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My Baby Girl

I have a baby girl
Cute and sweet with a lovely curl
Her name is Haely, H with a capital
She brings joy to a sad dad
Without her I feel very bad
She talks like a big woman
And gives a charming smile as only she can
She asks for a chocolate daily
I tell her watch your teeth Haely
She loves the beach
To make a sand castle
She’ll readily teach
She has soft skin
I am proud she is my kin
She has golden hair
Pony tails in a pair
A girl like her is very rare
Search here search there
Someone like her
You won’t find anywhere

Say When Darling

Say when darling
You shall come to me
I have waited from the time
You were sixteen
And I an infatuated teen
Say when darling
We two rivers
Shall merge into a sea
When shall we both stop existing
And in each others arms just be
Say when darling
I shall wait for you
The whole of my life
To see you as my wife
An if that does not be
I shall wait for you
With open arms and eager heart
On the doorstep of heaven
Darling just say when.

Me Lord I Object

Me Lord I object to the frequent delays
I object to the tricks of the trade
I object to the victim becoming an object
Rather than a subject
I object to being subject
To the devious ploys of lawyers
I object to the corruption in our courts
I object to the inapt handling of the suspect
I object, me Lord to the frequent times
A lawyer objects
I object me Lord to the frequent granting of dates
On flimsy grounds
I object very strongly me Lord.

One Day

One day
I saw a peaceful day
Having my own way
One day I saw
Happiness cheerfulness
No bombs no tombs
One day I saw
Abundant greenery all around
No concrete
One day I saw
Frozen relations defreeze
The wind carrying a love filled breeze
One day I saw all of these
And more
Then she woke me up and
Brought reality to the fore.


Howling winds
Raging seas
Menacing cloud
Thundering aloud
Natures fury
Magnificent truly
Raindrops round
Dry earth found
Wetness around
Pitter patter sound
Waves roaring
Spirits soaring
Friends joking
Frogs croaking
Lakes murky
Fish sulky
Face wet
Exciting bet
Amazing nature
Salute her.

Listen Boss

Listen boss
This is to inform you that
I have had enough
You pathetic fool
You now make me laugh
Your shouting your firing
Is just getting tiring
You shout
Till your voice becomes sore
You are just one big bore
Listen boss
You are an animal
In the midst of humans
You are the worst
Amongst all men and women
And one more thing before I go
You may now remove those ipod earplugs
And come back to the world of
Meetings deadlines and coffee mugs.