Poems by Sathya N K

The Ladder

a poem by Sathya N K

Thy came into being like any other,
I knew not, what I would become years later.

Grew with lots of sunshine, wind and water,
Cheerfully, swaying with glowing stature.

Day came, when we were slaughtered,
And was tied and pushed and pulled there after.

Became pieces and nailed to fixed together,
And there upon treading started one after another

Was treated with utmost attention when engaged, by the climber
And was carted upon the task got over.

Yet, I remain at peace contented, as I have enabled many to scale up ward further
And that has brought a meaning and purpose to my life holder!

Sweet Sorrow

a poem by Sathya N K

Not all farewells are eternal, intense and sorrow in emotion.
A permanent goodbye to an illness has the utmost anticipation
There are casual adios, knowing to meet again, the following day.
And a mutual break up, for good riddance keeping the sulks at bay.

At times it is good to dispose objects from the cobweb of sentiments,
Which reflects the memory of a person or who you were once.
There are desirable good byes to enunciate,
Yes, truth is, harder to achieve while easy to state.

Anxiety and hope battle for space, when it is time to part,
The mind declines to accept spawning thousand questions to start.
It is time to fathom, the next rendezvous is just round the corner,
And this is nothing but, just a sweet sorrow of parting one another!

The Scar

a poem by Sathya N K

Nay not I know it would pierce so profound,
till that, keeps haunting.

Still that heart’s so pure,
Jostle gently back, with bunch of flowers.

Making sure no harm arise
Yet, putting across the message, crystal clear and wide.

Not able to recall any more
Please leave me alone.

It takes years to build one
Just, a few seconds to raze.

Wakefulness arise
Only when, the melancholy lingers.

When on hand the significance, sightless
When its lost, the true value is sensed.


a poem by Sathya N K

Under the darkness of the night sky
My mind meanders through the times which went by
Many treasured moment’s surface and wane
Like those tiny stars far above shine
Few events which touched the heart stay for a while
Squeezing the heart gently like the wind blowing by
Vision goes blur for a second and bright for another
Like the moon playing hide n seek with the cloud near
Few phrases and words spoken recur through the inner walls of the ear
As does the sea waves keep coming back every time with a roar
Closing my eyes, I feel a serene feeling deep inside
After all life is full of surprises with roller coaster ride
What has gone cannot be brought back
And what lies in store none can predict.
Right from the very instant of entry, exit is certain
It’s just that, in between what we do count’s.

A Toddler’s Tears

a poem by Sathya N K

For many a dawn is what they yearn
But for me, it’s the pits to happen.
For many few a time in their lives they weep
But for me, the more I cry so I reap
For many the red light brings a halt
But for me it’s where everything does start
For many injuries are meant to be healed
But for me it’s something to be kept repeated
For many, life is a wonderful journey
But for me now it’s all about penny by penny
For many there is a father and a mother
But for me, it is always an unknown porter.
For many there is a shelter of own,
But for me, it’s the open sky with sun and rain
For many it is just a sight, seeing me whine
But for me, it is truly a heartfelt pain
For many a good rest awaits when the dusk falls
But for me all the salt in my tears stalls
For many a life is for living
But for me, its hell as I crave for leaving
For many there are ears and shoulders to lend
But for me it’s only you, oh my omnipotent.


a poem by Sathya N K

I built brick by brick,
Plastering with my energy and hope

It did shape up well,
Bringing me a broad big smile

At one time, I could see the entire structure
As it was complete and I was almost there

But then, one strong wind blew and it collapsed
I couldn’t believe it myself, as I gasped

I was shattered to pieces by the din
It took hell of a time to take in

That I had built castle only in the air
Now I am left at the emptiness to I stare

Truth is, there was nothing earlier
And nothing to look at now either

Oh almighty, It pains
It hurts, it really does!

To realize I was so near yet so far
Alas, it shouldn’t have occurred to me, at all!

Delusion at dusk

a poem by Sathya N K

As I walk in a street one day at dusk
I hear someone call, a voice so familiar yes.
I turn around to look behind
My eyes roam all over, to find none.
Still, my heart is convinced, it was her
She would certainly come to me sooner or later.

In memory’s vaults the elapsed uncounted days shine,
Turns to sweet visions in the dreaming brain
Long will be my heart with those memories filled
Like a vase in which roses had once been distilled.
She may break she may shatter the vase at will
But the scent of the roses will hang around still.

Solitary Reaper

a poem by Sathya N K

Amid all the fun, frolic and the crowd
a silent restless heart treads un-noticed
all along searching for company
aching for a shoulder to lean upon if any!

Yearning for someone, who would care to listen.
liberate thy from the isolated prison.
Longing and longing for just one smile,
which can spread its glow for a while.

Dispel the darkness till it is no more
and wipe away thy tears controlled sore
Bring back the lost twinkle into the eye
and take the poignant heart’s spirit high.

But for now, left muttering to self at lest.
keep it going, take the present as a healthy test
after all there are times when you are alone
It’s up to thy to laugh or mourn!

Gone are those days!

a poem by Sathya N K

I wish I could turn back the clock,
to the days gone by and bring them back.

Every dawn a pleasant experience,
every hour filled with memorable moments.

Sharing all the good and dire,
bearing the bundle of joy and sorrows together.

A feeling of being in a well knit family,
don’d with understanding, care, affection truly.

