Poems by Shail Raghuvanshi

Divine Mould

a poem by Shail Raghuvanshi

I am just a lump of clay for YOU,
I know!
Whatever form You make
I am just that.
Nothing else.
One moment a woman of desire.
The next, a devoted wife.
Any mould – of wisdom or of vice
Of beauty or blemish
I am all Yours to carve, I know!
But somewhere within,
Mysterious threads of thought sprout
Spreading tentacles of mystic images in my brain
Churning deeply embedded emotions,
Transforming the ordinary into the divine.
I feel I am being peeled away bit by bit.
Every piece a rotten overgrowth of pretensions.
Scratched of all scrap I am left bare
Free of a burden I had not known existed.
I now flow light amidst waves of time and space
Awaiting the final mould-
Of the Divine Image engraved for eternity.

Chicken Soup and Soul Betting

a poem by Shail Raghuvanshi

A drought here, floods there,
a cyclone here, earthquakes scattered elsewhere-
all Mother Nature’s anger in action.
The ozone hole a danger signal for us hapless souls
yet, we live our lives unaffected
stretching our mounds of habitation
till they burst at the seams.
The West turns towards the East
(it’s fashionable you know for foreign hands to dip their fingers in spice and curry!)
The East surges blindly towards the West
(it’s chic you know to fly in fleets of fashion and software!)
Why do cultures look everywhere else except within themselves?
Destruction for gain that’s all we humans are capable of,
a pity really,
as pure and perfect creation gets usurped by chicken soup and betting of souls.

A Diamond Poem

a poem by Shail Raghuvanshi

Ooh! a diamond! it’s a flaming desire
like water on fire!
a provocation,
an ailment, like love,
making one pine and languish
in the sweet sweat of longing,
the haves and the have nots-
have you seen them drool,
ready to become anybody’s fool
not just the women, even the men,
and why not? isn’t it a magnificient gem?
adorning the human skin
with a shine unbeatable
finely chiseled into a piece of verse!

Care for some dazzling dare?!
Ooh! a diamond!