Poems by Srihari


a poem by Srihari

Sound and light are so loud
Walk and talk are so harsh
Sun and moon are so far
Food and water are so abundant

Earth and air are so vast
Creation and destruction are so many
Heart and blood are so close
Hand and foot are so near

Let the tears and souls wash away
The happiness and sadness
Let it bring joy and hope

Harry Inc.

a poem by Srihari

In Dreamwebus
Largest home plan
Wild guess
Billion trees
Wild breeze
So many girls
So many clothes
So many books
So many flowers
So much water
So many herbs
Surrounded by mountains

My Girl

a poem by Srihari

Perfect match
The ring that it shows
All that bitters is cold and she’s
Lying to me without an answer

Ooh ooh ooh ohh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And she’s lying to me without a reason
There’s a loose without fool
And there’s noose with a juice
And she’s having a taste of a cherry

There’s a creep with a beep and
I listen to her leaps
There’s a crown on her hair as I thought so

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Mine without a feel and I see her feet
I jerk like a fool on her thighs

Well in the soup I fell in the loop
I can’t come out so soon you know that

I Hate You

a poem by Srihari

Middle of nowhere
Sitting alone… near no one
Not wanted to be cared
Not wanted to be loved
Not wanted to be anything at all
But still hear prayers rhyming
And still hear bells clinging
And still hear them calling
For their mouth full of
Pride and reputation
Wanting me to know their kingdom of
Unearthly wisdom
I wish they knew its much easy
To be fallen than to be raised and
Consequences of a way thats least travelled


a poem by Srihari

Climate talks slow with the wind
Perching the flower through
Dust of blowing rays of wonderland
People talk fast with the wind
Perching the girls through
Dust of blowing money and wealth

Wonder where the heaven is?
Was there really heaven
Was there really god
Was there really peace
Do we exist?
Are the mankind superior
Or the nature

Freak Wave

a poem by Srihari

Oh Lord!

The soothing sonorous voices speaking violence we are perplexed
The tidal waves is to power but never thought its anarchic
The peacefulness of blue beauty has to empower the weak not kill them

Let the help be flowing more pacier than the speed of the freak wave

So not be it?