Poems by Swati


a poem by Swati

The wind felt blistering, in ways I have not felt in a long time
As always, the roads remain empty this time of the night
I should have known better that to traverse this far
And yet the pull of snowy grounds
Called out to me in ways that anything else ever could

My fingers move gently across the broken fence
And the old memories of laughter and smiles twist in the wind
That had been such a long time, I think wistfully
Childhood that faded into wisps of smoke
So quickly

Winter, is of course, a constant
Like an ancient friend it greets me
The cold embrace felt foreign yet familiar
I took a deep breath, and chuckled to my self
Even after all this time, Winter- You are still the frozen beauty

I kneel down beside the fences, and run my fingers idly through the snow
The cold bites and stings, and I relaxed after a long time
The trees were naked and brittle- exposed
And the sky was a large canvas with diamonds
The snow- like an endless white desert before me

I bit my lip and drowned in silence
And enjoyed my time with my frozen beauty

The Beggar

a poem by Swati

I saw a beggar down the lane
Walking with the help of a cane
Begging for a morsel of bread
Raised eyes, lowered head.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and again Sunday
Which day of the week, he does not care
Any sort of job, he cannot bear.
He earns no money, lives on water and air,
And the little he gets from people who care.
His life and death are on the street
He bears the cold, and the heat.
Seasons of the earth and of his life
Is that all he gets for his strife?
If strife you call it, that is,
That do-nothing life of his.

New Year Wishes

a poem by Swati

The year is past, and with it ends
All that was in these twelve months
The New Year, with all its glory, is here
Full of joys and sorrows to be
With endless things that could be
It could bring you fame and cheer
Or grief and distress could be your lot
It could bring you great dreams
Or banish those you dreamt before
It could bring you sweet victory
Or may be a bitter defeat
As each day unfolds, in this new year
It will reveal many changes
And may these changes bring to you
Everything you had hoped for
But one thing that will never change
Is the sweet friendship we share
You can always count on it
To multiply the joy or divide the sorrow
That this new year brings for you.


a poem by Swati

Your hair is like a forest after a storm
With trees blown every possible way
Yet, perfect in its beauty of imperfection.
Your eyes are Lakes of Shining Water
With expressions clear and true
Reflecting the depths of your heart.
Your lips are red as the Rose of Eden
That bloom into a smile on a sunny day.
Your skin steals its glow from the sun
Contrasting with your eyes, which are starry nights.
Your smile is like the sun on a rainy day,
Your words like dew on a misty morn.
You are PERFECTION incarnate
In human form born.

With all these beauties you have
Is it a wonder then
That I am in love with you
And hoping that you love me too?


a poem by Swati

As the final year in school draws to a close,
The air is full of new dreams and hopes.
Smiles all around, as we anticipate
The adventure and success the future holds.
But look again, and you will see
There are tears behind every smile.
Tears, and each stands for a memory.
Memories of pranks, memories of jokes,
Memories of all the good times shared.
Memories of games, memories of fights,
Memories of every moment spent together.
Victory and defeat, success and failure,
Praise and punishment, hope and despair,
We’ve gone through it all together.
Love and understanding have grown for years,
Why must I leave it all now?
But life goes on, and so must I.
As I bid goodbye to teachers and friends
There is the hope of meeting again
And unspoken, yet felt, is a promise
A promise to remember and love
Across the miles between us.