Poems by Ramesh T A

Nature of Love!

a poem by Ramesh T A

Loving people no one should neglect;
Even after years of separation love is
Not fading as mist in the distant sky!

Even if lust intrudes one’s life mostly
Love only cares with genuine care;
That only saves one ever from trouble!

Love based intimacy is healthy ever
Making life go on with confidence
Without any sense of fear forever!

Fear rules mind when one is false
In all dealings with frank ones in life
However low or high they are ever!

Fear makes one weaker day by day
But love never diminishes courage!

Faith for Salvation – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Faith can melt even the mountains blocking the way to moksha!
But rigid and firm mountains too are meditating for salvation!
In the modern world who is there to believe natural faith?
Is faith based on love, which is natural, unreliable in the world?
But is it possible to know everything and then have faith?

So, we should have faith naturally and go ahead well
In our ventures to fulfill our plan in the life of the world;
Success or failure gives us experience and knowledge
That help everyone to take necessary measures next.

‘First have faith in yourself, then in others and finally in God!’
Vivekananda has said so long ago and I also endorse his words.
This general type of faith is based on the knowledge we gain
Of the Self, the world and the Universal God above all else.

This faith becomes stronger only as time passes on since it does not
Involve immediate sense experience in life and spiritual participation;
However, intellectually knowing the truth is the noble pursuit
Of man to have firm conviction to decide about any course here.
But faith based on the intuitional knowledge of the whole truth
Is real and by which anything is possible by man in the world!

By poetry, they say, in the past, it was possible to bring rain or fire
And even melt stone as there was truth in words, music in verse!
The intuitional faith of the poet expressed in powerful words
Prophesied of what would happen where at what time in the world;
They were so firm in their faith that they surmounted everything,
All hurdles and achieved what they had promised or prophesied!
This kind of faith only, firm and resolute can move even mountains!

Happiness in Life – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

The cause for crimes is ignorance of self,
Lack of love for work and faith in one’s skill!
Education imparts knowledge but not curiosity
To know truth and love to do duty as to one’s will!

Work many do for money, some for fulfilling
Ambition but few for spiritual satisfaction!
Politicians and business men belong to the first,
Professionals to the second but poets to the third!

Money minded job doers underestimate spiritualists
But professionals simply tell tricksters to go to dogs!
For, great empires and small minds go ill together as
Asses or swains know not the value of morals or pearls!

It may look easier to sing a lovely song than to sew a cloth;
Talent is needed to sing rather than a few days’ drill to sew.
It may look easier to draw a picture than to draw well water;
Genius is needed to draw rather than strength to draw water.

It is easy to destroy a rare species in the world
But impossible to create one alive in Nature!
For, it is easier to kill a bird of our choice
Than to create a bird to fly freely in the sky!

Yes! Skilful men do what is impossible by ordinary men!
And geniuses do what is impossible by talented guys!
But only God can do what is impossible by geniuses!
This is the open secret in Nature nobody knows at first!

The abilities of different persons cannot be compared;
Each one has got one’s own value waiting to be realised
And used effectively to achieve best result in one’s field
That is the secret of success to express oneself in life!

Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and Universe is needed
And by deep meditation one can see the vision of life
To fix one’s ambition, the driving force of life in the world
And to achieve the best things successfully in life!

Happiness in life is what Nature and religion preach;
It is we who defy natural laws and bring woes to all
And suffer in the world with wars, violence and die.
So, let us not forget happiness is in our hands only!

The Play of Fate – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Wars leading to Arms race threaten peace and progress;
Terrorism triggers war between nations of the world;
Civilisation helps hypocrites, frauds making culture a farce!

Undesirable reality comes to be true very often everywhere
As fate plays on the desires of men so well in the world that
Dreams of One Human World seem very dear to materialise!

Crises of the world remain grim due to no compromise over
The issues of class, creed, colour, race, religion and politics
And fate plays pretty well on the many differences of men!

For the individuals expected things never happen in time;
But unexpected things happen time and again against all
Testing much the individual’s heart, mind and soul in life!

The play of fate everyone surely has to face as a challenge in life
However great one’s intelligence, wealth and strength may be;
Lest failure or victory can’t be balanced to defuse heart burst!

The power of man may be good or bad towards world or Nature;
But fate keeps him in tension till it fails or wins him in life
Depending upon the nature of man in the affairs of the world.

Yes! The play of fate cannot be stopped ever in the world.
So, it is fate that one has to live according to one’s nature;
Lest one has to suffer untold miseries in the world non-stop!

The Play of Fate – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

The play of fate cannot be changed in the world of man!
Man proposes but only God disposes everything here!
Contrary to man’s desire fate does things unpalatable!

For some the play of fate is a blessing in disguise;
For others the play of fate is irony of fate inevitable!
Fate plays the game through Stars, Men and Time!

