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Death Fear

a poem by

In a dream
I saw a man standing
On the scaffold.
Waiting to be hanged.
There was an uncanny atmosphere around.
But I saw in him
No trace of fear
Absolute courage
I pitied him anyway
For whatever crime he had done.
I prayed for his escape.
Saxon comes
And covers his face with black cloths
And moves away
To take off the lever
And I sat motionless
There he takes off the lever.
But the rope is broken
He falls to the ground safely
In his face I saw a smile
So taunting!

My heart

a poem by

My heart lay like a wasteland,
You came
And raised a city of aspirations
And skyscrapers of my dreams.
We built together
The twin towers of our comradeship.
Resembling those in eastern shores
Shining proudly in the
Glowing light of the day,
In the shadows of moonlight.


a poem by

When you sing,
I see the smile of stars in
Your face.

When you dance,
It reminds me of those dancing waves.

When you stand at the stage,
I see the fire of passion
In your place.

Life is.. .

a poem by

Life is like a train,
Meandering easily through
Green fields and deserted lands,
Piercing swiftly through hard rock
Cut tunnels,
Softly flying across
That deep waters
Through the blazing sun,
Through the unceasing rain
Life like a train
Run its course day after day.


a poem by

In a dream I saw
In the midst of war.
Running for my life
Death hands at my back.
Over the hills
Through the tunnels
I ran,
No place to hide.
My escape became inevitable.
Dream broken,
I sat on my bed,
Still reverberating in consciousness
The sheer terror of war.


a poem by

Thank you,
I liked this very much,
Then you put a question mark
Down there,
And you went away
Which made me to search
For answers everywhere,
But in vain,
Only you can let me know,
Like that elusive truth
It makes my every attempt in vain.

Beauty.. .

a poem by

If you are not fair,
Not bother,
Your eyes express thousand lights.
Your lips have fragrance undefined.
Your figure show me the shape of things,
You give me
Grand feast to my foodless eyes.


a poem by

How can I forget
That night,
That star studded night,
You came to me and spent the night with me.

How can I forget those hours,
Those fleeting hours,
Your presence entertained me.

What was that wine,
That intoxicating wine,
Your spread through my vein
That each cell burst with unlimited

You left me alone,
Without telling me,
Who were you,
From where did you come.


a poem by

You brought salvation to my heart,
My heart is pure now
You are the goddess, must protect me from sin,
My object of admiration
I will draw all comparisons,
My last resort,
Where I would take refuge,
Whenever my heart from bleeding.

Your face…

a poem by

Your beauty
Is like an orchid flower.
Your face appears to me
Just in its bud broken state.
What fire does hide you behind those
Coal eyes.
Which rekindle in me the fire of
My desire.
And with what knife
You cut my soul bondage
To escape and kiss those
Dust powdered lips and
Feel the feathery cheeks.