Poems by Sudeshna Kar Barua

All in Colours

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

“Hurry”, said Miss Marge Mellow,
“Now get me that dirty fellow,
That one o’er there in bright Yellow,
All he can do is just bellow.”

“So spank him till he goes all Blue,
Then dip him in that bowl of glue.
Well, did he say he has no clue?
And was in bed with a touch of flu?”

“Then who was it that took a bite
From that yummy choco delight?
Right on top was a swan so White,
He must have eaten it last night.

“Calm down Miss Mellow”, coaxed Old Ned,
“Didn’t you hear what the fella just said?
A touch of flu and he was in bed
The tip of his nose is still so Red.”

“Into my bed, Miss, I did sink
But could not sleep even a wink.
See this ear so sickly Pink,
I had to smear a lot of zinc.”

“Please Miss Mellow, do not frown
Or in my tears now I shall drown,
That tiny swan with its crown,
Was eaten up by Frisby Brown.”

Que Sera, Sera

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

Que sera, sera-what will be, will be.
So do not brood and do not moan,
Whatever will be, will be.

Que sera, sera- what will be, will be.
So drop no tear and do not sigh,
Whatever will be, will be.

Que sera, sera- what will be, will be.
It’s no doubt a catchy line
Good to hum and better to sing.

But do not preach. Just apply.
It’s far more tough, I wish to say
Than you can ever think or dream.

The Hen and the Duck

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

Mother Hen said, “Cluck, cluck, cluck!
Oh! Daddy Cock see what bad luck!
This is the egg that you did tuck
It broke alright but out came a Duck!

Mother Duck said, “Quack, quack, quack!
That egg we’d kept inside a sack,
There beside that wooden rack,
It’s mine, I say, just give me back.

“Cool down, my Dear”, said Daddy Drake.
“Ma Hen didn’t know that the egg would break!
But what a bonny sweet little thing,
Look Honey! That’s our baby duckling!”

Baby Duck said “Quack, cluck, cluck!
Who said I ‘m a little duck?
All my playmates are fat chicks
So please don’t play such nasty tricks!

“This is my home and here I’ll stay
With Mother Hen all night and day.
Ma has baked a wormy pie
So Mister Drake I say Good-bye.”

Merry Rhymes

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

Daddy’s Pride

Aha! Said the Kangaroo,
See how fast, how fast he grew!
That’s my baby, sure it’s true
He’s now a Spice Net Aircraft crew!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Googy boarded Ting Tong Mail,
Wagging a fluffy, fleecy tail.
But when the Mail went off the rail
Googy got off but left his tail.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have You?

Have you seen Numami Zoo?
Is it right in Timbuctoo?
Have you tasted Lankan brew?
Is it spicy through and through?
Have you read “The Merry Berry Boo”?
Is that a thriller by Braddy Moo?
Haven’t you even a single clue?
Don’t worry, I’m as blank as you.

That Day

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

I met a man without a spade,
“I’m going a-digging,” that’s what he said.
I met one other without a plough,
“Am going a-tilling,” that’s what he said.

To dig and scoop without a spade?
To till and sow without a plough?
My lips curled to scorn and cry
Silly mortals and vain attempts!

Just then I saw those four bright eyes,
I saw four hands resolved to grip,
I saw therein that attitude
That waits for neither spade nor plough.


a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

Hickery Dickery Dock,
But the mouse won’t go up the clock.
Ask the fluffy Pussy Cat where he has been,
He’ll never go anywhere to see any queen.

The Black sheep’s bags of wool are still just the same,
But not one is for the master, not one for the dame.
Mary’s little lamb’s fleece is still as white as snow,
But everywhere that Mary goes the lamb will never go.

What is wrong, cried Betsy-May with a little tear,
Why do you my gentle friends scorn, frown and jeer?
Why is it that all of you are bent on breaking rules?
Is there a sudden strike in all your homes and schools?

No, said the cat and mouse, the lamb and the sheep,
We do not like you human beings who make each other weep,
We’ll serve you no further, will never again obey,
Till all of you can mend your ways and start right today.

I can

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

A golden fleece has to be won?
Ask Jason. I think he can.
Need to change the course of rivers?
Ask Hercules. I think he can.
Lift the curse and free the land?
Ask Oedipus. I think he can.
Live one good life and fade when done?
Don’t ask.I know I can.