The play of fate thrives on man’s nature and nurture.
The play of fate makes Nature unpredictable always;
For, the play of fate causes changes in Nature ever!

Fate caused mistakes in evolution are called mutation;
Perhaps mutation has led to the evolution of man finally;
And so, is the evolution of man a mistake in Nature or not?

Without controlling himself how can man control others?
Without the Lord’s approval no proposal can be disposed!
The Lord mysteriously controls by fate everything unknown!

Yes, the play of fate causes changes in the world too!
History tells the truth of rise and fall of great empires!
Science caused civilisation has changed world culture.

Dictators tried to rule the whole world of man in vain;
Democracy has spread everywhere ruling mankind now
As democracy is the rule of, by and for the people ever!

Liberty, equality and fraternity govern the nations now;
But too many unions have spoiled liberty and morality
And destroying economy, they are disappearing in nations.

Volcanic Eruption

a poem by Ramesh T A

Like a fountain volcano erupts out molten lava from
The bowel of the Earth through the mountain nozzles.
The blood like red lava flows out like a river from
The top of the mount down the valley to the plains
Consuming cars, houses, bridges, and cools down!

In the verses about the vagaries of life the words flow
Freely in cascade from the depths of the poet’s heart!
In the prolific critique the evils of the society such as
Corruption, violence and terrorism are exposed to all!
Likewise earth’s pent up feelings burst out in eruptions!

The lava is solidified into rocks, mountains, lands and hills;
Destroying things Nature creates only new things for man
Benefiting and helping his developments in the world life.
Destruction is for creation in Nature unlike man’s ventures
Contrary to Nature’s good, beautiful and wonderful nature!

Volcano erupts like a spiralling fire that rises high and strikes
Ten Commandments on two stone tablets for Moses to carry
Down the Mount Sinai for his masses to live in freedom ever!
Volcanic eruption is like human anger let loose for destruction
With some cause and reason known only after sometime.

The evil anger of man in the world destroys anything for bad
But the noble anger of man destroys anything for good finally!
The anger of man is more dangerous than the anger of Nature.
Sun’s explosion gave birth to beautiful and beneficial Earth
For the creation of animals and plants with man at the helm.

Only the outer cover of Earth with land and seas has cooled;
But the magma of the inner core is still a hot boiling solution
That releases out the overwhelming pressure of fire we see
Like man, animals, whales and dolphins do as sigh of relief!

Uniquely formed out of heat, ash and water of the Earth
Life still remains to be a great mystery yet to be solved!
Bubbles let out of the boiling magma from the ocean bed
Might have evolved into first life form to other species.

Due to gravitational attraction of spin and magma of Earth
All things animate and inanimate are attached to the globe;
But perhaps once the magma cools and the spin stops, there
Will be no more bubbles, species and gravitation to hold them!

So, as long as the volcanic eruption takes place here and there
The earth will actively produce and hold things by gravitation.
This is the greatest mystery of Earth and man in the Universe
That has to be analysed so as to infer the truth behind them!

Faith for Salvation – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Many people believe in fetish objects, totemic animals, cult myths,
Mazdaic cult and many more religions of the world men conceive;
The ideas of such beliefs encourage them to live life in the world,
For, ideas give confidence, transform emotion and inspire action;
The faith of the people on these ideas if meets with failure, then
They change over to new beliefs or become sceptical in life!

Ideas are for realisation of feelings that give confidence and inspiration;
Now old ideas of religion have given way to new ideas of civilisation!
Nowadays people believe in ideas of immediate result but not favour later;
So, ideas of nationalism, power and progress swapped for creation, love and loyalty.

Still materialists, humanists and spiritualists believe in politics, literature and religion;
But ambitionists believe in ideas of politics and progress against all others;
That is why belief of transcendental realism is replaced by visual realism!
However strong one may be intellectually, physically or morally in life
Unless one has faith anxiety at the critical moment cannot be avoided;
This is common for all human beings whatever be the status in world.

Petty or vital matters, the uncertainty of life forces men to have faith
In the ideas of literature or religion so as to live well in the human world;
But, for solving the problems in life, limitation of man and so on
The last resort for salvation would be faith in transcendentalism only.
Though modern world is uncompromising, change of time will restore
Faith in transcendental realism slowly from mad pursuits of materialism!

Life goes on faith – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

By concentration only all activities can be carried out;
Efforts towards higher goals of life make nil differences
Irrespective of success or failure in all our endeavours.

Achieving perfection should be the ambition in one’s field
As that is the driving force of life against frustration, fatigue;
And helps take advantage of all suitable to one’s aspiration.

Alas, obligation and ambition make one’s life a dilemma!
Fulfilling obligations one may get good encomiums, but
Loss of ambition leads one to suffer inwardly in loneliness!

