Poems by Srijith K Unni A

Hate not!, O’ my comrade

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Weakness in the limbs, heart stoned!
In despair, your heart so mourned
Colour thy life, O’ my comrade
In Calm blue skies, sudden thunderstorms
Disperse thy hatred not! Refute mortal norms

In life, we read, chapters of spite
Life is no small tome, but ends in sight
Lose thy grudge, O’ my comrade
Chapters they are, all tie the plot
As the pages turn, why leave a blot?

In that moment, when thy let loose
Vengeance, peril and bitter blues
I cried and cried, O’ my comrade
You set out on the path of no return
Frightened and hurt, my soul did burn

All dreams of our flowered fields
All was lost in ravaged battlefields
Stop thy hate!, O’ my comrade
To my tested soul, thy hate never did permeate
In seeing you fade away, I could not blame fate.

The Homecoming

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Chugged, the train, on a roll
Screeching to a swift halt.
I jumped, quick, a happy doll
A pleasure, both sweet and salt

The morning, fresh, and dew clear
Lazily lifting fog, and wet earth
Walking along, a hero’s tread
With pride, adventure so near

Filled the lungs, of sweetest air
Whistling along, a hip hop song
Wind sweeping my gentle hair
Smiling at the birds, road so long.

Amidst crowded buffalo herds
Trotting upon paddy fields
Greeting sunshine with pleasant words
On my toes, with restless heels.

At the gate, floating at heart
Fluttering butterflies, a thousand,
Fluttering in my stomach; I shout!
“I’m home!” Home sweet home!

Symphony at Dawn

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Across skies, the sun starts to limn
Waking up to a morning hymn
Roosters’ crow and sparrows tweet
In deep slumber, an alarm sweet

Strumming upon the leafy ground
Sweepers crafting a hip sound
Coffee poured and buckets filled
Streams gurgling, dreams fulfilled.

In the kitchen, vessels clang and fall
At a crescendo, milkman starts to call
Telephones ring, radio springs alive
Joggers pant, in harmony all dive.

As the band plays, starts all festivity
From stillness of night, a sudden levity
To awaken me, do thy make all the fuss
In pure merriment, I wake up thus

Fill my ears again, before I yawn
Haunt with visuals of a glorious Eon
From morning dew, a lesson reborn
Learn and listen to symphony at dawn

The Strike!

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Shattered Glass and broken sticks
Torn placards, touched in red ink
Shouts and screams, cries of fear
Mind in turmoil, unrest in the air
Rights hard to obtain, bear pain
Fighting hard, destroy and face
No reason at sight, to protest
Just protest, lives at stake

In the midst, blood dripping from souls
A hurried quest for meaning
Of Life, Of reason or to exist
A blind rage, a vision, singular
Rushing in turbulence, in unison
False claims of a horizon; new
All yearn for change, changes radical
Struggling in thought, in action.

While peace settles and wounds heal
All minds are of cryptic state
Martyrs in outlook, heroic in taste
A clouded mind, weakness in brain
Cowering in fear, the aged ask
What the gain, for all the pain
Tears burst at the look of scorn
Always think of your next meal!

Slowly all the losses appear
Over the mind, the clouds clear
In regret, in grief, the brain speeds
A slow awakening to life and normalcy
As time glides across, life blooms
New thoughts arise, changes desired
The old blood, now aged and aged, now souls
Shattered Glass and broken sticks.

Smitten in Trance

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

What mystery do you conceal
In the black of your fluttering eyes
What magic spells have you cast
In your smile, that weakens me so.

Why does the moon fade away
To my lost spirit’s inner sight
When nights are full of light
And days are just another day

Why do my legs hop like mad
Ears filled with music, slow and sad
In a life so calm and straight
Why the turbulence and love of fate

Streams trickle, merge and flow
Flowing steadily towards the sea
In a rush as we meet and faces, glow
Will we flow along, truth to the dream be.

Do my eyes betray me, my dear
As I stare wide-eyed sans fear
As you walk past me, silent and clear
All notions of loss, illusions mere

Hovering above, the white clouds below
The world cries “Wake up, you fool!”
Hold my hand, lest reality dawns, my love
I shall die in here, in trance, my love.

Why was I born?

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Why was I born ? Lord!, won’t you answer me
Was I to be a mute witness
As my friends in this journey
Reached out back to you
Why me? looking up at you pitifully

Why was I born? Lord!, won’t you listen to me
Was I to be happy with myself
While my comrades in this journey
Lay sick and poor, lay at your behest
Why me? Why was I alone loaded and healthy

Why was I born? Lord!, won’t you lend me your ears
Was I alone, to be safe and secure
Whilst you unleashed your fury on them
As nature roared and wiped out lives,
Why me? Warm and cozy at home all these years

Why was I born? Lord!, please do reply
In these years of modernity
When colour and creed are not key
After all my forerunners faced all shame
Why me? In all honour and pride; eyes dry

Why was I born? Lord!, are you still there.
Why the silence? Aren’t my cries heard?
Lord!, at last I hear thou voice
“My child, your friends, all under my wing
Learning a lesson, you learning down there”

Farewell, my dear sister

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Farewell, my dear young sister.
To the lap of mother earth, shall you go.
Wolves howl, the wind whispers
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

Farewell, my dear naive sister.
Our mother who begot us both,
Those eyes, in which were warmth and love.
Today there is no mercy in them.
Or perhaps, the tears don’t reveal.

Farewell, my dear poor sister.
We, both are of the cursed feminine form
I, being already a burden.
You are sent above, but why?
In guilt shall I perish, if this world allows.

