Poems by Rhea Gomez

Tainted Flight

a poem by Rhea Gomez

I rise upwards, set for the sky
But the chains clip me; failing another try
I look around, the room is bare
My wrists bleed from the cuffs they share
A drop trickles down, embracing the ground
The splash I hear deafens every sound
I look up at my dreams, they extend their hands
But the despair around me just expands

A blinding flash and a sweet siren
An angel descends amidst my silent mayhem
“You have done your part, scars cover your heart and now its time for a new start”
As she sings a foreign melody
The room around me disappears
And so does my misery

A new prison but without the chains
Anything is better than going there again
A key is given, the one to my ardor
My confidence is back, and I drift no farther
I smile this time, surrounded by soldiers
Who just like me, did endure the coaster
A pair of wings; sprouting
I soar the paradise, destiny is astounding
These joyful moments, sure will pass
But this time, I am not just another piece of glass


a poem by Rhea Gomez

Wish you were here beside me
To soothe me ‘n to caress me
Little things have become remembrances
Of a time well spent
There stands the photo frame
Etched in happy smiles
Afar the fire hearth crackles
Didn’t we once weave dreams?
The freshly cut roses seem to mock me
With their colours of life
Didn’t we decide to grow old together?
Wish I could steal ambrosia
I could have lived forever
With just you beside me.

Scattered Dreams

a poem by Rhea Gomez

For once I thought reality was in my hands
Felt I was on pinnacle of the cosmos
Stars ‘n planets were all one with me
And I lay curtained in boundless joy
Twinkling ‘n radiating sparks to all
Ah! Destiny lay captive in my fist
No esoteric power would seize it
Time had other games in store
It can tease you ‘n play chaos
And my rubescent dreams got scattered.