Nature, art or music could be the best resort for redemption
Or writing poetry or painting picture one may forget oneself
The sad part of one’s life that serves a great lesson to others!

Rowdyism and control distorts the best intention of democracy;
Coercion and harassment by politics affect normal activities
Making people, the heroes of democracy serve as underdogs!

Force and liberty, the aspects of dictatorship and democracy go off
Ill together as society and individual, nation and friend, love and fear!
And caught between the two people struggle to get rid of them soon!

Power and creativity can’t function together sans liberty and morality;
If it does, there will be peace, progress, prosperity and happiness; and
Creativity, discovery and inventions give wonderful things to enjoy!

Love and liberty help gain knowledge and create beautiful things!
Fear and force demoralise and drag all to darkness and hell only!
So, the unendurable things can only be forgotten in the outlets of art!

For, artistic diversions only can change worse situation to better ones;
That is the noble way men of faith live and lead the world to greatness!
This is the story of faith many men of the past show as the path to all.

Living as to the society noble men of faith achieve their ambition too
By tolerance, diversion and sympathy as in the success story of East
For all the men to study and emulate in life by faith in the human world!

Life goes on faith – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Does life go on luck or faith in the human world?
With love and knowledge life goes on faith only.
Fate and fortune fluctuate on man’s plans and deeds!

Out of jealously rascals create problems by tricks
And the troubles twist and turn the path of life,
Which the jealousy men wait and see in fun!

Thus even simple works are spoiled in the bud itself
Leaving good men suspect faith itself till demoralised!
On such occasions only mystics may be of some help.

Our birth and life lived so long only we know,
But not the future and death can we decide about;
And so, we have to believe and have faith in Him.

We have to believe that God will come to help
When injustice prevails to replace it with justice!
For, it had happened so and will happen so still!

God’s incarnations are not necessary to do miracles
But His agents are enough to do those jobs well
As men of good spirit will carry out His will well!

Though justice delays, yet it brings out the truth
And maintains the balance of mankind in the world;
For, without justice can anything function so long?

Even if man escapes from man made laws by tricks
He cannot escape from God made natural laws ever;
For, the indwelling spirit is not controlled by mind!

Individuals suffer for survival out of their own will;
Knowledge and justice help them to pull on the days
Against the traps of trivialities set by bad guys here.

Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and God is needed
To know the cause of birth and duty to do in the world
So as to fulfill one’s mission to reach the destiny well.

Symbolism of Rose flower

a poem by Ramesh T A

Nature hints at man that love lies in giving and not in getting;
Living long in Nature when will man know the love of Nature?
The value of peace man knows only after seeing world war;
So also man knows value of happiness after many a hardship!

Before hand one knows what’s what and follows what’s right
One becomes a wise man in this materialist world of no mind!
Only when the availability is meagre its value becomes more;
If a thing is easy to get, it becomes like a free air we breathe!

As a result even God who was speaking with man keeps silence!
The legendary story of Basmasura perhaps is best to quote here.
Pleased Lord Siva asked him for his wish in appreciation of his will
And Basmasura got the boon of burning to ashes whoever he touched!

To test the power of boon the Asura decided to touch the head of Siva
And that led the Lord to leave for a place to escape from that place!
So, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a bewitching beauty Mohini and
Enticed him to dance and die by making him touch his own head!

Surprised Siva appeared before Mohini and mingled with her beauty
Leading to the birth of Lord Aiyappa to save devotees from devils!
When there is so much to learn about Nature seeing a single rose
How much more have to know if we explore the full range of Nature?

The exchange of rose flower between lovers confirms their love
The exchange of rose garland between the couple symbolises wedlock
Men of achievements are garlanded with rose flowers for their success
And wreath of rose flowers placed on dead man marks final tribute!

A Rose a day in my garden

a poem by Ramesh T A

Rose is Rose by whatever name she may be called by world men;
Only a shrewd prince can tame the rosy shrew to lead a happy life.
As Kings and Queens in the Royal Families rose is in the flower world;
A rose blooms daily like a Nightingale among crows in the garden!

Some don’t care for rose but pluck and wear on hair or attire;
Gluttons don’t have aesthetic taste to praise the beauty of rose;
Believing to be beautiful they as turkey dream to dance as peacock;
It is not easy to make a work of art as fast as you pluck or break!

It is easy to spend money fast but not so easy to earn so, know!
Beautiful, good and great rose though ephemeral reflects the Supreme!
So, man superior to all creatures reflect the supremacy of the Supreme
By his act in all but not in silly act though big or small in this world!

Even the meanest or highest species bear the stamp of the Supreme;
So also man must make a mark to make his world life meaningful.
Though one rose blooms a day it is the one that attracts all here
Like the Sun among Moon and other planets in our Solar system!

