Poems by Shivshankar A


a poem by Shivshankar A

Waving my thoughts
You are the lone one
I can’t cry
I can’t remain to see you
I am discovering my trail back home
Show me the way my lady

I want to be free like the bird
Flow free like the brook down the valley
Reminiscent of liberty
But alas I am tied down
I am weary
I am still discovering my trail
A trail unto you

I am treading
Braving the tempest
Meeting the first clouds of rain
I got to run
Yet another run
Coz I am finding my trail

I want to know what’s happening
Want to know what you mean to me
My fears are coming round
My qualms growing
I can’t help pushing my limits
I’ll soon be worn-out

A lost prayer I must say
To you oh beholder
I am finding my way back
To the same place I was born
An irony it is
I am lost
Coz I have lost her
Show me my trail…


a poem by Shivshankar A

I am the hope that sieves through the dark clouds of despair
I am the cold sweat on the brow of the helpless one
I am the waves that comfort the lonely rocks in the sea
I am the emptiness cast on the ocean
I am the hollowness of the space
I run through sixty unforgiving seconds
I am the hour that grows by the minute
I am the day that ticks through the hour-glass
I am ‘TIME’

The Final Escapade

a poem by Shivshankar A

Fear, crawling on to me
Fear, clasping on to me

The more I chased
The more it haunted me

The fear was the truth that was I
It was a prayer strained
A faith ensorcelled
A notion bloated

I kept running
Oblivious of the truth that was I

The apocryphal identity

a poem by Shivshankar A

Heavy thoughts on my mind tonight
Digging in to the dirt to find answers
Thoughts, heavy thoughts, cloud my dreams tonight

I chased the fears
Never realized, chased them nowhere
They come back to me
Haunting me tonight

I laughed my heart out
Never realized it was unreal
I woke up to find myself exhausted
Broken and empty

I lied to her
The lie eats me up tonight
Lies steal my soul tonight
Steal my love tonight

Cherished experiences,
Pleasures yesterday but my pain today

Leave me in isolation
I shall say my prayers
To the lord
Been so unkind


a poem by Shivshankar A

Looking afar the deep blues,
The horizon blends with eternity.
My life, an enduring journey,
Shall someday see the sunbeam.

Defying the wild tides,
Braving the callous storms,
I pray to the winds,
That’ll take my sail away.

I clasp on to fragile hopes,
For they remain my comrades.
The unfaithful winds transpire,
Into, a ghostly confinement.

Shattering my dreams,
Crushing my insights.
These crumbles shall transform
In to an etched magnanimum.

I shall mock at the tempest winds,
Scoff at the wet gales.
My departed soul, a holy essence
Shall now remain a frozen core.

I tell the angels,
My trek’s long from over.

Dragons of Shangri – LA

a poem by Shivshankar A

The dragons of Shangri-LA looked at the mothers,
their eyes bleeding sorrows,
the children died and the men left cursing.

The gods left their abode,
the devils left their dwelling,
for all that remained were the Dragons of Shangri-LA.

The dragons spurted fire in to the air,
the balls of fire burnt many ‘innocent’ homes,
yet none cared and none dared
face the wrath of the dragons of Shangri-LA.

But Orion rose from the ashes like a phoenix,
he rode on his golden steed
across the seven seas,
he charged at the dragons with his magic lance,
the dragons left the dusty plains
and were never heard of again.

Orion then woke up from deep slumber,
he realised it was all a ‘dream’…