Poems by Purushothaman P V

I owe you my teacher

a poem by Purushothaman P V

I fold my hands with my heartfelt thanks
You are the symbol of my awakening
You are the manipulator of my skill and knowledge
Let me walk from darkness to light

I am in my feat because of your blessings
Your prayers and blessings help me in trouble
I follow your path when I’m scared of ignorance
I am victorious because of your support

Oh my teacher you are like my mother
You fed me with enlightenment and knowledge
So is my Mother to breastfed me for my growth
Oh my teacher you are like my father
You have taken care of me in my learning
Like my father who did for my upbringings
Oh my teacher you are like my God
Your blessings follow me like my shadow
I got strength as if God is nearest to me

Oh my teacher you are greater than I can imagine
Oh my teacher you are more supreme than I can imagine
Your power equals to sun rays
You are my torch bearer
Let me walk from darkness to light
I, indebted to you for my glory

My invinsible sixth sense

a poem by Purushothaman P V

Take me in your wings
Take me in your wings
Take me along
Take me along
Take me deep in you
You are my heart throb
You are my cherishes
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

I felt your love
In all my dreams
I felt your smile
In all the flowers
I felt your presence
By touch of my own being
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

You are benevolent
You are my wishes
You are my spirit
Life is colorless without you
You are light to my eyes
You accompany me wherever I go
You are in my pulse
You are in my blood
You are in my breath
You are my beloved soul
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

Take me in your wings
Take me along
Don’t desert me all alone
I am lifeless without you
I am meaningless without you
No one could withhold me very long
If you say adieu to me from this mortal world
I am alive because of you
Your presence felt only in mediation
You are invisible like God
You are like my sixth sense
Take me along wherever you go
You are my dearest soul
I carry you all along in this mortal life
You carry me in your wings after my death
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

Don’t fly away without me without me,
Take me in your wings
Take me in your wings
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

You are my invisible sixth sense
You are my shortcut to heaven
Take me in your wings
Take me in your wings
Take me along in your divine journey
Take me along

Don with a Key

a poem by Purushothaman P V

You raised your hands above your head
Don’t say your hands superior to your head
The hands acted as pawn of your head
Blame the head if your hands did some misdeeds

When your hands pluck a sprouting flower from its bud
Your hands didn’t see thorns alongside the flower
And if your hands got hurt by thorns, blame your head
As it never taught you how to avoid hurting by yourselves

You let loose your tongue without control
It hurts everyone and your tongue did all harms
All the blames never come to your tongue
As it goes against you and your head will hang in shame

You need two hands to clap
Don’t try to clap with one hand
If you try to clap with one hand
Every one thinks you are pestered with pests

Your good name not written on your forehead
It’s written on your words and deeds
Don’t spoil your name by naming others with bad names
Or else you will be known in your own bad names

Be on the queue like every one else
Notwithstanding nobody noticed you while on queue
If you go beyond the line with your own queue
Thousands of eyes will cue you and boo you out

Don’t make catcalls in any music extravaganza
The music get adulterated with your lousy noise
Don’t make the feast of music as a feast for rowdies
Else you will be known as don adding a key to it

When you seal your good name in a dark room with your don key
Unlock it with a light key and let the all brighter rays inside
You can see everything in black and white
Add color to it to feel the rainbow

Life Cycle

a poem by Purushothaman P V

When I wanted to cry aloud, no sound comes forth
My swollen eyes had dried out
No tears role out from my eyes
All alone in ocean of humans
Who cares a bubble in an ocean when it burst?
It is a pawn in the ocean hands!

