Poems by Rita Malhotra Dr

Misplaced Love

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

He was so there
like an overpowering presence
sprinkling colours of romance
from eyes that were an uproar of love…

Calm comfortable contentment
was hers.
She basked in the warmth
of his embrace.
Their arrested gazes
and lips that
spelt a thousand promises
caressed her like a trickle
of warm summer rain.
She remained secure in the
strength of his desire
like an infant in it’s
mother’s arms…

But today her self worth
is assaulted;
she carries the weight of
knowing that he was never hers.
Love was just a game of time,
a one dimensional reality.

The countless islands of her mind
resolutely prepare to face
the flood of raw tears
the torments of memory
the storm of anguish…
They are petrified by
the terror of love…