Farewell, my dear dead sister.
As souls we shall meet; I shall
Seek forgiveness for my helplessness
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

A Walk in the Dark

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

An evening sky, filled with crimson hues
As the sun subsides in an earthly embrace
Colours, mere flaws of the human eye
All is black; is belief set right
Night is truth, darkness spreads the news

Crickets scream in blinded fear
And tiny friends crawl and creep
Strolling along on the dark tar road
Alone and calm, whispering to the wind
Imagine not, then there’s nothing to fear

Stubborn mind, inspired by the dark
Arrests haunting songs of the unseen
Lending sight to glimpses undesired
Every cracking twig, crystal clear, life so dear
Sweating in the cold, looking behind at the dark.

Hesitant, on every tread, cold yet hot
A tiny streak of silver light, head stands upright
From grey mystic clouds, the moon peeping in,
Drenched in moonlight, Dazzled by nature’s art,
I leap in joy, forever; shall fear not.

Wreck of a Murder!

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Treading all alone in the dark,
In search of sinister secrets
Dark and evil, crime begets
Laugh not, as the haunts persist

In that weak slice of time
No reason over mind,
No brain over brawn
Quenching thirst, giving death

Guilt, a strange essence
Is but a late reckoning
An immersion of reasoning
Of the mind, to regret in vain

Death, seems rarely so spiteful
A mere absence of life in the skull
Avenging the acts of the mind,
The body, the gateway to the soul.

In taking life from kith and kin
Wrecking one`s own mind and soul
Over inane causes, with disastrous effect
A life was lost, and one more insane.

In engraving these words
Showing no interest, but pity
Exploring this wreckage of a mind
Laugh not, as the haunts persist.

The First Sin

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Every kick, the cause of pricking pain,
Treated, just as another assurance.
Every movement, brings tears to the eyes
Yet there’s joy, only meaning in existence.

Gathering all energy, all the strength
To generously bear kick after kick
Body shivering cold; eyes filled with hope
Clenching fists, biting teeth, as seconds tick.

Pushing hard against the wall of death
Laying claim to life, like thy own
Fear sets in, never of life; but
For life within life and all dreams known.

I took you to the jaws of death
Taking pains; to the world, you brought me in.
Forgive me, mother, I never knew
I had committed my first sin.

Handcuffs on a Train!

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Weary were the eyes, rolling again
In a journey alone, life begets more
Glancing around aboard the swerving train
Something unusual and spirits soar

At long last, eyes came to rest dry,
Upon a man, gray haired and stout
He could pass by and leave no one shy
And yet in his eyes, a long sad drought

And then it shone, eyes totally aware
Of the metal glint, and irrational troughs
A legendary piece, unfound in fancy ware
Eyes not failing to read, the handcuffs!

What the crime? What treacherous task?
The mind worked, the train swayed along
And then our eyes met, they meant to ask
“Why are you so right, and I so wrong?”

When eyes rest, and the mind sweats
Reasons bloom say the eternal wise
Handcuffs, we all have, in our heads
To hands, they move, in a game of dice

The Renaissance

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Deep burned the forest fire
To a thin line, did the river fade.
Red hot clouds covering nature’s raid
Vanquishing all, a huge funeral pyre.

Shrieks rent the air, so warm indeed
In panic, in haste did the fauna run
Thirst to quench and stomachs to feed
No trees, no shadows, under the red hot sun.

The Lame, the old, the weak and meek
Sadly succumbed to the hot pursuit
A quick farewell, others rush, solace to seek
Mere survival at the mind’s root.

Nerves of courage and eyelids droop
From hunger and fatigue, they all fall asleep
As dark clouds appear, like the enemy’s troupe
And the rain pelts down, upon the hill so steep.

After hours and hours, open are the eyes
Happy and thankful, a surprised smile
As flowers bloom, a sparrow flies
The forest whispers, life still worthwhile.

The Deceiving Night

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

How can thee see the Mystic Night
In its dark cover of the hour
Lo! Behold the magic it contains
Even when dawn is not afar

Night with its splendid black robes
Conceals the true image
Displays a picture more serene
More frightful and ghostly with rage

Night, a feared hyperbole
Travels across mystic skies
Converts ropes to poisonous serpents
To panthers from stray felines

Great are the powers
Of this powerful wizard
With a trusted accomplice
A visionary, the Sole Man!!

The Sting of the Vampire

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Truly a Winged Vampire; is he
Flees away with blood; in glee
Stealthily arrives in the dark of night
Without even a tinge of fright

A messenger of death and disease
Feared by Everyone, Vanquishing minds at peace
Of all the obstacles set up by the human race
None so far have served the purpose with grace

Dreaded more than a lion or alligator
Invisible is he; yet much greater
Truly frail a body has he
Yet more powerful than us; Certainly!

Which heavenly hand goes behind this fearful creation
Is a fact not needing much illumination
To be seen forever and more
Is a tiny mosquito on the wall and the floor

The Marching Brigade

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Heads held high, they marched across
Across, they marched brave and strong
With valour and courage to punish all wrong
Neither worried of wealth, nor mortal loss
Wise as an owl and cunning as a fox
They march across the fields, rugged and long
Neither looking into the future for a praise-filled song
Nor expecting any worldly wealth; gross

Breaking all relations of blood; They go
Glowing with courage on every tread
Not once shivering, even when biting cold
Like a pure river of humanity, they flow
Not once stopping for water or daily bread
Marched the Brigade with hearts of pure gold.