Poems by Ramachandran Nair R

I am a drop

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

I am a drop,
as I am water;
I am water,
as I am air.

I am ocean,
as I am made of drops;
drops are of water,
and water is of air.

As I am ocean,
there are waves,
waves are there,
as there is wind,
wind is there,
as there is air.

As the wave remembers ocean,
I remember my Cosmic Family,
one family to lean on
and experience the bliss invaluable.

Cohesion and cooperation of drops
make the ocean what it is;
blue colour of ocean,
blends well with blue colour of the sky,
and remain inseparably one.

As I am wave,
I rise up to greater heights,
to hug and kiss the sky,
then come down and move on
to prostrate on Mother Earth,
as I am born on this earth
and I am earthly.

When earth is so humble,
why should I not be the same?
shedding all pride in me
adding unwanted weight
to have a great fall one day
tearing me into innumerable pieces
to get easily mixed up with the earth
to be inseparably one
as to ocean of drops.

As I am worthy child of the Mother Earth,
I lean on one family – cosmic family,
and experience the bliss,
all long for to live long.

Children’s Day Celebrations

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Child I am at sixty,
Heading not my ailing body,
Inquiry I make of truth the God,
Living to be loved and to love all,
Daring my soul to challenge my own body,
Riding on my soul leaving the body,
Ever changing and decaying,
Never listening to my own inner voice,
Saying and showing truth the God.

Day and night I live like a child,
And no change of seasons whatsoever,
Yielding always to my own inner voice.

Children are my comrades in love,
Entertaining all at all times,
Living on this universe longing for love,
Envying the child living in total harmony,
Braving with all living beings on this earth,
Reading the writings on my soul’s inner wall,
Always pleading to be a child saving the soul,
Trailing behind the body in the inevitable change,
Inviting the challenging noise from all over,
Overtaking the inner voice of my soul,
Never wishing to be overtaken,
Saving the soul to live like a child for ever.

Back at home – My sweet home

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Jai Guru Dev!

What a bliss!
To be at home,
My own sweet home,
Feeling sweeter than ever before.

I left home as a teenager,
Reached back as a grandfather,
Moving faster towards senior citizenship,
With no one around to talk to,
Except the four walls,
Trees, plants, birds and insects outside.

What matters it if I am alone,
I am after all back in my own sweet home,
Where the walls are keeping ready,
To tell me all that I missed at home,
All the long years I passed by,
Far away from home – my own sweet home.

In the darkness of the rainy night,
Night silence broken by frogs and insects,
Typical of monsoon wet nights,
I sat alone in contemplation,
When there came the sweet calling,
“Appu! Uppa! Appu! Uppa!”
Melody of the grandson calling his grandpa.

Grandson Akku fondly called Kallakrishnan,
Converted his grandpa into a hard rock,
Practising rock climbing amusing the grandpa,
While grandson enjoy each moment of climbing.

Oh! Akku you have climbed up on my shoulder,
Like climbing the mount everest, the tallest,
While I am falling down to the ocean of your love,
Wishing to be a child again and live as a child for ever.

I am Air

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

I am air,
I am inside air,
Inside me is air,
In and around me is air.

As I breathe in and out,
I grow, move, change and challenge,
Reaping benefits of my being air,
Saving my soul safe inside air.

The moment I go out with air,
Never to return back to earth,
I stop breathing in and out,
Getting declared dead by others.

I am independent of air;
I am dependent on air only when,
I need fire within me to live,
For others to feel my existence.

I am water, as I am air
Inside me is water,
Inside water is air,
Air is water and water is air.

What a wonder!
What a Divine Grace!!
What a truth!
What a love!!
What a bliss!
What a peace!!

Playing Holi

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Holi I played, for the holiday I got;
Got colour not for what I do, but for that I don’t;
Don’t feel sorry for the colour you lose;
Lose face rather soul and play Holi as you like.

Like it or not, play Holi as you like;
Liked are those who can’t otherwise blacken face;
Face confidently anyone mighty, except one’s own soul;
Soul that has no mask, but mask the face for what it isn’t.

Not colour your soul, which is colourless;
Lest you will lose your colour proudly possessed;
Possessed are masks of tiger unable to stand even before a cat;
Cat crying the game which I love to play this Holi day.

I am you, you I am

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

I am you,
You I am;
Where you live,
What you like and dislike,
Matters little to me,
As I am you, and you I am.

Like the drops that make the ocean,
We are all drops of the same ocean,
And we are all one the ocean of peace and love.

Isles are made in the ocean,
As mine and thine;
A mountain I found in the Isle,
When I climbed it up,
I found only ocean everywhere,
Not even the mount and isle.

What matters it if we are drops,
When drops make the ocean,
Where we are all inseparably one,
With no name tags of separate identity.

Feel the depth of the ocean,
The ocean of love and peace.
To have the love and peace,
Drop the name tags,
And, be one as the ocean.

Clouds are formed to go up in sky,
Ultimately to come down as drops,
To join the ocean inseparably as one.

