Poems by Venkatesan P


a poem by Venkatesan P

My sorrow has now plumbed the unfathomed sea
Kissing Thy feet, its hue is changed at last to ecstasy!
My tears poured down like rain
Pierced by thorns of pain
I knew nor why I asked and asked
Heavens. In vain.

Who wove these into a torque of peals now for Thee.
When darkness thickened in a pall, thy nightly star called to me
Made mute by absence smart
Fumbled for a word, my heart
It lingered speechless and shy longing
At whose touch it broke now into a dulcet song of glee?

No time to think

a poem by Venkatesan P

Oh, what is this life so full of strife
That I’ve no time to think of the Divine
God’s creation abounds with many a splendour
The sun and moon and the star spangled sky
The beautiful fauna and flora
The verdure vesture of the earth
The lovely lakes and rivers that flow
But I’ve no mind and blind
To witness the beauty of God’s handiwork
Being always mired in life’s petty misery.

Live, Laugh and Love

a poem by Venkatesan P

Lean! for the world is slippery under your feet,
A hope, a prop is necessary.
Live! for there is no other choice, however one may wish;
A month, a year or a weary hundred you cannot say.
Laugh! for weeping dispels no shadows dark
While a ripple is a lovely sight to behold
Love! Oh Love! Even if for a while and fated to lose;
For, a heartful of love is the end all of life.

An Awakening

a poem by Venkatesan P

I lit a lamp and floated it in the river
There came a whiff, there came a shower
The storm was raging
The trees were trembling
I did not know
How to shield the lamp!
I held the lamp to the naked sky
There came a roar, there came a thunder
The rain was pouring
The light was flickering
I did not know how to shield the lamp!

The gale was rushing, the rain lashing
The flicker was frantic, life went a begging
Embers were glowing
Darkness was enveloping
I gave up all hope
Of saving the lamp

I sat in the rain groping in the dark
Suddenly it dawned on me, ‘an awakening’
That all my fears were unfounded
That the light was somewhere safely concealed
And there was no need for shielding it
I no longer wept
Nor whimpered because, I knew.

The cold was freezing, I said what if?
The sky was rending, I said so what?
Withered leaves complained
Animals ran helter skelter
A waif was wailing somewhere
For, they did not know!

But I kept my cool and remained serene
Without a trace of worry and agony
For I knew that no harm
Could ever befall my lamp
Even if the Earth were
To be rent asunder or skies to fall
For my lamp is no ordinary lamp of wick and oil
To be extinguished for naught by hail or gale
But of an immortal nature
Nay, it is the Lamp of Eternity
Hidden from and within my being
Indeed in the soul of every living entity.

I’ve got my call

a poem by Venkatesan P

I’ve got my call, bid me adieu my children
I depart with love to you all
Though I know, none of you
Ever loved me at all nor thankful
To what all I did as a father unto you.

The one being who really loved me
My wife, your mother died all too soon
And I had to lead my lonely life
Old though I had to fend for myself
With none to call my own or care for me

But I bear no malice towards any of you
Neither rancor nor regrets for your utter callousness
I still love you all with all my heart
Perhaps it is destiny that ordained thus
To atone for my past sins, nemesis or call what you will!

The Lotus

a poem by Venkatesan P

The lotus is a lovely flower
Soft of mould and sweet to behold,
Rosier than the rosiest rose
Purer than the purest gold

Lotus, lovely lotus grows in placid
Limpid waters of a lake
Or in slushy waters foul and sordid
But, it has a fragrance all its own
And no thorns that may prick.

What this life to me is

a poem by Venkatesan P

What this life to me is
Is always not the same
This thought to me arises
From the day I was sane.

This day to me seems all bright
Tomorrow I know not how
Yesterday it was all gloom and none aright
Oh! God how many a screen hast thou!

One morn I feel a strength
A vim, a vigor to sing and dance
The other brings a cloudy labyrinth
And then I am at bay to cry all dense.

Then is life to me all funny
’tis a bed semi divided
One part all strewn with roses many
The other with thorns appended.

If I were a humming bee

a poem by Venkatesan P

If I were a humming bee, a honey bee of winter
I would not on rosy petals wander nor on any bower;
I would kiss not the lily for its honey nor the December
But perch in thine scented hair,
If only for a lightning while.

If I were a feathered angel as the glorious mina
I would chatter not on idle casuarinas
At break of day nor probe the fruits of the papal
But land on thine shoulders soft
Thine curbful shoulders oft.

And gazing at thine melting face I shall thus remain
Till tears of love run as a river to thy heart’s domain
And on every morn thou shall hear me pine
Till thy countenance descend
To hear me and to behold.

And alas! If I were a mortal and god has made me one,
I would thus eternally write, but for others none
And writing hear thy melodious tone
When at last my heart shall bleed
And bleeding pass to the unknown creed.

Mauna (A story in Verse)

a poem by Venkatesan P

She made a mansion of marble and gold
Like one depicted in the tales of old,
Trusting that marble walls might shelter
Her only son from misery’s welter,
And charm his poor chagrined heart
Into something like an honied pot.
Still Mauna sighed in a melancholy strait
“Mother something ails my heart.”
Thinking that the cause lies in adolescence
Wedded a winsome girl to him for giving joyance.
She in crimson robes shone round his flowery bed
Like a soft sapphire stringed on a silken thread.
But still he sighed like a murmuring brook
“Mother my heart is empty In every nook.”
Then one night appeared his heart’s delight
In the dream daintily dancing like a sprite,
And humming softly ‘O Mauna ever shall remain
Thine honied name shining in my heart’s domain.
The next morn he arose like a blossomed rose
Shedding all his past bleak remorse,
And laughing like a grief-free schoolboy
Raced to his mother in great joy.