Emotions wrapped with warmth and pure love,
Greetings exchanged on special occasion in row.

Swapping eatables from every other domicile,
and exploring eat outs navigating many a mile.

Sunken always in happiness and laughter.
with fun and Jokes filled in the air,

Oh! gone are those days,
leaving me now, only to reminisce.

Memories when evoked, bring a curtain of haze,
making my vision to faze.

Now left with none to matter earnestly,
I move on with thoughts of yester years wholly.

Many occasions, birthdays and new years pass by,
alas there is no soul to greet, I don’t know why!

At times this friendless life does pluck my heart strings,
but all I could do is, to take a pew and pray for Almighty’s blessings.

Yearning that golden epoch to return,
as I keep waiting, to see my lost amity, one day or other regain.

Life is a Circus

a poem by Sathya N K

Dawn to dusk we are on move,
life is tough, challenging to prove.
Sparse meal, paltry pay, long working hours,
this is the story of our life in Circus!
For those who crib, what they do is tough,
visit our work yard once which is enough.
To understand how harsh and dangerous is life,
yet we carry on with little strife.

Practice to perfection is our dictum,
as we sling ourselves, in ropes of peril to and from.
Curl our bodies amid fire and iron rings,
Toil with mammals, at time taking their sting!
Appeasing ourselves that life is a circus by itself,
performing the balancing act all the time by one self.
The difference is, we do within a marquee,
the rest do it through out their life, how true!

Farm out Father’s

a poem by Sathya N K

I knew naught when I held the spade
The grove I grub with its blade
Is being made, just for me
Oh! What an irony.

Till yesterday, many promises were bestowed
I sweated it out, sincerely as my aspirations soared
I did mete out all my skill, time and energy
for this very own company

Today, I’m told its time and I have to leave
All for sake of cut-rate man power wave.
Obtainable in the other part of world,
It’s sad to know that our labor dignity is out-rightly sold!

Hail! To these profit making master mind’s
For snatching away my future, dreams and earnings from behind
Once I held my head high, working to my potential
Now, left with no option, but latch on to any job than, snivel.

At he end of the day, what is it a big deal?
For these wise capitalist of ours, to feel,
Victorious and romp amid ruins of their own countrymen
In the name of out sourcing din!

Cry of a Lamb

a poem by Sathya N K

We have been on toes all along,
Today we are on tow.
Till a day before, we lead a life at ease,
We ate, slept, ran at will, without any woe.
Now we are on edge, there is chillness in breeze
We saw many of our kith and kin disappear at times,
Now we are on board to one of those destinations.
We are left helpless just to gawk
At the lucky creatures gazing in the park

Our father showed the world we symbolize love,
But his children only beget us to butcher alive
Has not mother earth, provided enough vegetation
To feed this human race and keep them in motion.
Why are men so eager to cut our throats and kill
Isn’t this selfish, because they do all of these
Just for their chewing mouth and belly’s to fill
Don’t we have our right to live, tell us please.

Spare a thought imagine our plight oh human race
Even our last journey is with horror and amaze
Crumbled into most awful van, with no space even to stand
Dragged by our legs literally to slit our throats to pang
Worst is, we are made to witness and forced to hear the final wail,
Amid the pool of blood, our souls being chastened away hauntingly leaving no trail.
Though our ‘Master’ had blessed us
With longer span of life
These men on earth muster us together
Just to sacrifice!

In the Contemporary World!

a poem by Sathya N K

In today’s taxing world, ushered with anxiety and coupled with stress levels,
one, spends the entire day, unraveling one problem after another.
Hounding monetary benefit’s most of his life and getting tangled into tribulations
With un-due emphasis on looking and feeling good than being good!
The tragedy of humans today is, decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts
When people look, they look only at the surface believing glamour is happiness
but when they see in depth, they realize the world can be the way it is,
and it’s the self who needs to change and live with circumspect.

Not many realize, health is the greatest possession, contentment the greatest treasure
Confidence the best friend and love the greatest gift and the need of the hour is
Inclination to discover oneself and make a conscious effort to mature gracefully
Life is full of surprise and each surprise is a gift from un known quarters
One should forget yesterdays and don’t worry about tomorrows
but has to learn to celebrate the present day and live with utmost joy.
As the the saying goes some time’s joy can be source of smile,
but at times even a smile can be source of joy.


a poem by Sathya N K

Once the land of pious,
Where sacrifice, serenity prevailed with ethics!
Humanity coupled with compassion
Reigned supreme in our nation

Today the country is wedged
In crime, fraud and carnage
As Future descend in a grubby tub
With value for life at its ebb

Once noble souls transpired
Propelling dignified thoughts and actions wide.
Prosperity, peace and happiness
Showered all over the land and skies

Today thick black clouds hover
With selfish politics, poverty, piracy and fear
Floods of egoism, hatred, anger and brawls.
Exist everywhere leaving peace on trails.

Awaken, else it would be too late!

Second Chance

a poem by Sathya N K

To err is human,
to pardon is divine.
Many remain as born,
only few go beyond!

Circumstances could have,
lead the doer to err.
A second chance, could pave
self realization and total surrender.

Never the mistaken remain, as they are.
Absolveness, love and affection if given,
does transfer any being to pure
and the lost relationship renews to broaden!

To bridle and chew out
it just takes is a second.
To forgive and forget
one needs a big heart “my friend”.