Poems by Sony Dalia

Weaving Waves

a poem by Sony Dalia

Sun watches with a smile
Amused Diana too observes
Waves keep rolling to reach the shore

Divers plunge into depths unknown
Some for pearls, some for fish
Forlorn shingles strewn on sea bed
Indifferent wind, winds his way…

Endeavour endless, exhilarating…
Whether the shore welcomes or not
Breakers briskly roll, poetry too!

Taste Nectar…

a poem by Sony Dalia

One life, many splendours
One tune, many responses
One source, many tributaries
One goal, many paths.

‘Want to drink life to the lees’ said rightly Ulysses.
Shrinking wavelength, narrowing options
Who knows when the bell rings?
When it is time for curtains!

Lament not dear
Still time left for tasting nectar!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Feelings powerful
emotions mighty
this dainty soap bubble
needs security.

Ideas personal
sense of loss universal
pain benumbs,
blasting inner spirit.

Suffering, hunger
crave for relief,
bird or bee
grieve alike.

Knowledge desirable,
demonstration despicable,
love soothes, softens strained strings-
love and be loved!

This life is beautiful, divine,
sharing and caring supreme gift,
sympathy symphony for dry eyes,
togetherness need of the day!

The Way

a poem by Sony Dalia

When he told
“Don’t talk”
I decided to follow.

When he declared
“Don’t listen”
I deemed it my duty.

When ordered
“Thou shall not see”
I obliged obediently.

When my voice turned musical
no ears were there to enjoy!

When my ears were tuned to melody
there were no masterpieces!

Emotion absent in all
more so, in father figures,
empathy minimal in most
more so, in blood relations!

Yet, my dear-
survive to challenge the shameless,
endure to extend battles subjugating the spineless,
live lighting lamps of bliss!


a poem by Sony Dalia

meant to mark victory over evil,
desired to design triumph of values-
certainly, are occasions to reckon!

Every event…
demands demarcations,
evokes envy-
exercise in self aggrandizement!

Luminous laughs,
blinding brilliance,
deafening explosions-
certainly, mark celebrations!

Faces are there devoid of brightness,
contours bereft of contact,
relationships relegated unceremoniously-
yet, they too have a right to exist!

When every hungry mouth gets a ball of rice,
when a pair of moistened eyes are soothed,
when every shattered family is resurrected-
certainly, it’s a day to be celebrated!


a poem by Sony Dalia

May sound aggressive…
Parashurama may petrify,
Arrogance of power deserves it!

Mercy, magnanimity
So vastly on display,
Beguile the gullible…
Psuedo-dynamics deplorable!

If dancing is your asset,
Delight the bemused folk…
If coquetry is your trait
Cover not your inner designs!

Damsel in distress
Evokes sympathy ever,
Devil craving for human blood
Deserves total annihilation!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Tantalizing, terrific-
Transforms beyond compare.

Languid, lengthening-
Luminous demarcations devastate.

Meandering meadows,
Stretching lakes-
Splendid nectar springs.

Perennial rivers,
Evergreen fields-
Lend meaning to life.

Tongue and tone,
Men and manners-
Baffling birthplace bedazzles!

Soil flexes silently,
Melody moistens spirit-
Land and letter inseparable!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Pleasure lies no where-
it’s internal, inherent trait
reflection of rainbow within!

Glorious Ganga
hurtling down hill tops,
ambling across picturesque plains-
ever desirous of exhilarating embrace of sea!

Gorgeous Godavari
nascent at Nasik,
navigating through tantalising terrain-
delights in divine dance with sea!

Ripe fruit on trees
fragrant flowers in garden
nectar carried by current-
claim not any credit!

Retrospection desirable-
subordinating identity
pathway to peerless pleasure!!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Cast a spell
spare none
spread the net
let none slither.

Beast or bee
boast not,
bird or herd
know not.

God’s greatest gift…
silences glaring lady,
humbles howling rowdy,
sweet smile mighty missile.

Lends glory,
sends s.m.s,
bends the unworthy,
splendid spell casts a smile!


a poem by Sony Dalia

any name,
any time
any place
any day….
the game
is same!


Black Friday
Red Tuesday
Yellow Easter
Green Wednesday…


Didn’t the bard counsel?
‘What is in name,
a rose is a rose is a rose’.

Labels for misleading,
slogans for misguiding,
tags to entice, bags to entrap,
the game is known, designs well defined!

Loss of life
alters not with faith,
tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy
whenever it is;
wherever it happens!

Condemn killers!
Blast inhumanity!
Blow away anarchists!
Let peace reign supreme!

Life, God’s gift…
snatching certainly greatest sin
any time
any where
any day!
Jesus was right:
“These men know not what they are doing!”
Forgive them, greatest punishment!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Burning wick awakens,
consumed oil consecrates,
lamp shows path…
shadow underneath submissive!

Shadows shorten reason’s realm,
mute basements bear the structure,
ability to extend stability…
statement of sacrificial lambs!

Is survival so sublime,
is self-denial so significant?
yes, survival extends span…
sacrifice sublimates existence!!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Embers of fire-
giving warmth
brighten bleak alleys,
blooming brilliantly at times!

Chill wind-
blatantly biased
unabashed votary of vanity,
capable of subterfuge!

luminous self revelation,
delightful medley of memories,
warm motivator of declining dreams!

pleasant like the pipal tree,
protective as the mother of cubs,
delight in devastating defiance!

Embers energise ecstatically,
luminosity propels projects noble,
cosmos comfortable amphitheatre,
focus on frozen fraternal feelings!

Darling dear!
shatter frozen moulds…
molten melodies fuse in harmony,
exultant embers of fire!


a poem by Sony Dalia

God is good all the time,
God is great all the time!

Men are lean,
minds are mean,
corruption corrodes,
deception devours.

Lust for power,
greed for pelf,
needless feuds,
ruin the day!

Think of Him just a moment,
dream of the descent just a second,
marvel at His magnanimity,
praise the path He chose for us!

Winter days warm with love,
warm within, chill without,
freezing fraternal feelings
melt to mark love for Him!

He came for redeeming,
He lighted dark alleys,
He showed path of love,
He made earth a Heaven!

Hail the birth, cheer the crowd
Bless the meek, greet the weak
God is good all the time!
God is great all the time!!!


a poem by Sony Dalia

Hail the ‘Don’-
welcome the ‘leader’,
greet whole heartedly
the conspiring, convulsions stricken soul-

he worked hard
to stabilise his unsteady gait,
devastating the deserving,
dehumanising, debilitating
the meritorious, multidimentional diamonds!

There lies,
the secret of his success,
the pathways shamelessly chosen,
sources of guards sustained unscrupulously!

His desire-
to rule an apparent democratic set up,
founded firmly on feudalistic strategies,
extending essential support to the eager,
ignoring intentionally inheritors of intelligence,
branding blatantly, brutalising the brilliant!

Yes, he is the man most wanted
masterminding the mafia,
masquerading as a good samaritan,
annihilating aspirations of angels and innocent!