Ocean and sky join each other,
Seen as one for individual eyes,
While the ocean remains the ocean,
And, the sky remains the sky.

What a bliss to be a part of ocean,
To constantly hug and kiss the sky!

I am gone…

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

I am gone,
gone into wind,
wind blowing hot and cold;
blowing hot wind
take me up in the sky,
blowing cold wind
grounding me
to get ground in the ground.

I am airborne,
as I am air,
living in all beings,
inseparably as one,
soul to soul one.

I air my views,
as I cannot suppress my feelings,
fearing mental depression,
leading one to aggression I abhor.

Gone, I am
into insignificance
to return back to significance
like a mortal’s travel to immortality,
dropping ‘I’ inside.

Air, Water and Soil…

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Air, water and soil are my best friends,
In whom I bestow my whole life,
Remain in peace and harmony as never before.

Worked on air, water and soil and earned all I could hold,
Asking my greed to keep away so that I lost nothing in return,
Trusted the trinity and played thrift with continued success,
Earned I good health, happiness, peace and prosperity,
Regardless of the commotion created around by the greedy.

Asked my friends to follow this path,
Never to return back finding blockages on the way,
Daring all the devils that raised their heads of shame.

Saved is my life and that of the universe,
Over the dread and mysteries that passed by,
In a world already weary of hate,
Lighting the light of hope that I never had before.

Ask me all your genuine needs,
Riding on your horse in a wonderful turf,
Enjoying a life worth living.

My mind is filled with joy spilling all around,
You too can grab and hold as much as you can.

Beware of your own greed of today,
Entertain that not as that can deprive your need of tomorrow,
So hard to make up the loses of the invaluable,
That air, water and soil can only provide aplenty.

Fair play is the game I loved to play,
Riding on the shoulders of my mother earth,
I live under the watching eyes of Sun, Moon and Stars,
Enjoying the life seen and unseen,
Named and unnamed in the mills of pseudonyms,
Daring to air the feelings that cannot be watered down,
Soiled only my body and saved my soul for a life unseen.

On a rainy day in Madhavi Mandiram

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

What a bliss to sit in Madhavi Mandiram,
in memory of a beloved and revered mother,
immortalized by an illustrious and immortal son,
illuminated by his illustrious disciple and daughter!

As it rains outside heavily cooling fast the atmosphere,
trees around aplenty dance in joy dispelling heat,
dancing with the monsoon wind with immense joy,
shedding their older leaves like the falling flowers,
from the heads of cosmic dancers,
at the peak of their cosmic dance performance.

Oh! My dear Mama, most revered Guru,
are you provoking me from there up in heaven,
to go out, get wet in rain with dancing and bathing trees,
and enjoying the matchless beauty of mother nature.

Oh! Gurudev Tagore, you are also hiding behind,
watching with joy the bathing naked trees,
beneath the Divine provided larger shower,
prompting me to express my feelings through words,
if not go and dance with the bathing naked trees.

What a wonder of the mother nature!
The rain, wind, thunder and lightning,
with a soothening sound and fragrance of rain soaked earth,
prompting me to sing a song, which I have not learned, from you.

Oh! Bapu my dearest Mahatma and revered Guru,
are you also there up watching the cosmic dance,
the rain dance of trees and plants,
in the accompaniments of wind, thunder and lightning?

Come down Bapu, as we miss you too much,
stay here as you stayed here before;
We need your help to preserve this God’s own country,
where trees are getting fast replaced by skyscrapers,
paddy fields are fast becoming townships sans any life,
rivers and rivulets are fast becoming sewage canals,
backwaters are looking crude oil leaks,
depriving your children their basic needs,
by the greed of a few who love depleting nature.

We need you Bapu and your true disciple GR Mama,
as we love this country to be seen as a paradise and not paralytic,
making it safe and loving for future generations after generations,
to be proud of their own mother earth and its matchless beauty.

We need peace in India and world over,
and not wars of all kinds including cold wars,
with even the God getting imprisoned,
without leaving Him with every one of us,
and confining him inside the walls of bricks and mortars.

We children want to play the spinning wheel,
get revived its past glory without caging as an ornamental piece;
we love to witness the spinning wheel providing shruti,
for the music and dance of trees for all seasons of the year.

Come again dearest Bapu and Mama,
as we cannot live without you
and perennial source of knowledge for all times.

April Fools

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Are you and me fools to love each other so much?
People given the freedom to name as they please,
Reaching our love to the nook and corner of this universe,
In the larger interest of mankind to whose welfare we work together,
Loving each other the most that fools can least afford to understand.

Feather light, smoother and all weather proof our love,
Oh! Jealous men and women you can envy but not fool us any more,
On this universe and on this fool’s day keeping your foot down,
Looking straight to see the universe as it is and as a whole,
Sitting on the lotus feet of the Divine Mother who is all compassionate.

Grandson Akkumon’s Seventh Birthday

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

One, two, three, four,
five, six, and seven;
seven years passed fast,
like a supersonic jet.

