Author Archives: Venkatesh Parthasarathy

The problem of…

God sits on his throne contemplating
wondering if he at all exists
when the entire world ceases to believe in him
man sits on his chair wondering if he’s in one piece
when everything around him is in chaos
while the devil’s in his tunnel all alone
discerning the rights and wrongs…

Grease at the wheels…

Talk about gathering dust on a winter morning
when the cold breeze tries to touch your skin
open the curtain, to look at the distance
life seems so far away yet so near
I cough to see if the dust disappears
my sick mind doesn’t seem to settle down

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity

Carry me down to the edge
where there’s destruction all around
time past, time gone, no time exists
a moment’s smell of young blood
roses peeking outside to look around the
darkness of the hour
sweet weddings, vows taken to be broken
windows shattered, glass splinters like mud
on an empty ground
behold god’s mirth showering winds in the
day’s sunshine
love is now, love present, love not there, not yesterday,
not tomorrow
the music and the poetry invites everyone
to dance around the eternal circle
all the creatures of the wild, the sound echoes
ages and ages…
ghosts on the rooftop, pausing to look at the moment’s
time vanquished, time dead, long live time!!

Existence… Child’s play…

Birds high up in the air, clouds give way
stretch your hand to touch the sky
choose the star and make a wish
your dream comes true
paint your world
world of every possibility
come over for the game
game’s easy, there’re no winners
no losers
either you’re in or you’re out
who wants to be the dragon
whoz the prince and whoz the princess?
scream across the air, hear strange voices
calling back to you
no space, no time to bind you
everyone’s free and everyone’s good…

When death arrives… the trial begins…

Locked inside my self, lie endless worlds
states of anarchy and discipline
each world in its own castle
opening up their doors each day
one by one
releasing all its citizens onto the
voidless space
watching over them is my self,
the one god
who’d send them to hell or heaven
when my self works itself to complete silence
the death judge arrives on the judgement day…

The Mirror Knows

I turned up to gaze at the mirror
seems like my consciousness stares straight into my being
plainly observing, telling me that the lines on my head are
getting stronger and stronger
my being tells me that I’m getting older
my consciousness tells me that I’m getting wiser
if I was getting older, why would I ever have the same old dreams
I had during my childhood, I ask
if I was getting wiser, why would I keep doing the same mistakes, I ask
pieces of me are flying around in
a state of agitation;
the mirror knows and it
will remain… silent.

Confusion… thy be my epitaph…

I’m reading about my life in books
my heart’s singing around with second hand tapes and artists
my soul’s dancing to the system’s melodies and harmonies
trying to find sense in echoes and shadows that linger
on after the deaths of the literati
all this… while my life walks on, undisturbed
without any capacity for understanding
every second draws my life to its end
while my funny mind sticks to the past
one walking down the alleys, digging up tin pans and tales of past
the other, my life crawls forward on its own to the gates of eternity
between the two I lie, the imitator who’s torn every day…
comprehending life’s movements with my mind that’s
all the work of some one else who’s another charade
ha, a big tale, me, my life, the anger, my mind and the end…

Someone’s holding the line, I don’t know who?

I’m the highwire artist trying to walk the line
never straying across the line I was told I was born with
some say the line’s never ending
some say the line’s gotta cut somewhere
I open my eyes to look around
hear the sounds
watch other people on their wires
I walk on
but I don’t get it – who holds the ends of the wire I’m walking on?

Me between the two of Me…

All I want to see is the good old blue sea
moving towards the sands,
trying to touch the stable ground that’s there
the stillness against the madness
life against death
suddenly I find that its me that’s standing in
between the two
taking my strength here and there
inner penetrating the outer
and the outer penetrating the inner.

I need all the guts…

Drawn to the surface of isolation
freaking my brains out with all second hand thoughts
I wonder is this an existence I’m fond of
feel like just breaking out of this hard granite
and running mad out on the road
why sometimes I gather that I don’t have the guts
to just shrug off all this nonsense.

Ah… Reality

Suddenly reality hits like a boulder
Showering down the mountain straight
Into the body of some wanderer lost in
His dreams and his sunrise mornings
And that moment kills your path and
You fail to realize the reality that hit
You was just another social realm in
Which you play a part, a part you keep
Playing till the end…
Man, I’m some kind of social actor
Getting sick of his outfit, the same old lines and
The same old scrolls down the book…

Absurdity… its futures

Try to focus on what you gonna do
With your life and suddenly
Life turns back at you and yawns
You wonder what’s gonna happen to you
Tomorrow how the world’s gonna change
When you smash your gizmo dreams on it
Nobody tells you where you’ll go,
Nobody knows not even you
And then you arrive at the future
And see that your dream’s moved
Onto another future that you never had before
Funny that future can be predicted only in
There’s no reason, no path that you
Can choose to take
You don’t even know where you are,
Stranded, lost and tired through all the
Weary walks somehow,
Life seems like a sci-fi movie
Where you arrive at strange territory
Like an alien trying to understand life on
A dizzy weird planet
All you gonna do is shrug your
Shoulders, pick up a relic and move on!