This blooming beauty rose brings joy everyday to the lover of Nature;
Like the blushing woman when the horizon becomes reddish brown
In the morning the well bloomed red rose welcomes all without fail!
There will be bone of contention among the ladies to have it first!

Somehow some one shares a rose everyday to overcome tussle;
As long as a rose blooms a day there won’t be any disappointment.
Despite quarrels, the more man takes the more Nature gives!
But destroying Nature is killing gold egg laying goose out of greed!

One almighty in all forms

a poem by Ramesh T A

Divine Lord of Gita advises all to live life of yoga:
Profit or loss, success or failure, joy or sorrow,
Never be too happy or too sorrowful in the extremes of life
To wade through the woes of life and the worries of the world!

With the Knowledge of the Self, World, Nature and God
Restraining one’s desire, passion, avarice and jealousy
Use Intelligence to understand the world and act in life
For the Service of the poor, which is really love in action!

Following Honest policy only in the execution of ideas
Non-attached to material benefits, comforts and power
As desired by the Romantic Almighty in the form of Nature
One realises one Almighty in all forms of manifestations.

With what have you come into the world to take away
With you to the other world while leaving this world?
So, you have to leave the world also as you have come!
Innocent and pure you came, and pure and perfect you go!

What has already happened is for good only, think,
What is happening is also for good only, believe,
And what will happen will also for good only, sure!
So, what have you lost to worry about in this world?

Love and non-attachment Almighty has advised to follow;
Buddha formulated non-attachment to solve all worries;
Jesus formulated love to live with no enemies in the world;
And Gandhi formulated non-violence to achieve one world!

So, non-attachment, non-violence and non-alignment are for
Achieving political, social and cultural freedom in the world!
Attaining all for giving them to all is Culture and Divine Love,
The only means to free oneself of from all bondages to Nirvana!

Independence of India – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Unity in diversity was the strength of India in the past;
Now diversity in unity is the plight of India in the present!
Hindus, Muslims and Christians fought as Indians for independence;
Now living as Indians they function as Christians, Muslims and Hindus!

Conspiracy and hypocrisy cannot save Indian democracy any longer;
Only compromise and cooperation against confrontation can solve all.
The independence of India depends on self-reliance to achieve all!

Caste, creed, colour, language and religion divided the people;
But nation, culture and literature united the people of India.
Democracy, socialism and secularism were constituted to integrate India;
But lack of education and employment make the mass ineffective still!

Socialistic planning did not improve much the economy of India;
Poverty and unemployment still remain as big burden to this big nation!
Equality and socialism have sacrificed quality and creativity to mediocrity!
And the little left brain has drained to foreign countries for job satisfaction!
All these question how could independence of India stand on self-reliance?

Independence of India – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Patriots, philosophers, poets and people of India,
All worked for independence against foreign rulers.
Patriots sacrificed their lives for the nation;
Philosophers theorised the truth of nationalism;
And poets symbolised the power of the nation!

Sons gave up their lives for the nation;
Lovers sacrificed their love for the nation;
Friends gave up their friendship for the nation;
All leaders, workers and people of India,
All struggled for independence, the only goal in life!

Independence was the honour and self respect for all;
To achieve that goal how many have how much paid?
Mere words of praise could not repay that dear price!

In 1947 India got independence from the foreigners,
The fruit of the great sacrifices of our forefathers
For the youth to enjoy freedom and remember
The real story of the toils and travails of them
To maintain the independence against all enemies!

Yes! The enemies are not outside but inside now!
The enemies of liberty and democracy are formidable;
They have to be fought to retain India’s independence.

Independence of India – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

A conglomeration of multilingual and multi-religious provinces was India!
Freedom fighters wanted to see this sub-continent into one single nation;
And after independence India became a country of many linguistic states!

After the partition of India communal feeling began burning non-stop
And still it is burning beneath the cold surface of the so called secularism!
The points of unity of all religions are love, unity and peace only;
But the diehard fundamentalists still harp on the same note of separatism!
The exploitation of the people politicians do with the caste, communal cards
And the country reels under the heat of political excitement all round the year!

Corruption and favouritism make the rich richer and the poor poorer
As naturally and politically North and South India are divided into two!
Youth are turned into naxalites by the politico-bureaucratic business nexus
And terrorism, violence have replaced non-violence that got independence!

Kashmir and Assam should not become an example to Andhra and Tamil Nadu!
Aryan and Dravidian races should first become one Indian race everywhere;
Religious, lingual and regional differences can disappear by good education; but
The attempt to rule this multilingual country with one language threatens unity!

The language ruling before independence should rule India even now;
That is the sure way to stabilise and maintain the advantage of India
And make this one nation one with the world for peace and prosperity!