Poems by Ravinder Malhotra

Ode to my Love

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

The Moon delights to feel your hand
The clouds to kiss your face
Your eyebrows seize the rainbow
In joyous eternal grace

The Mist delights to feel your arms
The dew to moist your lips
Your eyes behold a splendor
Unmatched in eclipse

The rain delights to feel your moods
The rivers to quench your thirst
Your breath warms the winter nights
To let a new dawn burst

The birds delight to sing to you
The bees to hum a tune
Your heart flutters in unison
With the gentle wind of June

The Earth delights to feel your feet
The wind to play your hair
Your smile lights the morning sun
I see you everywhere

The Drought

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Light began its merry dance
On a windswept, dry parched land,
To herald another fiery day
And scorch the air and sand.

On broken twigs the morning dew
That gathered through the night,
Vanished with the rising sun
And as the day grew bright.

The eagle took to wing on air
That rose with the heat,
To glide on currents high above
In majestic retreat.

Surveying for miles below
For death that was for some,
From thirst, hunger and fatigue
Waiting patiently to come.

Water holes that teemed with life
Once varied, big and small,
Lay with crusted bottoms now
Till the next rainfall.

Crocs that ruled the waters once
Into hibernation retreat,
To sleep and surface once again
And beat the summer heat.

Trees soaked what little moist
Their nimble roots could try,
To help trunk and bark retain
And let them not go dry.

Shorn of leaves the barren trees
Rose lifeless from the ground,
No mercy showed the thirsty wind
Nor the heat around.

In trunk holes nested families
Of the tawny owls,
Weary, fed and resting
From nocturnal prowls.

Three full years the owls preyed
On dwindling rats and snakes,
Leaner breeds each year they fed
From fields and dried up lakes.

But each day the anthills grew
Higher all around,
Red ants brimmed in them to full
On sun baked lifeless ground.

Nature in its bosom keeps
The signs of life in Gloom,
Not all is lost in patient wait
For it again to Bloom.

The Unknown Soldier

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Eyes wide open
He lay on the ground,
Bating not an eyelid
Uttering not a sound.

Unmoved he watched
The battle proceed,
For he had done his duty
And he had done his deed.

Breathless he lay
With a wound so deep
That was his forever
For him to keep.

It was now a wound
That gave him no pain,
He would lose nothing
And nothing would he gain.

Writhing in pain
And bleeding he had died
“Save me my mother”
He had cried!

A Prayer

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Lord put money in by bank
And I shall call and earnestly thank
Ma who pestered Pa to bend
To her whims and bitterly end!
The fight for money in my bank

Ma has told him it is less
What she calls the Daughter’s Cess
For Panties, knickers and monthly ‘Chum’
Things so dear they hardly come!
With the money in my Bank

My account should always overflow
And on my face there be a glow
I can then, dream to start
To fulfill the desires of my heart!
With the money in my bank

My sister’s told them I am down
With a viral that’s profound
I am ill and need to eat
Medicines, Cherries, Grapes and Sweets!
With the money in my Bank

Send me Lord some pleasing news
Of good money I can use
I shall end to feign and faint
Then douse the town in crimson paint!
With the money in my Bank.

I chose to be a Jackass

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

I chose to be a jackass
For I didn’t have a clue,
What there was in it for me
When I meekly said ‘I Do’.

I Do, I did and in doing so
I’ve toiled half my life,
Working merrily all day long
For the one I call my wife.

She came, stayed and took control
Of house, hearth and all,
Granted liberty too, I am
With children I play ball

Shopping, chatting by the day
She merrily spends her time,
Waits eagerly then for me
To end her(!) hard days grind!

Her chatter then begins again
Oh there’s so much to tell
All that happened here around
From which tree who nearly fell!

The evenings are no longer mine
Her plans for it are made
Into the trapdoor guided then
That’s there been so well laid

Not the only one my dear
That didn’t have a clue
Plenty FOOLS you’ll find around
Who innocently said ‘I Do’

Poetry and Prose

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

If I would write a poem
Be it on a rose,
It would rhyme gently
And would not read as prose

I am not a poet
Neither I pretend,
But I have a way with words
To make one understand

My thoughts and inner feelings
That simmer night and day,
I’ve seldom had an audience
On rendering yawn away

Oh young aspiring poets
Do write your verse in rhyme
If it’s too much of an effort
Abstain, It’s not a crime!

The Witness

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

A helpless girl she hardly knew
What it was all about
Afraid, trembling she recounted
It started with a shout.

Marauding mobs with swords and spears
They came with bloodshot eyes,
The childrens’ gleeful laughter then
Turned to screams and cries.

Father, mother, friend had died
Some stabbed against a wall
Was a frenzied mob that so
Not even spared her doll.

She had seen her kith and kin
Dying bleeding and in pain,
And had sobbed and prayed to God
But it had been in vain.

There was nothing now she could
Call her home and ground,
Hiding, shivering in the night
Had feared from every sound.

Through the night from far away
Came sounds she could hear,
Every moment she could feel
Them coming near and near.

For two full nights and a day
She hid behind a wall
Waiting expectantly to hear
Her mother to her call.

Exhaustion and hunger had
Then started her to tell,
She would have to look for food
Away from the putrid smell.

Littered barren streets she saw
And not a friend in sight,
Looked for shops she thought she knew
Deep into the night.

To her horror she had seen
What all had been done,
Men into beasts had turned
To have some gory fun.

Keepers of the law had come
Questioning around
Looked and pocketed things that lay
Undamaged on the ground.

To the grey haired men with truth
She told through misty eyes,
What she saw and would remain
Embedded in her psyche.

Will these grey haired men she thought
Give her something to eat,
Or would she be left alone
To fend for on the street!