Seventeenth of April,
year 2000 to 2007,
years rolled by,
after I became a grandfather.

As my grandson Akkumon
crawled on the bed and floor,
I loved to crawl with him,
and he went on laughing at me.

As he stood up holding the bed or wall,
I too got up to hold him;
his standing up and sitting down,
made me think down and up the years passed by.

He has grown up to walk without my holding,
while I loved keeping him on my lap and shoulders;
he fondly slipped down to walk,
to walk on his own step by step.

Three years passed fast,
he started pedaling a tricycle,
I bought for him on his own choicest red colour,
which gave me a red-signal to stop thinking that he is any more a babe.

While he went to play school,
I counted each moment for his return,
to play together all games,
that I missed playing during my childhood.

We walked to-gether;
we played together in rain;
we visited temples together to pray,
when all I had to be ever ready to answer his questions.

Answering my grandson’s questions I became a child,
while questioning me my grandson gone older;
as I waited for my grandson’s return from school to play with,
his grandmother waited for his school diary to make him do home work.

While grandson just grown to seven year old,
watching Cartoon Network TV shows,
and playing games on computer,
I became a child to play and missed my companion to play with.

What is God’s play with the mortals like me?
I sat down and wondered all the while,
ultimately to realize God’s own theory of compensation,
that what I lost in childhood I got compensated enough.

Learn from the babes Jesus Christ taught his followers;
I learnt from my grandson to be a child again,
to play with great joy like a child forgetting my old age,
while the grandson got older and serious with his own school studies.

While I wish him a very happy birthday,
and many many returns for the day;
I get gloomy at the very thought of going back to sixty,
without playing like a seven year old child.

Summer Vacation

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Annu and Mini spent their summer vacation,
Playing and roaming about caring less vacation running out;
Mummy got annoyed at them for their amusement,
Daddy’s displeasure gave them pleasure always.

Days have passed and weeks too,
Played not enough, but tired too,
Dreamt at night meeting new friends and teachers,
Annu and Mini spent their summer vacation.

Searched for the school bag and found it torn out,
Looked for the pen and found its ink dried out,
Looked for a note book with no empty pages but scribbling all over.

Annu found his shoes half eaten by Timbu – his pet dog,
Mini found her shoes sandwiched behind the cupboard.
Annu and Mini went halter shelter searching for things,
Mummy-Daddy watched their doings with lot of amusement.

Vacation is over now, Annu and Mini could not believe,
Vacation tasks remain in plenty still to be completed,
Vacation tasks got ignored while playing and roaming about,
Vacation ultimately bid good-bye to Annu and Mini.


a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Tsunami came and gone,
leaving behind irreparable damages,
but a few marketing Tsunami and making money,
from the sufferings of fellow human being.

As drops make the ocean,
with complete cohesion and cooperation,
gain mighty strength as waves and Tsunami,
human being can also make an ocean of human beings,
with complete cohesion and cooperation by all.

Mahatma Gandhi said this applies to human beings,
and recent Tsunami strengthened my belief in it;
Let the Tsunami created by human ocean,
transform fellow human beings and universe alike,
leaving behind for generations after generations,
a universe of love, peace and compassion, worth living.

As Tsunami is gone and ocean is in peace and blue,
let Tsunami of human ocean transform all war mongers,
leaving behind a wonderful and colourful world of peace,
worth living for a full length of life,
and leaving behind for generations after generations,
a world all can be proud of.
Who will not love to live in this world?

Valentine Day Greetings

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Valentine Day arrive year after year,
Asking one to send greetings to one’s own sweetheart,
Little knowing that sweet heart turns soar heart too,
Every now and then, making one unaware of the change;
Netted nests get destroyed very fast,
Taking pains to net a nest once again to live in,
In this life and the lives beyond,
Not knowing that one is perishable,
Emptying one’s valet and celebrating Valentine Day.

Days one count for the Valentine Day to come,
As one lived heartbroken for a sweetheart,
Yearning and living just to reach the sweetheart.

Greeting cards are drawn with one’s own blood,
Reading little the wall-writings on the streets,
Encouraging broken hearts to find a sweetheart,
Ending ultimately on the laptop of the sweetheart,
To greet and celebrate the Valentine Day together;
Ink gets dried up and blood clot too,
Not to discourage the drawing of a greeting card,
Greeting the sweetheart on this Valentine Day,
Saving one’s heart to start beating the music of love.

Dark Sky Lightning

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Dark clouds darkened the sky,
Awaiting sunset over Arabian Sea,
Roared and busted the clouds,
Killing the day’s heat by torrential rain.

Sky without moon and stars looked sad,
Killer thunders and lightning cheered it up,
Young children got scared to remain at home.

Living inside home children watched the rain,
Increasing the desire to get out getting wet,
Going down the streets playing in rain water,
Having the fun of playing on lightning light,
Threatened by thunders to remain at home,
Night meals getting ready for mother to serve,
In plantain leaves spread on the ground;
Nourishing meals nourishing hungry children,
Giving great joy to children and mother alike.