal bites

Choose wise commitment
When funny confidence can’t
Confidence is intrinsic
Which ignites the intrinsic
Ignores the extrinsic

Shadow the feelings light up
The want’s, then all the pleasure is we

Cruel to Life

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Felt jealous when other smiles hit me
Not only as guardian but also from off spring
Darkness was not my unhappy
But it is my lonely being

My sis and bro are my caffeine
They chat, chill and make love
Passed every dark in hope of light
But left with only watery eyes

Met with my delights
Had gone through a play
Which turned me to be humble
Known the sense of pride in divine nature

Was like sarrogacy
Borrowed happiness from other cuteness

Emotional hunt of crush

a poem by Amshudharsai K

My dumb Beauvoir had suggested me not to be known
You pulled me towards you
Your glorious cheeks and childish smile like glaciers sliding
Spat me to extroversion

Jaan what’s my mistake
I walked the way you like
I dreamt the position of your dearest

My anger on you mean the love
But not the filter to not let you in

If kick back is your answer
Then it may be a respect
But it can’t be a resolution to my emotional hygiene

I can’t drive you to my love
I can’t let you to hate me

I can turn your swings to the right
I can be the everything you want

I was the broken
I suffered by the moments you made

You had turned me to be the enrichment in social
You had turned me to be the dreams of my dears

I can’t near you
Without your consern

Please be the part of my feeling forever
This is not just my emotional hunt
This is a morphine to my pain

Time frames me

a poem by Amshudharsai K

I am something
I am trained by Indus valley system
I am unknown when wordy stuff are my tests
I am not competitive when I push myself to comfort
Thought that some look like a rainbow
But it had shown the empty box

I skipped, tried and got deceated
I bewilder to understand your “feeling of importance”
Sometimes I am stuck
I am alone

Your thought to teach
Is unconventional
But your conveying made me stable
Thank you life, letting me to know myself

My life completes…

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Isolated past don’t make me grief
I had not stolen your importance
I had not confined your boundary
Your horrible scenes
Knock me in the night
Your sexy reminders
Knock me all the day
Darkness just hate me
Because your smiles be the lamp
That’s you my dearest circle
You draw my curve up
Without expecting quality
Without expecting perfection
No occasion for togetherness
No reason for conditioned behaviour
But you are sensitive and caring
We kill our ego’s when splitting rises
We can fight when there is no reason
And club when we chill
And gather when we bid
This magical going is affordable
Sharable and enjoyable
Please my best pal’s
My life
Don’t take my unknown joy
Let’s be one
To make our soul’s one

The recovery

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Feels as if, she, the light House of my life
Completed my twelth, felt so depressed
Her words made me love my life
Felt my dear when is near
Your crazy wishes
To go out
To hang out
Made me feel special
You are my Sun
You are my Moon
My day begins with the feel of compassion with you
And ends with the same
The eyeliner you applied had just pulled me to have
Deepest look in to you
Please come back to make me special
My dear
I messaged you with suspicion
Please consider it as the slip test but not a life test
Oh God, just get me my feelings
That happens when you come to my life dear