On her husbands grave

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

So many dreams now no more
Life can never be like before
Moments shared just memories
Yonder is life’s other shore

The river of time flows fast and swift
Rudderless in it is life adrift
No one to care no one to share
The remaining years no more a gift

Each day now a wearisome tread
Now not you someone instead
A faked smile a formal laugh
Your memories now a walking staff

With weary heart I bide my time
From a life now not sublime
When evening shadows lengthen on
I too shall die forlorn

Child Bride

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

At last a smile of freedom
A dream was coming true
Her dress and bangles she had shown
To friends old and new.

With her bridal makeup
She waited for her groom
Showed no sign of panic when
Drunk, he stumbled into the room.

No tender touch, no loving care
Showed her grooms fire
Broken bangles strewed around
A sign of loveless desire

Then under his body weight
And a pungent smell around
She bore his carnal passion
On clayed uneven ground

The ground now was witness to
Her innocence in crimson red
Muffled shrieks of terror pierced
The silence from beneath her bed.

A million arrows pierced her crotch
In pain she sobbed the night
Wondering what her sisters called
A night of unbound delight!

First Love

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Love came to me one day
And knocked on my door
I was only thirteen then
Had not known it before

Who are you I asked amazed
And lent a patient ear
I am LOVE the world longs for
You have nothing to fear

It whispered in my ear a name
That left me in turmoil
I pondered over the name again
For there was much to smile

It was a name that I had known
I knew from where she rode
Forth to school and back again
To her family abode

Sitting by the fireside
I gazed into the flame
Saw her pretty face appear
Then vanish once again

The chiseled chin the fulsome lips
Topped with misty eyes
Deeper into the flame I looked
The more it mesmerised

Now the restless days I spent
Were different than before
On paper I would write and match
Love, Like, Hate, Adore!

In different ways I spelt my name
And hers sometimes too
Love for both never matched
Try as much I do

Is it destined to be so
Should I take the cue?
That fate can take her elsewhere
Far away from you

Undeterred I swore my love
In ways the best I could
As girl to woman she transformed
I knew she understood

Oh she was a stunning lass
Her counters did reveal
Would often pedal around her house
A glance of her to steal

I thought she did betray some signs
Of what she had in mind
A sideways glance a little smile
Oh further it did me bind

But love and fate being strangers
Each had its own way
While love stayed with me for life
Fate walked away!

Happiness and Sorrow

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Happiness and Sorrow from immemorial time
Have been two sides of the same coin
Manifesting the qualities of each within
The dividing line is very thin

The mind perceives them to be the same
From the depths of the heart they both came
While one skips in gleeful delight
The other walks with a stumbling fright

They face each other in a battle unkind
Each is born with an effort of the mind
While one shimmers in the general plan of life
The other distorts the clarity of strife

They are in conflict on an emotional plane
The tools are different the destination same
To express they are both made
Let go of them is Life’s debt paid!

In Retrospect

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

I stood there at the cross roads
I knew not where to go
The way ahead was lonely
Oh that was long ago

A stranger did come passing by
Had walked a different road
Seemed to be forlorn as I
With her ahead I strode

“It’s kind of sad the way you stood”
She warily remarked
On the winding road of life
Together we embarked

We talked of things of here and there
Till dusk did befell
Our tent we pitched in wilderness
Our dreams to each did tell

Her tale of woe was similar
To that which I did bear
Sadness in her deep within
Sent often forth a tear

For many years life’s road we tread
Each company did we keep
Laugh and smile and shared our life
And sometimes did we weep

The road was long and winding
Her company too was kind
My sorrows drowned in sands of time
Of dreams I left behind

Heaven and Hell

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Where is the place where devils dwell?
With their weapons of torment
Where the gravest sinners lie to rest
Without remorse or lament

With their breath of life consumed
Burnt in eternal flame
Lie suspended with stings of sin
Wherefrom all these sinners came

No blessed moods of mystery
No surreal living soul
No streams of tears to run their course
To water their parched soul

It is all here my fellow beings
No remote place is Hell
Your concern creates a Heaven here
Apathy makes it Hell


a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Do you still remember?
The smiles, hopes and tears
Or have you forgotten all
And changed over the years

Do you still remember?
The promises you tried to make
“I’ll be with you forever”
Till God with him shall take

Is Life but a paradox?
For people like you and me
Or are we in search of truths
Those others too never see

Or am I just a lonely dove
In the eye of a storm
Into the unknown ventured
To explore the gloomy calm

Firm as an albatross
On the rock above
I brave the fierce winds, while you
Nest your children’s love

As time goes by we hope
Once again we shall meet
Doused of all our fire
Somewhere on life’s street

Before this life fades
Our paths will cross again
In ever-changing sands of time
Our footprints shall remain.

The House

a poem by Ravinder Malhotra

Perched at the end of a winding road
That snakes to an upward slope
Stands a house there still above
Holding memories of my childhood love

The house though freshly washed with lime
Holds memories of a bygone time
My love though lives, no more there
I give it yet a longing stare.

Where through the window by the gate
I often spied her pouring late
Over books and notes by the light
Now is dark till deep inside

No laughter rings the house within
Nor walks through doors a maiden thin
Whose eyes could put a doe to flight
I hold to heart her memory tight

The courtyard too lies forlorn
Each their way, all have gone
An eerie silence fills the place
Without her charm and striking grace

But still the house to me is dear
The winding road I walk each year
At its gate I pause and stand
Yearning for her smile and hand.

It’s now an ageing heart my dear
That moans now and then with pain
No potions work a doctor’s cure
It yearns for her, I know in vain!

I think of nothing more to say
My weary legs yet keep my vow
Her love ensconced in my heart
To my grave they’ll walk me now.