Poems by Tariq Wali Dr

Shades of Life

a poem by Tariq Wali Dr

Let me sing now something new:
My words are just a few,
Lasting words- good for ever,
True, these words uttered but never.

Life does often look like a puzzle-
Clueless mystery almost a riddle
The key is amiss; it still lies,
Down and deep buried in the middle.

Life’s colorful, so full of gaiety
Splash of colors- a celebration of variety.
Complexions all: fair and dark
Diversity becomes Nature’s hallmark.

Bewildering shades with much to view
Right from violet, indigo and blue;
Up to green, yellow, orange and red
Colors are countless as they say,
Yet colors are just sanguine or sad:
Lively and blithe, bright and gay;
Colors can be desolate, dark and gray.

Colors narrate the story of life:
In harmony we grow; our life’s delight;
Cribbing about the worldly strife,
We decay like a captive in mortal fright.

For, Mother Nature, like a great prism of sorts,
Touched with the ray of light Divine,
To beget these countless colors of Life:
Colors that can’t fade or cease to shine!

The Memento

a poem by Tariq Wali Dr

When I think of my Lady Love, her gleaming eyes
Are hazel; ocean-deep, bright and clear,
Unveiling the deepest mystery. Her complexion belies
Any description. An ethereal beauty, I’d swear!

Her features are sharp with a body well-chiselled;
And if I ever tried to hold her close,
She felt so exotic, and her body smelled
Like a new-blown, fragrant Mediterranean rose.

To my dearest darling, I have a wish to offer:
The symbol of my constant love, a befitting memento;
Something as unparalleled as Nature has fashion’d her–
A thing of beauty to last forever, not just a fleeting show.

A jewel unrivalled; to my Princess of dreams,
She’s incomparable yet my conscience does recommend,
Nothing beneath her dignity; to me it only seems
Proper that I send her a ring with a big diamond!