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Cobwebs of Dreams

Silky cobwebs
Of dreams
Cocoon around me
Only faint light
Flits in and out
Everything else remains elusive
Will I be given
A thread of breath
Die with a smile on my lips
And powdered evening on my face?

A Few Inky Words

On the yellow piece of paper
I stash your words
And behold them everyday
That you wrote for me
Today on this dew laden dawn
Those inky words
Get spread in the azure nothingness
(Your promises) Bringing down the rain of unseen colours
For me
That mingles with drops of my heart blood
Seeped in dust
Where bloom red roses
Emanating your fragrance
Making me swoon
And with my eyes half dreaming
I hear melodious songs
(Of love)?
In my dreamy tipsiness
I behold
An ocean of blue ink
Rising and vanishing
As words written by you fade away
In unknown expanse of misty green
Where I see my life
Slipping away like sand from fist
Leaving your name in my palm lines
In which fills colour my heart-blood
As the world moves on!!!

The Beauty of Moonlit Night

Sitting near the lake I see a bright tinge appear in the middle
As in the sombre blue sky comes the moon in her chariot of pearl
Girting her silvery hue around groves of mango trees
While mango-foliages sway in cool summer breeze;
On tiny flowers showers the moon her rays glittering
Before whom look tarnished millions of stars twinkling,
The little flowers sip ethereal silver drops of the moon
And in ecstacy of opening their petals pretty they swoon;
Dance the waves of the lake glistening like molten silver
And the dark night becomes a beautiful painting in silver;
The beautiful night makes me feel as if I were in Eden
Free from the ugliness of this world revealing Beauty arcane,
My soul beholds Beauty in her pure divine light
That flashes and makes me pen the beauty of moonlit night.

It’s only love that I have to give you

Half dreaming half awaken
With a smile playing on my lips
I lie on the hands of the dark night
Beholding millions of stars that glitter only for me
And the thin sickle of the moon trying to adorn my hair
Moves and sails alone in the vast sky
The mildness of the cool breeze
Brings your fragrance and warmth
To me
Pouring that inside my heart I feel the softness
Of your lips on mine
I cry silently not with pain
But with that soft purity of your love that I never knew before
That gave me vision to see your face in everything
And made me feel your love running in my veins
I wish I could
Pluck stars for you
Bring the silver moon for you
Gather the aroma of roses of the whole world for you
And taking all these
Decorated with touches of my heart
Present ’em to you
But fragile are all these
Stars will fall
The moon will fade
The aroma will evaporate
I wish I had not one life but millions
To kiss you softly, to caress you gently
But my life will also vanish in the sands of Time
It’s only love that I’ve to give you
That’ll never fade
I which are safe my breath, my smile, my life
And all that I have
Only for you
That shall remain till eternity
Even when stars glitter no more
Even when the moon shines no more


Grew she, like a climber
To reach the top
And emanate her fragrance
In the spacious firmament of glory
But the scissors of rules
Cut her growing length
And the chill of ethics crushed her buds,
Her natural growth was hampered
She was turned into a Bonsai
Kept in a corner of house
For decoration,
Instead of fresh dew-drops
On her drooped leaves gather, only tears!

With Me

Remained very sad, the moon and stars with me
Wept a lot, the lovely spring with me
Leaving them, as I walked on this earth
The wind of the world, blew with me!


The frisky breeze plays with my hair
I feel it’s you;

The morning sun warms up my face
I feel the warmth of your breath on my face;

The foliage rustle
I feel you’re whispering something in my ears;

The moon rises in the sky
I feel you are smiling at me;

The glittering stars stare at me
I feel your shiny eyes are watching me;

I walk alone on paths
I feel you are walking with me;

Pink twilight grows around
I feel you’re putting your arms round me;

Sleep comes in my eyes
I feel I dream lying on your chest;

I am lost in oblivion
I feel I’m not alone;
I am in your arms
Every moment
I mingle in you
Like river in ocean
As you pour love
Passionately inside me;
And Time stands still
Watching me
As I become yours
Melting in your arms
Even when solitary
I remain!

Tale of Beauty

The sparkling bright mirror
Reflects the charm of Beauty
As she gazes mesmerizes
At her own reflection
Her large raven eyes
That bards delicately depict
In poems of Love,
Sulk and stare back at her;
Her pink lips
Turning red with hotness
Stay parched
Emanating their nectar in oblivion;
Her face smooth and soft
Where bloom myriad roses
Sigh ‘n’ lament
As her raven locks
Dark as nights of winter
Softly frame her lovely face
Woven with untouched purity;
Slowly these untouched jewels of Beauty
Fade away
With the smoke of Time
And her youth passes by
Crossing the stony path of Life
Bleeding slowly
Towards end!


Devote I my destiny to take shape in your faith
I’ve made yours my each smile and breath
Either you drown me or take me ashore
In your hands give I my Life ‘n’ Death!

A Tale o’ Love

Away, away the bee is going from the rose
Oh! To see the book of Joy close
In autumn the petals will be buried
And a tale of Love in sadness grows!

To Love

Fill not your crimson hue,
Pour not your sweet dew.
Mix not your freshness new
In my lips with your kiss;
My dyin’ lips will blossom
And my smile will come
With old memories glum;
My heart will get only pain, no bliss!

One more sad evening

The same memories linger
The same loneliness remains;
The light that morning pours in my heart
Is again mingling with shadows of twilight,
Solitary and silent like my life,
The vermilion horizon that the sanguine left
Tarnishes the stars in my eyes
And the dark night
Collects a few starry tears of my eyes
In her swaying garb
And the dreams of my eyes,
That from eternity
Are waiting for you,
Without coming true
Get scattered
With the arrival of dawn
Broken in bits
Like my life!

In Your Eyes

Drunkard I am not yet I swoon
For me vintage wine is no boon
Escape I the streets of vintners and bars
But get drowned in your eyes soon!

In you eyes

Drunkard I am not yet I swoon
For me vintage wine is no boon
Escape I the streets of vintners and bars
But get drowned in your eyes soon!

With you

Holding your strong hands
Fly I higher in the sky,
Laughing and frolicking with you
Reaching a world beyond the reach of stars;
You hold me in your arms
(They are my wings)
And I enter rainbows
Lying on your chest
You dress me up in iridescent colours
Lovingly you draw me near
And decorate my black hair with stars,
Looking in your dreamy eyes
Reach I a point
Which is beyond the reach of angels
And cosmic fays of bliss;
Higher than highest
Then the oval mirror
In golden frame kept in my room below
Looks at me in amazement
Showing me my giant wings (Once mine)
That took me up above the blue hills,
Over flowery vales and dense woods,
Amid diaphanous clouds,
And a bit higher than what’s common;
Now out of those gigantic wings
An ethereal delicate bird has escaped
Reaching altitudes higher than Heaven
No silk threads
Are woven around its wings,
It glides softly
With a golden halo surrounding it
Making it shine in an ethereal glow
Matchless and divine
Before which the dazzling sun fades
And tarnishes the majestic crown
Chosen by millions
Kept on altar
Only for those who have gigantic wings!