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I love you!

I love you by oceans,
By suns, moons and starred sky;
Cosmos and universes
Fall too small to swear by.

I want to see you in person
To say all that in your ears.

But alas!
You live abroad! So far away
You don’t have phone facility
That I can converse with you.
You have chosen country, say,
Its beyond oceans, suns, moons,
Starred sky, cosmos, universes.

But I am not a pessimist.
Soon I will find a way out
And reach you where you are.
For I am a Poet.
Just wait at that Great Gate.

Live Forever!!

Poets will come and poets will go.
But their poems will forever flow.
Therefore poets shall write poems.
Only after that, should die and go.

That is the reason why I am on it;
Day-in-out, even on eating I write.
Even at night, I wake up for a pen,
When I am gone my poems live then.

In past, there were only few poets.
Dead, yet alive as Poets laureates.
This knowledge is spread wildfire.
Millions have become poems writer.

Latest census is out and it shows:
All writes poems, none reads those.

Poetry is born, then!

When none wants to see you
And you crave to meet them
Clouds thunder, oceans rise
Poem shapes in poet’s mind

When friends are faltering
And foes run to rescue you
Gardens flower, trees bloom
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

When words steal, views fly
And thoughts begin to hide
Brain breaks, head cracking
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

When pen, paper are no near
And rhythm fires as by gun
Trace fired poetic bullets
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

Irregularity and adversity
Are thine friends, O Poetry!

Did Napoleon err?

Said Napoleon:

Nothing in this world is impossible.
Impossible is in dictionary of fool.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Says Reality:

Impossible itself says I’m possible.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Existing impossible always possible
So is the possibility of impossible.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poet says:

If want ‘possible’, refer dictionary;
If want ‘impossible’, add only ‘im’.
Add I am to any thing and do suffer;
Remove I’m from thing, have pleasure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fool follows:

In immoral, now he will see I’m moral
In immobile, he will feel I’m mobile
In immortal, he calls him I’m mortal
In impotent, he will view I’m potent.

Beautiful Death

In one balloon you are flying, you the most beautiful!
In other, I am following you like the most bloody fool.
Suddenly the wind wears upon a roaring and nasty form
You and your balloon fly astray in very unusual norm.
I lost sight of you both and being a most bloody fool
Follow other balloon if it is following you, beautiful.
I burn my gas vigorously to outplace this roaring air
Thus trying to trace you from another balloon’s glare.
Suddenly I feel warm, then hotter, see my burning skin
I forget you, your balloon, and see my body ashing thin.
I melt, turning into air, found myself at heaven’s gate
To my surprise, I locate you were standing there quiet.

Beauty Cascading

You are
You are the most
The most
The most beautiful
The most beautiful girl
You are the most beautiful girl
All lose their hearts, no wonder
No wonder, no wonder
All lose their hearts, no wonder.
For you are the most beautiful girl.

I fell for you, it didn’t bother you
It wasn’t surprise, you very well knew
All saw you, all fell for you, O Girl!
All lose their hearts, no wonder
You are the most beautiful girl
The most beautiful girl
The most beautiful girl

When I look at your figure
I envisage your architect
In the figure, in the figure,
In the figure of your mother.
My salute, my salute to her
For bringing you here
The most beautiful girl
The most beautiful girl

When I look at your figure
I see both you and your mother

Oh my God!
How I could afford
To forget
You are the architect
Of the beauty
Of the mother
And the girl

Oh, how beautiful
O God! You must be
You are the whole beauty
We are only tiny parts
So to you
We all lose our hearts.

Thanks my beautiful girl
For leading me to Him,
The Greatest Beautiful!
And of course
You are
You are the most beautiful girl.

Birth and Death Excluded

Breakfast internet
Lunch internet
Dinner internet

Morning internet
Noon internet
Night internet

Write internet
Read internet
No Off internet

I go to internet
You go to internet
We meet at internet

Live by internet
Pay by internet
Get from internet

Dates on internet
Elect on internet
Select on internet

Fresh at internet
Grace at internet
Crash at internet

Love from Dove!

Now we shall play a dove and a dove
One was he dove, other was she dove
They were to call the number learnt
Only condition that they not repeat

One was to count loudly zero onward
He thought of and began one to nine
Now she began and found one to nine
Referee said so far it was say fine

Now referee looked at he and at she
Both were asked to count on further
Both wondered, could not find number
Both stopped playing number no more

Then onward doves play game of Love
1 to 9 no more; love forever says dove
Human race does not learn from dove
Live on 1 to 9, doesn’t forever love

I am Omniscient!

You ask me any question under sun
I will reply to your satisfaction
If you find no satisfaction in it
I will return you to the question.

Q: Who are you?
A: I don’t know.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I don’t know.

Q: What are you doing?
A: I don’t know.

Q: Where are you going?
A: I don’t know.

Q: What are you knowing?
A: My mother brought me out from her womb
To put me in that grave with your help.
I am waiting for the time you to spare
To take me from this womb to that tomb.

Q: How could you answer with satisfaction?
A: I don’t know.
I don’t know.
No no and no.
Thank you so.

Your Poem is Mona Lisa!

I am leisurely sitting on my chair
Stretching the legs over table top
My eyes are now fixed on your poem
Before that they were on Mona Lisa

Now your poem has become Mona Lisa
And Mona Lisa has become your poem
I am confusing which one Mona Lisa
I am confusing which one your poem

Mona Lisa! You are painting on wall
You are smiling, wall is smiles too
You Poem! You are wordings on paper
You are talking, paper is talks too

Mona Lisa! you are my smiling poem
Poem! you are my smiling Mona Lisa

My “Perfect Poet” Award!

To be a perfect poet, he has to be a half mad.
Then he will be so noticed, so his poems read.
I am not perfect poet as I am not a half mad
So I am not noticed and so my poems not read.

God is so good and He will accept my request
He will swap my half sanity for half madness
Now I will be perfect poet and my poems read
For public will recognize me as man half mad.

One more favor, God; certify and send me award
Readers are such as may reject the oral word.
I shall send notarized copy of certification
As proof of my half madness in poetification.

Thanks God! To day I received the certificate
Via FedEx, and your award me as “Perfect Poet”

God, give Teds time!

No time; some other time; not today;
I’m busy; very sorry; some other day.
Dial 911 for ambulance for pick up;
I will send flowers, Best Wish Card.

How is Jane? I was busy whole week.
I see she must have been very sick.
Otherwise you would not be calling.
She must have read my card wishing.

“Jane has just died, my loving Ted;
Got flowers and your card she read.”

‘A’ for Animal

I was wandering in jungle
On my horse in the saddle
For the full day in light
And the darker full night

Next day I closed my eyes
Walked over for few tries
I crashed head tree trunk
Once fell down like drunk

Then I blinded horse eyes
By lengths of cotton ties
And I managed my climbing
Horse was home, no limping

Man goes by one two three
Horse by sixth sense free