Poems by Sakthi Ravichandran

God came to my home

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Bent with age and in rags
He came to my home at lunch time
He begged for a morsel of food
For his hungry stomach
His eyes were dim and small,
His voice was feeble and halting.
With pity, I called him in
To share my meals so simple

I saw a light and smile
Rise on his face, after our meal,
Like the sun rising in the eastern sky,
And in that golden glow I saw him.

The kind Lord came to bless my home.

My Mother’s Throne

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

It may be broken with dust
It may lost it’s beauty and strength
It is precious and too valuable to me
Cause it was her throne
She ruled this home
On sitting in that chair.
She loved that chair as her kid
She passed her leisures and passed orders from her throne
It is broken a chair and
It recollects my mother’s handicapped legs
To think her forever,
We will preserve
This chair forever.

Maya (Illusions)

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Every thing and everyone in this earth is Maya (Illusion)
Nothing is real and stable here

My mother, brother are fictitious
Will they come to my last?

My car and home
How long they will come?

My wife and kids
Will they come with me in my death
How far their cry is real and
How far their affection is real

If we ask these
A big silence will be the reply

All our belongings and relations
Will come only up to our death

After that nothing will come as pair
Everything in this earth and
Every one in this earth are Maya

They were not in your past and
They will not in your next
All are illusions and all will vanish
As bubbles in the running water

An old bird in a nest

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

An old bird in a nest

It was too aged and sick
Lying in a dead end of the nest
None cared for its prey and its needs
It was deserted by its own blood
They are in the hands of youth
Who cared only to feed their own youngs

They feel that the old is of no use
Its death would cause no great loss
Such selfish thought deserted the old friend
Once so dear now a mere burden
It decided
To put an end to its miseries
And committed suicide,
Some feathers stood witness in the nest;
Not only few feathers and a lesson too:
The old age and death would come to all,
To me and to you.

Adam’s Love and Lust

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

He may be too far from us but
Reaction of his action continues,
We are paying heavy interests for his sin,
He had eaten that forbidden fruit
But Lord’s command is denied to us.

Our purity and soul have got smudges of sin
So except lust and sex
We lost everything in our lives,
If ever I meet Adam, I will ask
Why did you do this, man?
Haven’t we been driven far away from Him
And the cause is your love and lust for Eve!


a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

It is a cure to all of our diseases and
It is a herb from the heaven and God
It is a weapon of courageous heroes and
It has never failed to fetch the desired results
It’s way may be long and tedious but
It is quite safe to everyone and all
It’s usage never ends and
It is ever helping to one and all
It is not an empty philosophy of crooked olds
It is a fine solution to all our grieves
It may be soft and thin but
It is mightier than tanks and shells
It emitted two suns in this land
One shined in the land of India and
Another shines in the land of South Africa
Come let us join our hands against the violence and
Take the weapon of ahimsa against terrorism


a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Welcoming everybody with love
Never bending her head before others
Spreading love and peace
Cherishing all noble thoughts
She stands tall;
That is India, my mother.
Her soil is holy and sacred,
And with the sword of Ahimsa
Of none we shall ever be afraid.

Eighth Wonder

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

The sea of her eyes is wavy
The eyeballs moving as sail boats
Take me into a land of wonders
The nose between her eyes
Is chiseled as that of a temple beauty
The rosy lips aptly adore her lotus-face
Her neck is delicately moulded
By the divine hands of my Creator

Who are we?

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Who are we?
Are we not related with this country?
Are we repatriated from hell?
Are we cursed by the Almighty in this earth?
Why all such humiliations on us?
Why such partiality on our rights?
Is it an offense to be born in this community?
What do we have to do to get the basic living needs?
If it is our crime,
We may be sentenced to long imprisonment in dark cells
If our living is crime against the God and nature
Our community may be dumped in the earth
I am asking the God about these communal discrimination
If I am wrong or my question is wrong
I may be punished in this earth and in hell too

My wars with…

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

I am at war,
I am at war with myself
To defeat the enemies
And make a true me.
My wars may be small,
They may start at the dawn at times and
Sometimes they may grieve me at nights, too.
Cautious I must be
Cause they may strike me any second;
It may start for a great cause, or
The cause may be insignificant, too.
Even in my prayers
They can come and disturb as stray thoughts
Some times, they may question me and
At sometimes they may answer with controversies
They may tempt me to raise the sword
For and against the devils in me,|
They may confuse and may guide me in my struggles,
Am I the only one to fight these wars,
Or, is there any one with me in the field of battle?

My search

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

It is a long search,
A continuous journey
Up to this second,
In search of a thing
I am unaware of it.

Is it money
Is it pleasure
Is it fame
Is it name

I not sure of it
Yet I move on

When will my search end?
Power and fame will soon vanish
What is my need
And why am I in search?

A feeble voice form my heart
Whispered one word
Just a single word:
A reward of heaven

It whispered love
That is my need.
Yes, that is my need.
Love is my need
Love is my goal
Love is my destination
My search ends there

Who am I

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Who am I?
And what is my role here
What for I have been created
And who has moulded me?
I played as a child
And then as a boy for few years
I was taught to live
And wedded to a girl for procreation.
I ran after money
To fulfill the desires of my kids
He changed my role
As a man with grey hair,
Weak bones with pains;
Nothing has given to others and
Nothing received from Him.
What for this life and
What is His desire?
Let the great soul help me
Know the secrets of sojourn.

Hey Ram…1947 and Hey Rinatina…2007

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

The pounding, unrelenting
Lessons… never ending pace,
Now fast ascending for all,
Destiny, impending shame,
Forever our legacy greed, the
Forbidden choice when all we
Were to do was care with one
Great voice! to love, to shepherd
All of mother earth a birthright
So simple it’s all in the eyes of
The child humans, animals, important
Principles “what now?”, the question
Lingers… look around! action
Is compelling the race is fast
Upon us! What ending awaits
The telling?

On a Friday Afternoon

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

I was on roads on duty then
The time might be two or three afternoon
It was too hot to stand on roads, there
I received a message from my home.
I forgot everything and road too and
My legs were in a hurry to rush
I forgot my duty and traffic too
My legs reached my home and lost my sense
To remove my shoes at the doorsteps
I found a crowd in my bed room
Creating a jovial atmosphere
I had lost my patience and with a shout
I entered and had a vision of my little Angel
Which was near with a little rosy lips
In a sweet melting voice
It declared it’s arrival to me and to this world
Though she is now at eleven
It is green in my memory and it will be for ever.

A Lark and a Volcano

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

It was a season of summer and
The time of sun moving to rest
There was a big mountain with a red crown
To enjoy the beauty of the evening,
A lark came and sat on a bush
It had forgotten it’s time to go to it’s home and
Singing a lovely notes on a state of dream
The day ran to west on rest and
The night crowns on the earth…
The lark restored from it’s dream and
Raised to return to it’s home
But, the flame and heat from the volcano
Took it’s life for it’s burning hunger…
Though it was dead on that night
We can hear the notes of that lark
Around that place of volcano forever