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A Paper World

Watch humanity chasing paper all the while
With inhumane fervour

Quite like its nature it wraps a person
Completely till he’s unseen

Neither scissor nor fire can quell
His pangs

Neither hell’s fires nor earthly dungeons
Tame his desire

With beady eyes, he looks around
For more

Imagine a world where there is no paper
Green beauteous virgin

Imagine a world where people are human
Paperless, but truly rich


Arre babu, shhhhhh, hoyyy, edo
Names they call me
Names disgusting
When I am just me

The same old me
In branded sheen
And big-name car
Make them change

Saar, ji, Mr., Sir,
Names appalling
Whoaaaaa, that’s not me
It’s a pity

Kicking then,
Grovelling now
Oh what magic
These brands do

While I remain me

One hard nut

I was blown away by the wind
And landed on the worst surface you’d imagine

When I broke out of my shell and looked around
All I could see was a desolate grey

Hard and cold, the place was tough
No food to eat, neither water nor sun

Energy drained, I had to push
Buried in the darkness, I yearned for light

Somewhere within, perhaps my genes
I had to break free, I knew I should

Day after day, I kept pushing
And one morning, a ray fell on me

Enveloping me with a warm glow
I felt energy renewed

I knew the path was right
I just had to use all my might

Frail I was, weak and small
And my foe, mighty and strong

I kept at it, day after day
Till one morning, I saw the light

The surface cracked, a minute one
I knew I had won

The task became lighter
Once the concrete gave way

I know the secret now
Just keep doing what you must

And one day, the light will fall on you
And make you grow, come what may

Are we free?

To speak without fear of judgment
To write without pangs of guilt

To laugh out loud without reproach
To sing without shame

To walk without fear anywhere, anytime
To sleep without worries

To wake to a new dawn with a singing heart
And to wear a sparkling smile, that comes from within

And then, we’ll call ourselves “Free”


The wide blue highway
Or a narrow winding road,
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking.
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The tender desert sand
Or hard rocky mountain
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The taut tight rope
Or lax corridors of power
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

Doors of hallowed learning
Or lessons learnt on street
It doesn’t really matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The wild side of life
Or the straight and narrow path
It doesn’t really matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk.
That’s all you’ve got to do


Mid Summer’s Daydream

Streams of sweat
Bringing sweet relief

Sizzling city streets
Scorching hurried feet

Temperatures rising
Flaring tempers

Scowling sullen faces
Drowsy with sleeplessness

Bare upper bodies
Shimmering in the sun

The days go on
Nights are long

The rich escape
Hills and misty air

It’s the poor
Who bear the brunt

Summer’s here
Every year

Will it rain?
If ever, when?


Stinging your face
Harsh rebukes
Thunder roll
Flashes of pain
Dark and furious
Waters of rain

Fading slowly
Anger receding
Soft and gentle
A caressing touch
Earth renewed
A fragrance spread

Showers of love
Moods natural
Wondrous chameleons
Nature’s ways
Loving and harsh

Let me live

I want to watch the sun rise on Mt. Kanchenjunga
And feel its warm rays seep down to my heart

I want to lie down on a moist grass carpet
And feel the rhythm of my own heart beat

I want to watch the sky lying down
And see the stars shine down on me

I want to sleep on a rustic canoe
And let the lakes waters gently rock me deep

I want to drink sweet nectar
Freshly drawn from a wild flower

I want to ride a stallion
Bareback with no saddle and stirrup

I want to fly out into space
And look at earth down below

I want to reach to my fellow man
And comfort him when he’s down

I want to lend a helping hand
And lift up the ones who are in need

I want to live a full life
And live on after I am gone


Boy, girl;
Black, white,
Strong, weak;
Pretty, ugly;

Unemployed, self;
Happy, lucky,
Married, single;
Whatever be.

Hindu, muslim;
Rich, poor,
High, low;
Human, we.

Gone, we’ll be;
Fight, must we?
Think, Exist,
Simply, Be.


Searching for inspiration,
Looking here and there;
Not knowing where the key is,
The lock’s in your mind.

Listening to the music,
Watching life go by;
Sensing an emptiness,
Seen by none

Its time to look inside, look inside,
The answer’s within:
You call yourself creative;
Coz he resides within.

Look inside, look inside,
The answer’s within:
Unlock those hidden treasures,
Right within you

You’ve got to look inside.