The tall towers along side in the sea
Proudly heading its might towards the sky
Just opposite to them the shadows take refuge in the ocean bed
As if to take rest in the sweltering heat in the sun!
In a renewed vigor the tides take rest in the coastal island
After playing hide and seek with high winds

The coastal land had thousands of footprints
Absorbed and smeared without any identity
In the wavelength of gushing incoming water
The rhythm of wind rolled in one and made them as water jets
These water jets rumble in the sea in search of a shelter in the coastal land
And ride as if they are going to take refuge in the coastal land

High tides energize them with power through strong winds
To anchor in the shore and lower ones withdraw from the scene
After failure to make a headway in the process
The more strong the wind it will succeed
Unless the receding water pin them back to make the entire circle once again
Notwithstanding they are far away from the coastal land

The cycling and recycling process are on and off
To make it a live version of life and death
Those busted bubbles rejuvenate and give way
To another one big and small in sizes that creator destines
But no drops elope from this life cycle as long as this invisible air exists
And fill them with oxygen of life to put them in action

Like that nobody exempted from peddling the cycle of life
That’s the ultimate truth and pulse of life
The changing climate and the changing of ages
The changing of times and change of day and nights
The change of cycle never ends with a single life
It rolls and rolls on and off without a break

Like how we seek the blissful heaven and paradise
Through benevolence and good deeds throughout life
Like each drop in the ocean ultimately seek the coastal land
Whether they are weak or strong in their approach
Or whether they succeed or not succeed that’s immaterial
Their approach is unabated like a life cycle

The tide seeks the ultimate goal in the lap of the shore
Once it reaches on the shore its power absorbed by the shore
Likewise the soul is being absorbed by its ultimate journey
When at the time of the last call, the life cycle ends
The peddler targets his life cycle to the ultimate
And continues to peddle till he reaches to his goal

On Mothers’ Day

a poem by Purushothaman P V

Oh my mother your children fights for your crown
They are blind when the crown shines brighter
They fight each other when they’re blind
They try to gouge out each of their eyes in vengeance
They fight for their own mother’s crown
Mother looks helplessly at her children
She wanted to bequeath her crown to her children
But alas she got only one crown but many children
To whom should she hand over the crown and put him on the throne?
Mother got this dilemma and children started wrangling
None of her children thought it looks much better on their mother’s head
As it decorates their loveable mother

One day thereon mother said to her wrangling children
Do away with this crown and threw it in a turbulent sea
In the midst of the preying eyes of their children
The sea swallowed it at one stroke
They started cursing their mother in one voice
Mother is happy as they forgot their fighting for a while

Mother said

I have more precious thing to give you than the crown
It is invaluable than anything in the world
If you invest it more your returns will be more
It is more powerful and never fades
I can share it to all of you my children

What’s it? What’s it? Children asked in one voice

Mother said

It is flowing in your body invisibly
It is there in all your body in your veins and in your blood
That’s my love to you my children
The purity of which you cannot measure
I share with you my love and you share your love with me and every one

It has gone to the deaf ears
Her children said in one voice
Do away with what you got
Keep it with you and we don’t want it
And all of them jumped into the deep sea
In search of the mortally precious crown
None of her children returned back with the crown
All of them drowned in the sea with their greed
They forgot the invaluable possession
The mother’s immortal love
That’s the precious thing than anything else in the world
She is waiting for you
She want to breast feed you
And tell you in your ears the mantra of love
Nothing else but mother’s love
Long live mother’s Love

In the Mad docks

a poem by Purushothaman P V

Can a jackal from the parts of hell
streak into annals of beautiful heaven?

Can a devil dare to be a deity
Once it changes its colours as a chameleon?

Can a traitor be a patriot
Once he tunes his voice to sound soft?

Can a blood shed on a massacre be a flowery path
Once the acts of violence were pardoned by poly tricks?

Never and never again! The humanity is deceived
And disdained in the pages of history by your sheer acts of madness?

(Eschewing the violence perpetrated
in the temples and busy areas in Varanasi
by the fanatic forces)


a poem by Purushothaman P V

All the memories go back as thoughts
And all thoughts play back as music
And this music resembles like tides in the ocean
These tides rush to anchor on shore at one go
And make hazardous stampedes one after another
The shore weaves them as beautiful bubbles in different dimensions
These bubbles float in the tumultuous water of the ocean surface for a while
And die a natural death to take rebirth again and again
Our memories are like bubbles which goes and come back again and again
Although it explodes when we are in another world
But these will be back in our spirits and thoughts
And ready to spin again and again
We lose nothing if these bubble are to explode
Our memories are immortal; it will take rebirth again and again